Chapter 303 of the blog war

    Prior to "Blue Life and Death", the name of the domestic drama series introduced to the Republic of Korea was called "Lover of Lovers". It was a typical youth idol drama, and several stars were trained by the Republic of Korea Entertainment Company. The new mainland artists, producers and producers are all predators in the domestic industry.

    At that time, "Lover's Lie" received 1.85% of the average Viewership Ratings in Domestic. It was a popular drama series. The male and female protagonists became famous overnight. The introduction of Republic of Korea was even more speculative, claiming to be a counterattack against the Korean Wave.

    At that time, the producers were full of ambitions. Even the slogans of revitalizing the national drama and returning to Japanese and Korean were shouted out. It was very popular for the fans to burn with passion and look forward to the performance of this idol drama in the Republic of Korea.

    As a result, "Lover's Lie" responded smoothly after the Republic of Korea cultural radio and television station, MBC broadcast, and the Viewership Ratings were less than 2%. It was quickly moved to non-golden time to continue to broadcast, and even the waves did not rise.

    MBC is the second largest TV station of Republic of Korea. Different from Domestic standards, 2% of Viewership Ratings belong to the street. There is no need for rescue. It is sent directly to the crematorium.

    The news reached the Domestic, the producer of "Lover's Lie" quietly stopped the hype, and those network troll army disappeared in an instant, and became a joke in the industry!

    With the example of "Lover's Lie", it is normal for "Blue Life and Death" not to be optimistic.

    On the Inspur blog, there is a big V with the ID called “Entertainment Aspect”. In the blog post, it is ironic: “Celebrity artists are generally inflated. When Singer shoots TV, just after the dotcome’s score, I can’t wait to go abroad for gold plating, troll Army, please pile a pile, the cowhide blows the sound of the sky, and the final face is beaten, why bother? Is it low-key and modest? ”

    "Entertainment Aspects" has 10 million+ fans in the Inspur blog. He specializes in the Eight Trigrams news and Celebrity celebrities in the Entertainment Circle. He is known for his sharp and eloquent style, and there are many fans.

    The Celebrity artist who was beaten by this big V snake is not a minority, and he chose the target very well. Basically, whoever fires will destroy anyone, and the guy who is too angry or not famous is ignored. It is very catering to the psychology of some people.

    Recently, on the blog, the youngest artist in the limelight is none other than Lu Chen.

    I just want Lu Chen’s image to be consistently good. It’s not easy to find his black spots. The news released by Lu Chen studio can be regarded as a target for some people.

    The view of "Entertainment Aspects" has been endorsed by many people, but it has also been countered by Lu Chen fans.

    "Is it so bad that the teeth are gone, isn't it a good thing to introduce "Blue Death" into the Republic of Korea? acid! ”

    "This hasn't aired yet, you know you have to be face-smacking? Do you dare to be fortune-telling? ”

    "Is Lu Chen self-expanding? What are you? ”

    "Oh, my morning is not enough low-key modest? Why can't you say good things? I know someone is jealous! ”

    "Have you seen "Blue Life and Death"? Haven’t seen it, please shut up! ”

    "The sunspot is thick…"

    Lu Chen’s debut time is less than a year, but he has cultivated a group of loyal fans, especially Lu Jiajun, who is the core of the fans’ group. Although the founder Li Mubai is basically retired, relying on official support is becoming more and more Formalization, combat power is not the same.

    Shortly after the post of "Entertainment", his comment area was smashed.

    However, bloggers like him have never been afraid of quarreling. They immediately replied to Lu Chen’s fans: “Lu Xin said that insults and intimidation are not fighting. I feel deeply about the quality of Lu Chen’s fans. Disappointment, please also ask Mr. Lu Chen to restrain one's own fans."

    At the same time, Lu Chen, FMX, put on a battle posture.

    There are many people on the blog, and the quality of Lu Chen’s fans is not bad, but it is inevitable that some people in the comments cursed to say something swearing, and there are some unconscious people who are intentionally ignited.

    "Entertainment aspect" deliberately pick out these comments Lu Chen, its heart can be imagined!

    His supporters took the opportunity to join the battle and fought fiercely on the blog with Lu Chen's fans.

    So the Flames of War, which was provoked on the Inspur blog, inevitably spread to Lu Chen.

    For a long time, Lu Chen did not like to argue with others on the blog. His personal blog is often managed by Lu Xi, and the published blog posts basically do not involve the right and wrong.

    As a well-known artist, fighting people on the Internet, even if you win, you will be blinded, it is not worth it.

    But this time it involves his fans, the other party has performed such a red/naked malicious, and the wind is obviously not right. Lu Chen feels that one's own must stand up and speak, otherwise it will disappoint countless fans.

    Everyone is trying to support him. He is not screaming. Isn’t that a joke?

    Of course, Lu Chen will not step into the trap of “Entertainment”. He directly ignores this guy and sends a new blog post to all fans.

    In this title, "I am always moved, thank you!" 》In the blog post, Lu Chen wrote: "When "Blue Life and Death" successfully signed an SPG agent, I would like to represent one's own and Lu Chen studio. Thanks to all the fans who support me, you are the cutest in the world. The most amiable person, without your love, I can't get today's results!"

    "In order to express my gratitude, I hereby announce a very important decision, as long as the" Blue Love "in the Republic of Korea broadcast the average viewership ratings reached 10%, then in the Backup Regiment selected 1000 fans, presented to each fans a re Public of Korea three days and two nights Happy tour package, more than 10% according to the actual viewership ratings calculation, 11% is 1100, and so on does not cap! ”

    "Sure some people will say that 10% is so high. You Lu Chen is completely empty-mouthed and can't cash."

    "But I firmly believe that "Blue Life and Death" is an excellent drama series. It can win success in Domestic, then it will be successful in Republic of Korea. Less than 10% is not considered at all. Please wait and see! ”

    This long blog post immediately caused a great sensation in the fans and the industry!

    10% is not very high for the drama series average Viewership Ratings of the Republic of Korea TV station. It is a medium-lower level. The popular drama series of the three major TV stations are generally between 20-30% and 40%. The so-called national drama is also common.

    But for a foreign drama, and China's introduction drama, 10% is a very high goal.

    "Blue Life and Death" is an urban emotional drama!

    Lu Chen’s blog post is equivalent to pushing one's own to the corner. If the Viewership Ratings of Blue Life is not 10%, then his declaration becomes a joke and his face will be clean!

    The fans were shocked and burned with passion by Lu Chen’s ambition.

    There is also a lot of people who are so excited!

    Republic of Korea has always been a hot destination for Domestic outbound travel. The price of a three-day and two-night fun tour package is around 5,000 yuan, even if it is a large group purchase, it will have at least 3,500+.

    According to Lu Chen's decision, if the average Viewership Ratings of "Blue Life and Death" reaches 10%, it means that he has to give three or four million back to the fans, the absolute master stroke.

    How many Celebrity are so favored by fans?

    "My morning formidable might!"

    "Target 10%, oh yeah!"

    "Haha, I am looking forward to it, "Blue Life and Death" will be broadcast in the Republic of Korea!"

    “Ahhhhhh, I really want to go to the Republic of Korea!”

    "Although I have been to the Republic of Korea twice, if I can take it, I will be willing to go ten more times!"

    "I don't say anything, Lu Chen is big, we will always support you!"

    "Always support +1!"

    "stand by…"

    No one in this case will pay attention to the big V "Entertainment". The enthusiastic fans will explode the comment area of ​​Lu Chen's blog, and support all kinds of requests.

    Interestingly, Lu Chen’s blog support group, Lu Jiajun’s group V fans, has surged by a million in just a few hours!

    Through this incident, Lu Chen not only underestimated the "information aspect" of the unscrupulous provocation, but also condensed the hearts of the fans, greatly enhanced the loyalty of the fans, and made one's own again Hot topics in the blog.

    Undoubtedly an excellent internet marketing!

    If Lu Chen is a protagonist, this "indulgence" has become a supporting role. He is probably so angry that he is so angry that he quickly said in his blog: "If "Blue Life and Death" is in the Republic of Korea Viewership Ratings breaks through 10%, then I go to the street to streak!"

    "Entertainment aspect" obviously wants to continue to speculate, but unfortunately, the netizens now have a lot of knowledge. Everyone in the forum post bar is used to eating a variety of keyboards to eat, where cares that he streaking is not streaking.

    So in addition to a few fans running to ridicule a few words, not many people added him to the popularity.

    But the most interesting thing is still behind. On the evening of the same day, Chen Feier wrote in one's own wave blog that if "Blue Life and Death" reaches 10% in the Republic of Korea's average Viewership Ratings, she will pay for herself. Lu Chen promised to give the fans the Republic of Korea three-day and two-night fun tour package, upgraded to a three-day two-night sweet tour for two!

    The fun tour is a single tour, the group purchase price is at least 3,500, and the double tour is at least 5000+.

    Although the value has not doubled, the meaning is completely different.

    Of course, as a precondition, Lu Chen also included her fans in the Lottery crowd.

    The addition of Chen Feier pushed the atmosphere of this blogolog to the climax. Lu Chen and her fans are just like the festival, talking and screaming in blogs, post bars and forums.

    In such an atmosphere, the group of people headed by “Entertainment” was completely crushed on popularity.

    They can only wait, waiting for the fans of Lu Chen and Chen Feier.

    Waiting for the performance of "Blue Life and Death" in the Republic of Korea!


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