The 369th chapter went to Xiangjiang

    The more developed the entertainment industry, the more things there are in the Entertainment Circle.

    With the rise of the online world, the interaction between people and people has reached an unprecedented level. In the past, only the information that can be obtained through television broadcasting newspapers and magazines can now be known at the first time through the network.

    The network also makes the attention of Celebrity idol artists far beyond the past, but at the same time, the negative news of artists will be multiplied on the Internet, easily triggering a public opinion frenzy.

    The same kind of rice raises hundreds of people, and there are more people in this circle. More and more people are entering, and negative news is constantly exposed, which makes the public's negative impression on Entertainment Circle deepen.

    Celebrity artist sucks / poison, 嫖 / 娼, out / rail, wine / drive, bucket / 殴…In recent years, these scandals have become frequent visitors to the media and entertainment version, and they have made headlines on a regular basis, leading to an ever-increasing social influence.

    Under such a situation, the relevant state departments have to come up with corresponding rules, and increase the punishment for Celebrity celebrities who violate laws and regulations or morality, no longer the "three cups of fine wine".

    Wan Xiaoquan was imprisoned for a year and a half because of the slander's injury. Although his crime is justifiable, the rule is the rule. It is a law that everyone must obey. The two-year ban period has been treated as a lenient.

    Therefore, in the past two years, Wan Xiaoquan couldn't shoot a movie, and it couldn't be broadcast on the film. Of course, there would be no film production companies and investors looking for him.

    The road left to him is either temporary retreat or another job.

    In fact, the influence of this ban is very far-reaching. Directors like Wan Xiaoquan are better. If they are replaced by idol artists, the two-year time is enough to completely break into the abyss. Turn over.

    However, for Wan Xiaoquan, sitting on the cold bench for two years, he can still support in life, at least not starve to death.

    But it is no doubt that you can no longer engage in a career that one's own likes and dedicates to a lifetime.

    Compared with the previous two years, Wan Xiaoquan feels at least ten years old, and the white horns occur.

    So seeing Lu Chen’s "Ghost Story" script, Wan Xiaoquan was excited first. He felt that there was a heat flow in his body, which quickly filled the whole body and made him seem to regain the vitality of life.

    But thinking of one's own situation, it seems like a basin of ice water poured on the head, suddenly awake.

    This taste is really difficult to describe in words.

    The inner entanglement made Wan Xiaoquan couldn't help but clench his fist, and the knuckles were bulging because of too much force.

    Lu Chen looked in his eyes, and his heart was secretly sighed.

    Lu Chen certainly knows the troubles that Wan Xiaoquan is facing, but since he has come up with this script, it must be prepared: "Old Wan division, in this movie, I would like to ask you to be a guide."

    There are countermeasures under the policy, Wan Xiaoquan can not be named Director, but when a consultant is doing guidance, there is no problem. To put it bluntly, it is to hang the sheep to sell dog meat and avoid the rules of ban.

    Only in this way, even if the entire film is directed by Wan Xiaoquan, his name will not appear in it, whether it is publicity or subtitles, equivalent to the existence of "invisible people."

    This is undoubtedly a compromise. Lu Chen also learned about the situation of Wan Xiaoquan. If the other party is because of the absorption/poison, then the talent of Wan Xiaoquan is higher, and Lu Chen will only stay away from it.

    After all, he asked Wan Xiaoquan to be a film director, but also to take risks.

    Wan Xiaoquan suddenly brightened his eyes.

    He is a circle insider, how can he not understand the meaning of Lu Chen?

    This approach is completely feasible, although there is no direct honor as a Director, but what he needs most now is a job, not an honor!

    "in fact…"

    At this time, the middle-aged man sitting next to him suddenly said: "I have a suggestion."

    Lu Chen quickly said: "Teacher Zhang, you said."

    The middle-aged man surnamed Zhang, is a veteran independent media person, and is one of Wan Xiaoquan's few friends.

    The middle-aged man said in a true color: "Small land, if you want to ask Lao Wan to direct your movie, I suggest you take him to Xiangjiang!"

    Lu Chen couldn't help but swear: "Go to Xiangjiang?"

    "Yes, go to Xiangjiang!"

    The other party smiled: "You may not know, at the beginning of the year, SARFT introduced a new regulation…"

    This new SARFT regulation is aimed at Xiangjiang's film industry and echoes the Xiangjiang SAR government's film industry support program, with the intention of helping to revitalize Xiangjiang's film industry.

    Xiangjiang’s film industry was brilliant in the 1980s and 1990s. After the return of Xiangjiang to the motherland in 77, a large number of local films were released in the huge mainland market. Urban films, comedies, ghost films, police films, etc. deeply affected On behalf of the young people, there is also a Heavenly King of Film Celebrity.

    There are even a lot of three-level essays flowing into the mainland, playing in places like street video halls.

    However, such prosperity did not last for a long time. Due to the endangered and unscrupulous phenomenon of homogenization, it was gradually rejected by the audience. Coupled with the vigorous development of the mainland film and television industry, Xiangjiang film suffered a great impact and entered the new century. It didn't fall soon.

    Many practitioners are therefore seeking development in the north, and the continuous loss of talents has intensified this decline.

    In the past ten years, Xiangjiang movies have been seeking breakthroughs in difficult times, and have also produced several good movies. However, if you want to restore the grand occasion of the year, it is undoubtedly an idiotic dream.

    The filmmakers in Xiangjiang have also been calling for the support of the government. The new regulations of SARFT and the support plan of the Xiangjiang SAR government are brewing in this context.

    The old friend of Wan Xiaoquan explained in further detail: "You don't have any foundation in the movie circle. Instead of choosing to compete with so many powerful opponent in Beijing, it is better to jump to Xiangjiang to start a stove, such as opening a movie studio."

    "The Xiangjiang government's film industry support program is not only effective for local people. Any film production company incorporated in Xiangjiang can enjoy special treatment and support policies, and can also participate in sharing the local film market in Xiangjiang, while radiating Baodao, Japan and Southeast Asia!"

    “The most important thing is that according to the new regulations of SARFT, the film produced by Xiangjiang can be applied for approval and broadcast the green channel. Once approved, it can be simultaneously released in the Domestic Three Cinemas and the Small and Medium Cinemas!”

    "Only this point is completely worth a visit to Xiangjiang!"

    Lu Chen is heartbroken!


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