Chapter 393 has pressure

    The contract for the work of Inspur Reading has a total of ten pages. There are many specific clauses involved, and it is very detailed. It basically covers all IP copyright items, and stipulates the rights and obligations of both parties. It is impeccable at the legal level.

    Lu Chen mainly looks at the terms of copyright. In general, the benefit sharing of this contract is five or five, and the website and the author each account for half, such as subscription, reward and derivative copyright.

    If Lu Chen signs the contract, then in addition to publishing, the film, game, anime and other copyright gains of "Jiang Hu" will be owned by Inspur.

    Lu Chen did not feel any surprise about such contract terms. He is now trying to test the water in the network circle. He knows a little about the situation of the network circle and knows that most websites are similar in contract. There is no essential difference.

    Only when you become a top author can you have the right to talk to the website.

    In fact, this is similar to the Entertainment Circle. The artists who signed up at Entertainment Manager Corporation are still getting a lot more contracts.

    This is normal. Capital is always profitable. There is no white lunch in the world. The website provides platform resources. Naturally, it is necessary to seek profit returns. Otherwise, how can it be worthy of investors?

    But understanding understands that Lu Chen will not sign this contract.

    His location for "Smile Jiang Jiang" and the follow-up martial arts works is a big IP, and it is impossible to break down the major interests in order to stand on the net.

    So Lu Chen looked at the contract, just to see a new one: An Editor, the contract I have seen, and I expect a lot of discrepancies, so I do not intend to sign, thank you.

    This kind of answer is obviously a bit out of the other's expectation: Can you talk about it specifically?

    Lu Chen: Movies and games, etc. copyright, I will not give up, so…Sorry.

    An Xin: That's a pity. You have read this "Jiang Hu", which is really good. Now it has a certain reader base, but only after signing the contract can you get the recommendation of the website. Resources, in fact, film and television copyrights, etc., can only have value after the book is red, can you understand what I said?

    Lu Chen: I understand, or sorry.

    The Editor of Inspur Reading has been silent for a few minutes, then said: Well, if you change your mind, you can always sign me.

    Lu Chen feels that the Editor is still quite good. After being rejected, he is not pissed off. It looks very graceful.

    However, the attitude of the website she represented was very firm and there was no room for negotiation.

    “Recalling the Ancients” is a small author with no name, and the same authors are thousands of people. As the top-ranking Internet Heritage website of Domain, it is a strange thing for Inspur Reading to be willing to change contracts for him!

    Of course, if Lu Chen shows one's own deity, then it is estimated what conditions are good.

    He asked: If I don't sign, can the book continue to be updated?

    An Xin: Of course, no problem, goodbye.

    Ending the conversation with the Inspur Reading Editor, Lu Chen laughed dumbly.

    I think his original idea is still innocent. In fact, this result should be expected, but it doesn't matter much. It is an experience of satisfying curiosity and has no effect on his big IP plan.

    Lu Chen uploaded all the scripts saved in these days to the draft box and set up automatic updates.

    Now that we have selected the publishing platform of Inspur Reading, we will continue to publish it. It is not too late to accumulate enough word counts before publicity promotion. At least 2687 readers who are worthy of the collection "Jiang Hu".

    There are also rewards they support.

    On July 5th, Lu Chen and Chen Feier left Haijin and went to Hangzhou with the drama full house.

    Hangzhou is the second stop of the new drama publicity.

    In the next half-month time, they will travel to more than half of China, and will fully retreat this urban romantic comedy to the vast market.

    On July 15th, the Shonan Satellite TV summer drama "Love Sea" was premiered at the prime time in the evening.

    On July 16, Lu Chen ended his publicity event and returned to Beijing.

    "The Viewership Ratings of "Love" has come out…"

    In the studio, Lu Xi placed a thin piece of paper in front of Lu Chen, who had just returned.

    Her look is a bit dignified.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Is it very good?"

    Lu Xi did not say with a good spirit: "You see one's own, this is under pressure?"

    My sister is annoyed that Lu Chen did not discuss with one's own in the past. In the face of the reporter's words, "The Full House" has a Viewership Ratings of up to 4%, which makes the studio more or less in a passive situation.

    Lu Chen said too much, and the pressure on studio was great.

    And Lu Xi also feels that the 4% goal is set too high – this is to break the new record!

    Now the most powerful opponent is a step ahead, and my sister can't help but worry about how to end the problem in the future.

    She would like to knock on Lu Chen's head with cell phone and ask if your kid is smug.

    Now that the premiere Viewership Ratings of "Love Story" has come out, he still doesn't care about laughing and heartless, really letting Lu Xiqi not fight one place!

    Lu Chen made a gesture of surrender and then picked up the paper.

    First episode Viewership Ratings 1.35%, second episode 1.43%, two sets of average Viewership Ratings 1.39%!

    Such Viewership Ratings scores are quite dazzling and beyond the expectations of Lu Chen.

    No wonder Lu Xihui is such a look.

    A drama series premiere Viewership Ratings breaks 1%, which is basically a prelude to the hit. In fact, Domestic produces a huge number of drama series each year, most of which can be screened. Viewership Ratings are generally between 0.1% and 1%. In the meantime, breaking 1% is already very successful.

    The two episodes average 1.39% of Viewership Ratings, and "Love Sea Breeze" can be described as the first to win the game!

    It is only 0.22% and 0.26% of the Viewership Ratings of the first episode and second episode of "Blue Life and Death" last year.

    Although the publicity of Xiangnan Satellite TV was very large, the drama series also gathered a large number of Celebrity. It is inevitable that high Viewership Ratings will appear, but it is not expected to be so high.

    Lu Chen does not doubt the authenticity of Viewership Ratings because the investigation work of Domestic TV Program Viewership Ratings is independently completed by SARFT's new line-of-sight company. It belongs to the state-owned third-party authority and its authenticity. There is no doubt about it.

    The pressure of the first release of "Full House" is great, because on the 22nd, "Love Sea" will continue to broadcast the third and fourth episodes, and the "Full House" will fight for Viewership Ratings.

    The only advantage of "Full House" is that the first broadcast of Beijing Satellite TV and Zhedong Satellite TV will enhance the comprehensive Viewership Ratings to a certain extent, but it still feels overwhelming in the face of the imposing opponent.

    Lu Xi frowned and said: "We still have a week's time, discuss with other companies, increase the investment in publicity, and how to suppress their momentum!"

    If it is worse than the previous publicity, "Full House" is worse than "Love Sea", it is now dead.

    Lu Chen thought about it and shook his head and said: "No, we will keep the current rhythm."

    He and Chen Feier also have a "full house" drama crew. They have ran the seven cities of Domestic for publicity for half a month, and have a large amount of advertising investment in traditional media and new media, and the budget is overrun.

    The previous publicity is already very good. If you want to achieve better results, you must at least double your investment.

    Then it is worth the loss.

    And the drama series is different from the movie, the drama series has a long serial time, and the audience's reputation is more important than publicity.

    Lu Chen believes in the quality of "Full House", why bother with Shonan Satellite TV on the publicity.

    The one who can laugh at the end is the winner!

    However, the idea of ​​Shonan Satellite TV is obviously different from that of Lu Chen. After the first two episodes of "Qing Hai Yu" got high Viewership Ratings, they immediately launched a new publicity offensive.

    Hu Yang, the star of "Love Story", immediately updated one's own blog, with the title "1.39%", released a photo of his champagne and friends celebrating in the hotel.

    At the same time, Hu Yang interacted with other actors in the show, and the sensation was overwhelming!

    In contrast, Lu Chen’s blog fell into a short silence.

    This inevitably creates an illusion, as if "Full House" and "Love Sea", the confrontation between Lu Chen and Shonan Satellite TV and Hu Yang has already won the game!


The first one is sent, and the subscription is supported. (To be continued~^~)

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