Chapter 399 Flash Bomb

    [Lu Chen puts a word, "Full House" Viewership Ratings breaks four! 】

    [Pingsan Super 4, what gave Lu Chen such great confidence? Wait and see! 】

    [Summer file drama series is not broadcast first hot, "Love sea 茫茫" VS "Romantic full house" Who can laugh at the end? 】

    [4%! Lu Chen new drama sword refers to the new record!]

    In the evening, a lot of big Xiaoxiao media on the website couldn't wait to publish what Lu Chen said at the press conference, and the speculation was very hot.

    In contrast, he and Chen Feier received the "Republic of Korea Jeju Island Image Ambassador" news, but was placed on the corner, the degree of attention is far less than the "flat three super four."

    The "Flat Three Super Four", a new vocabulary created by Lu Chen, quickly became a hot search on the blog.

    Lu Chen's fans are naturally encouraged by his rumors, and they are applauding. However, many people in the industry hold the opposite attitude and think that Lu Chen is too confident, and sooner or later he will suffer.

    At present, Domestic's drama series and variety program market have already been killed in the Red Sea. The fierce competition is beyond the imagination of outsiders, especially the summer file. It is the timing of each David's visual platform.

    In the summer file, the newly-launched drama series is often broadcasted, without a strong Celebrity lineup, without intensive publicity promotion, and it is extremely difficult to kill in this bottomless red sea.

    Lu Chen certainly has the support of Beijing Satellite TV, Zhejiang East TV and other industry predators, as well as the "Blue Life and Death" drama as the foundation, want to break the average Viewership Ratings of 3%, it is too proud.

    Because of his competitive opponent, it is the Shonan Satellite TV, the king of the summer file!

    Shonan Satellite TV has always been the dominant player in the Domestic Satellite TV station. Its self-made drama and variety program are proud of their peers. The cards that can be played in the summer file are not the same.

    Shonan Satellite TV has made it clear that it is necessary to take the full Celebrity's "Love Story" hard-fitting "Romantic Full House". Lu Chen's drama series can hold 2% of the average Viewership Ratings. It is already a victory, "Pingsan Super Four" Really exaggerated.

    In the Inspur blog, some people laughed at Lu Chen’s ecstasy and asserted that he would be face-smacking.

    Someone had Hu Yang and asked him what he thought.

    Hu Yang immediately said on the blog that everyone would wait and see, and he has confidence in the decision.

    His blog post immediately received a lot of reposts, praises and comments, and the official V and main actors of "Love Haishu" gave encouragement and support.

    A huge momentum was quickly created, giving the impression that Lu Chen was not talking about the big words, and this has not yet begun the Viewership Ratings battle, "Love Haitang" is winning!

    Although Lu Chen’s fans celebrated Lu Chen and Chen Feier’s glory on the blog, they also fought unrelentingly against this kind of low-lying morning speech, making this evening’s wave blog once again a battlefield for debate.

    But compared to the piles of troll army and network pushers, their Voices are clearly not loud enough and are always firmly suppressed.

    "Shonan Satellite TV…"

    Lu Chen sat in front of the computer, browsing the smoke-filled wave blog, could not help but shook his head.

    How does Hu Yang jump up and down, Lu Chen will not put it in his eyes, the real trouble is Shonan Satellite TV.

    It is undeniable that Shonan Satellite TV is extremely energetic in the publicity, especially the public opinion of the new media. This time they fully promoted the "Love Haitang", and the impact is undoubtedly very strong.

    In contrast, whether it is Zhedong Satellite TV or Beijing Satellite TV, in the network publicity this position, the Shonan Satellite TV is weaker. The first two official V blog fans are only one-tenth of the Shonan Satellite TV. .

    Although the number of blog fans is easy to fake, it can also see the gap between the two sides.

    And this publicity offensive will inevitably affect the Viewership Ratings of the two drama series, and the effect should not be underestimated.

    "Do you know that they are amazing?"

    Chen Feier hugged Lu Chen from behind, her chest soft and towering intimately against his back, and said with a smile: "Previously a Senior told me that you can't be a friend of Shonan Satellite TV, and don't be theirs. enemy."

    Lu Chen thoughtfully touched his chin: "It sounds very powerful. After this summer vacation, I hope to be able to change it – not to be a friend of Lu Chen, and not to be his enemy!"


    Chen Feier was swayed by the declaration of Lu Chen’s domineering side leakage. He couldn’t help but come over and kissed him on his face and said, “I like your confident look!”

    Her first impression of Lu Chen was in the game "Singing China". At that time, Lu Chen was still a newcomer to the unknown, but standing on the stage had different maturity and confidence from others.

    This maturity and self-confidence, Chen Fei has not seen many Singer who have been debuting for many years.

    Second is Lu Chen’s talent.

    Chen Feier was thinking, cold and not guarded by Lu Chen turned around in his arms, came a French kiss.

    Chen Feier responded enthusiastically.

    Kissing the beautiful girl and fainting, Lu Chen reluctantly let her go, saying: "We have to make some effort publicity, can not let them always have the upper hand."

    Chen Feier sat on his lap and curiously asked: "What are you going to do?"

    In fact, whether it is Beijing Satellite TV, Zhejiang East TV or her and Lu Chen's studio, they have already started the publicity work on "Full House", but the intensity is far less than the opponent.

    Lu Chenyi smiled and said: "First put a flash to pop up…"

    At 11:15 that night, Chen Feier’s blog suddenly released a new blog post.

    In this blog post titled "Only for You", she wrote: In the dead of night, I will send you a new song that someone sings and sings, a song from "Full House", like People will like it! (*^__^*).

    A video recorded by the cell phone is attached to the back.

    In the video, Lu Chen, who was wearing T-shirt shorts, sat in front of the small bar and held a guitar in his arms.

    When the scene turned and settled, Lu Chen said with a smile: "The name of this song is "Only for you"…"

    "OH!Only for you,

I want to be a shadow and follow you.

    OH!Only for you,

My heart has become a castle.

I will be yours for the rest of my life.

    OH!Only for you,

You said that I am too childish,

I don't know how to take care of a slender heart.

    In fact, I have been very careful,

Just no explanation,

The blueprint for the future is in my heart,


    Lu Chen wrote a theme song and two episodes for "Full House". This "Only for You" is one of the episodes. It was originally not intended to be released in the previous publicity.

    However, in the face of the aggressive and aggressive offensive, it is really impossible to take out the real thing.

    What is Lu Chen's most powerful? It is his talent in Music, a brilliant and even original original work, which is the foundation of his recognition of the Circle, completely different from the Hu Yang generation.

    The number of his fans has also greatly exceeded the fans.

    Many people don't like the drama series that Lu Chen took, but his new song is the first one that will not be missed, and a good song that has a good reputation has a positive effect on the drama series or movie.

    "Only for you" is a very straightforward Love Song, the melody is catchy and catchy, without the sadness and melancholy of most Love Song, it makes people feel refreshed.


You often say that I am too practical,

Do not understand the emotions of expressing romance.

    In fact, I have been very careful,

Prepared to love you,

Until everything is ready.

    OH!Only for you,


    Lu Chen's interpretation of the song was affectionate and passionate. When he was playing, he always stared at the scene and stared at Chen Feier holding the cell phone.

    The smile on his face, the gentleness in the dark eyes, instantly touched everyone who watched this video, especially the emotional female fans!

    So even though it is near midnight, Chen Feier's blog post still has thousands of reposts, and the number of praises is rising, and countless fans comment in the comment area.

    A gentle flash bomb was cast out like this. There is no troll army without pushing hands, and there is no cost, but the effect is not necessarily achieved by spending hundreds of thousands or even millions of marketing fees!


Note: "Only for you" lyrics: Yao Qian / Composer: Yan Chengqing

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