Chapter 392 The upcoming collision

    Chen Feier has been famous for many years and has 20 million+ fans in Inspur blog.

    Familiar with her fans, we know that this song has never been torn off with others on the Internet. The contents of her blog are basically daily photos, sharing experiences, feelings about life, etc. It is a quiet little woman. It's very different from the Celebrity artists in the Entertainment Circle who can pull out three feet.

    For example, in this blog post, everyone knows that she is definitely in the "full house" publicity, but this publicity method is not a resentful screaming forcing brainwashing, a kind of moist and silent taste.

    A few simple words, an amazing video, a touching Love Song…

    If this is a hype, the fans say that the hype is more violent!

    "I like Lu Chen, I like his song!"

    "If someone can sing the song Love Song to me, then I will marry him!"

    "My Philippine is so happy, bless!"

    "Don't say anything, "Full House" is my recovery!"

    "Looking forward to the two new works…"

    99% of the comments of bloggers are positive. Although there are many complaints about “flashing their eyes” and “being a look of love”, they are all good-natured.

    The song "Only for you" is also liked by fans in many works like Lu Chen. There is no need for a support group to encourage, and everyone actively likes to forward it, so that more and more people are full of romantic The house has generated interest.

    On the second day, on July 3rd, Chen Feier’s blog post was over 500,000, and praised 1 million+. There were also hundreds of thousands of comments, and it was firmly listed on the blog.

    Compared with the new drama marketing promoted by Shonan Satellite TV, her blog post has the effect of rivaling the pile of troll army and pusher hype, even better.

    On the same day, Beijing Satellite TV, Zhedong Satellite TV and Crown Film, as well as Lu Chen Studio and Chen Feier Studio's official V also announced that the new drama "Full House" will be on the 22nd of this month, in the two David Watch gold Time first broadcast.

    The broadcast time is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and two episodes are broadcast every day for a total of 25 episodes!

    This kind of playing frequency is quite intensive, and it is undoubtedly also beneficial to enhance Viewership Ratings. The summer file is broadcasted in four weeks and replayed in early September.

    Just after the official release of "Full House" broadcast time, Shonan Satellite TV teamed up with a number of media, film and television entertainment companies, Celebrity studio to follow, and announced that Shonan Satellite TV's annual urban emotional drama "Love Haitang" will be 7 The first broadcast on the 15th of the month, the same is broadcast three days a week, two episodes a day!

    If everyone expected, the two directly hit it.

    Shonan Satellite TV not only does not mean to avoid the edge, but also clarifies that it wants to compete for the same period of Viewership Ratings.

    In fact, such a situation is rare. Generally speaking, TV stations will deliberately avoid the positive competition and broadcast the drama series or the large investment drama series to ensure the Viewership Ratings.

    However, in the two-month summer file, it is not surprising that this hard-to-hard contest is just that the Shonan Satellite TV's tit-for-tat is too strong, making people feel the aggressiveness of this local TV station.

    The "fixed phase time" of "Love Story" is earlier than "Full House". The announcement of the first broadcast date is later than the latter, and it is also stuck in "Full House". The time for the first broadcast is earlier than "Full House". One week.

    In addition to "Love Sea", several other types of drama series have also announced the first broadcast time, they are very wisely staggered the prime time of the weekend, selected to broadcast on the working day night.

    Everyone showed their magical powers, and the publicity offensive suddenly became fierce!

    Under such a situation, Lu Chen certainly couldn't be idle in Beijing. He and Chen Feier, together with the main members of the "full house" drama crew, launched a two-week national tour publicity event.

    The first stop was selected in Haijin.

    On the night of Haijin, Lu Chen took the time to visit the wave reading in the hotel.

    The book "Jiang Hu" written by him has been uploaded since the evening of May 27th. Up to now, there has been more than one month of time, with a regular update of 6,000 words per day, and the update volume has exceeded 200,000.

    Compared with the bleak situation when I first opened the book, the current data is obviously much better.

    Click: 57560, recommended: 10260 votes, collection: 2687 people, comments: 4580!

    For a new book, in the absence of any recommended situation, such a result is very good, and the readers of the book review area are very active, even if there is no author's participation, so the discussion is in full swing.

    Of course, compared to the popular works ranked by Inspur in the top of the list, such achievements are not worth mentioning.

    But in the reader's comments, Lu Chen saw their likes of this subject, and many of the book reviews were quite interesting, at least the ideas that were discovered after careful reading.

    This made Lu Chen feel a bit satisfied.

    He has been reading "Jiang Hu" in the book of Inspur. In fact, it is equivalent to farming field, quietly sprinkling seeds and seeing what kind of harvest can be obtained in the end.

    At present, it seems that he will at least not be ruined – the reader's total reward has exceeded 50,000 reading coins!

    Of course, this money is nothing, and does it mean that the reader’s wishes are not?

    When Lu Chen landed on the back of the author of one's own, he received a text message from the station.

    Opened a look, it is actually the news that the website Editor contacted him to sign the contract, which contains the editor's flight number.

    The news was sent two days ago, but in the past few days, Lu Chen has not landed on the wave of reading. The chapters are all automatically updated in the previous deposits.

    It is estimated that the data is good, so the Editor will give the signing opportunity!

    Out of curiosity, Lu Chen opened one's own vest, added the editor's number, and commented on the name of the work.

    What Lu Chen didn't think of was that the editor, nicknamed "An Xin", quickly passed his friend's application.

    An Xin: Hello, is the author of "Smile Jiang Jiang" recalling this ancient?

    Lu Chen: Yes, Ann Editor, how do you go to work at night?

    An Xin: I am on duty at night. Is the copyright of this "Jiang Hu" in the hands of one's own?

    Lu Chen: Yes, it is in my hands.

    An Xin: Well, "Smile Jiang Jiang" has a good grade, so we want to sign a contract with you. You should check this contract first. Please let me know if you have any comments.

    She sent a contract document to Lu Chen.

    For Lu Chen, signing the novel on the website is still very new, and he immediately opened the document.

    See what a contract is.


The second is sent, request subscription support! ! (To be continued~^~)

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