Why is this the 369th chapter?

    On the evening of July 23, "Full House" continued to broadcast the third and fourth episodes in Zhedong and Beijing Satellite TV.

    Shonan Satellite TV "Love Sea" broadcast the fifth and sixth episodes.

    The Viewership Ratings battle between the two TV series has become the biggest hot spot for the Domestic summer screen, and many film production companies and industry professionals have also paid great attention.

    Because which episode won the Viewership Ratings, it is likely to bring a wave of industry.

    This phenomenon has existed on the Domestic screen for many years, such as the original anti-Japanese drama, spy war drama, idol drama, sitcom, etc., all of which are popular in a classic drama, and then follow the trend of the imitator, can not eat Fat meat can also get a few soups to drink.

    The most important thing is that many investors like to invest in such drama series, and the risk of small returns is high and profitable.

    Before the premiere of "Full House", in the eyes of many people in the industry, Lu Chen was not very smart.

    His first drama series "Blue Life and Death" has achieved great success. Instead of following the second part of the second part, he changed his style and invisibly left a lot of "Blue" dramas. Fans and audience groups increase the risk.

    Lu Chen’s approach is obviously not mature enough. It is estimated that the young and famous have expanded, and there are several industry giants’ support. Even the strong and powerful Shonan Satellite TV has made people think about it.

    The first-ever Viewership Ratings score also seems to prove Lu Chen's mistake.

    However, "Full House" in the Republic of Korea's 15.21% premiere Viewership Ratings has really scared everyone, people want ridicule lack of confidence, no one dares to confess to Lu Chen.

    The wall is full of fragrance outside the wall, even if "Full House" is really a street in the Domestic, it is also worthy of pride.

    What's more, "Full House" is not bad, but the light of Domestic is temporarily covered by opponent.

    Big waves and sand see the gold, the confrontation between "Full House" and "Love Sea" has just begun, everyone is waiting to see who can laugh at the end!

    On the morning of July 24th, the new line of official website updated the Domestic TV Program Viewership Ratings list on the homepage.

    As a result, the number of visits to the website has created a new record.

    Click to visit the new line of sight official website, not only the media and film industry people, there are a large number of ordinary fans, because the Battle of Viewership Ratings initiated by Inspur blog has already affected them.

    Shonan Satellite TV "Love Sea", the fifth episode of Viewership Ratings 1.49%, the sixth episode of Viewership Ratings 1.45%, the two sets of average Viewership Ratings 1.47%, ranked first.

    "The full house" third episode comprehensive Viewership Ratings 1.43%, the fourth episode 1.47%, an average of 1.45%.

    Ranked second!

    The public opinion in the industry suddenly disappeared!

    Shonan Satellite TV's summer-time homemade drama "Love Sea" has invested heavily in publicity. The first broadcast is to seize the opportunity in advance, and the first two episodes were broadcasted in the name of pilot broadcast one week ago, and they got a good start.

    挟 The success of the premiere and the audience's expectation of the audience, “Love Haiyan” was broadcasted on the weekend of this week, and it was with the “Full House” to capture the Viewership Ratings, and won the first round.

    In the eyes of everyone, the advantage of "Love Haiyan" will certainly continue for a period of time, the decisive battle between the two sides should be in the middle, and no one has thought that the situation will be so amazingly changed overnight!

    The fourth episode of "Love Story" Viewership Ratings hit 1.5%, and the fifth and sixth episodes showed a downward trend. Although they maintained the top spot with 1.47% of the average Viewership Ratings, don't say the industry, even if it is The amateur can also see its decline.

    Drama series viewership ratings such as rowing upstream, the first half of the viewership ratings the most critical, all the way up to finally pull high average viewership ratings, once the fall of that It's hard to undo.

    30 episodes of "Love The Sea" only broadcast four episodes, viewership ratings on the drop, such a result is undoubtedly like a loud and clinking in the face of the slap in southern Hunan TV, it is too embarrassing.

    Compared with "Love Story", the increase in Viewership Ratings of "Full House" is obvious, directly pulling up to 1.47%, the latest single volume has actually surpassed the opponent, showing a skyrocketing trend.

    Of course, it is too early to say that "Full House" has already defeated "Love Sea". No one dares to say that "Full House" will not appear as a projection of falling ratings.

    However, this possibility is really too small and too small, because the growth of "Full House" Viewership Ratings is achieved under the strong growth of "Love Sea", and vice versa!

    In the wave of blogs, the marketing promoters, visual critics and fans of "Love Haishu" lost their voices.

    Hu Yang, who had to brush a dozen articles every day, was completely silent.

    He is always embarrassed to post a "1.45%" blog post on one's own blog.

    Not enough to give others a joke!

    However, Hu Yang and others shrank their heads. Lu Chen’s fans raised their eyebrows, and Lu Chen’s studio and the “full house” drama crew V did not say anything. Lu Chen’s support group V could not wait to celebrate. Blog post.

    The title is very interesting – "1.47%".

    Completely imitated, real face-smacking!

    In the midst of a strange silence and embarrassment, the same day is Sunday night, "Full House" broadcasts the fifth and sixth episodes, "Love Sea" broadcasts the seventh and eighth episodes.

    On Monday morning, the new line of official website rankings was updated again.

    The fifth episode of "Full House" has a comprehensive Viewership Ratings of 1.67%, and the sixth episode is 1.75%, with an average of 1.71%.

    Number one!

    "Love Sea" did not recover, and the seventh and eighth sets of Viewership Ratings fell again, at 1.42% and 1.40%, respectively, with an average of 1.41% ranking second.

    It is not terrible to step backwards. The terrible thing is that it is backward and backward, and it cannot be recovered.

    "Full House" on the average Viewership Ratings overtakes "Love" 0.3%, proudly and confidently stood at the top of the Domestic drama series Viewership Ratings, and in all TV Programs to the third place, full of stamina.

    In just three days, Lu Chen’s second drama series, starring in the powerful drama, faced a powerful opponent, from backwardness to closeness to success, and completed an incredible gorgeous counterattack!

    And everyone can see that an average of 1.61% is far from the end of the "Full House" Viewership Ratings. As the drama series's story deepens and the word of mouth ferments, it is not a dream to realize Lu Chen's "flat three broken four" results.

    As a result, the publicity of Shonan Satellite TV in "Love Sea" was completely misfiring.

    Many people in the industry are completely confused. They don't understand why there is such a situation. They originally expected a long-lasting battle. As a result, "Full House" will be opportunistic and willingly fall under the horse!

    Why is this happening?


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