Chapter 395 is completely different

    It's raining.

    The large raindrops of the beans slammed against the glass window under the influence of the wind, and the dense buzzing sound made Lu Chen wake up from a deep sleep.

    He opened his eyes and took a deep breath, feeling the warmth/nephrite in his arms, and couldn't help but move.

    Last night, I was so lingering that I still had nothing to do.

    Chen Feier, who was still sleeping sweetly, snorted unconsciously, frowning and dissatisfied.

    Lu Chen smiled and bowed a bit on her crystal-clear earlobe, finally letting the sleeping beauty wake up and slap Lu Chen’s hand on one's own body: “Hate!”

    Lu Chen hugged her and said with a smile: "Sleep."

    But Chen Feier has completely woken up, Jiao said: "I am not a pig, can sleep when I sleep?" what time is it? ”

    Lu Chen had to let her go and leaned over to pick up the cell phone that was resting in front of the bed.

    Open it and look at it: "10:30."


    Chen Feier was shocked and immediately sat up from the bed, ignoring the thinness of the slide and causing the spring to vent.

    "It's all so late, get up quickly!"

    Lu Chen said lazily: "It is rare to take a day off and spend more time with me for a while."

    Since this time, his daily work schedule has been fully arranged, and even the chances of meeting Chen Feier are very few. Today, it’s hard to be a lazy person to be a one's own.

    The way of life is to relax, the strings are too tight and it will break.

    "You are a pig!"

    Chen Feier did not agree, and casually grabbed the clothes thrown at the bedside and wore it up: "The "Full House" premiere Viewership Ratings are all out, you can continue to sleep, and have a quick look."

    For Lu Chen and one's own second drama series, Chen Feier really cares about it. Last night, Beijing Satellite TV and Zhedong Satellite TV also premiered at the same time. She also deliberately went home to watch.

    This Tianhou heart is also holding a strong heart, not convinced!

    Lu Chen helpless: "What is the difference between seeing it earlier and watching it later? Looking early will not rise to Viewership Ratings. ”

    Chen Feier screwed him in a hateful way: "Give me up!"

    The Hedong Griffin was powerful, and Lu Chen had to get up and wash, then went to the study and opened the computer.

    "how about it?"

    Chen Feier asked for a breakfast while omeletting in the kitchen.

    Lu Chen landed on the website of the new line of sight company, and soon found a familiar name on the homepage list.

    "Full House" first episode and second episode, Zhejiang Satellite TV Viewership Ratings were 0.67% and 0.71%, Beijing Satellite TV Viewership Ratings 0.43% and 0.45%, combined average Viewership Ratings 1.13%, and highest Viewership Ratings 1.16%.

    Ranked third!

    The first place in the Domestic drama series Viewership Ratings is Shonan Satellite TV's "Love Sea", the third episode of the drama series and the fourth set of Viewership Ratings reached 1.46% and 1.50%, respectively, with an average of 1.48%.

    At the same time broadcast on the same day, the hard-faced positive contest, "Love Haitang" exceeded the "full house" 0.32%.

    This gap is not small, as many of the drama series' highest Viewership Ratings may not reach 0.3%.

    Chen Feier, who brought the breakfast to the end, was disappointed: "How could this be?"

    Lu Chen took the plate and put it aside. She took her into her arms and sat on one's own leg. She said with a smile: "I just started, I called to ask the Viewership Ratings situation on the Republic of Korea." ”

    "Full House" premiered at both the Domestic and Republic of Korea, which is the first time in the domestic drama.

    When Lu Chen called, Chen Feier tapped the keyboard to open the light and shadow network.

    Light and Shadow Network is a well-known community website of Domestic. It mainly focuses on the recommendation and comments of movies, TV and books. The light and shadow scores reflect a large part of the audience's evaluation of the film and television drama.

    This part of the audience is dominated by the Literature and Art, petty netizens, so their ratings are not necessarily related to the movie box office and the drama series Viewership Ratings, but only represent a comment point.

    Chen Feier is also a registered member of, of course, using the vest ID.

    In the light and television, she successfully found the evaluation column of "Full House".

    So far, a total of 1,278 members have scored "Full House" with an average score of 8.7!

    Out of 10 points, this score is beyond the expectations of Chen Feier.

    Although is a niche website, its scoring system is very strict. Even if it is a registered member, it must have sufficient qualification points to score the film and television works or books. Therefore, the cheating situation is largely eliminated. Appearance.

    Moreover, the website will process the abnormal data in a timely manner, so its score is not representative of the mainstream, but also has certain authority.

    Members of the Light and Shadow Network are mostly urban business people. They like the works of Literature and Art. They are mostly disgusted with the popular idol dramas, so the drama series like "Full House" wants to win high scores here. It's really not easy.

    It is worth mentioning that "Blue Life and Death" scored 7.5 points in the light and shadow network, and the drama's light and shadow comments are highly polarized, like the admiration, and do not like the rejection.

    The reason for rejection is to hate the dog blood plot, hate sad love, hate the dead female master…

    The evaluation of "Full House" is obviously much stronger than "Blue Life and Death", and there are many positive reviews.

    "Last night saw "Full House", at least the story attracted me, so I gave 8.5 points."

    "The modern version of Cinderella and the prince, give the writer a compliment, the old story can write new ideas."

    "I feel that Chen Feier's acting has made significant progress, which is better than "Blue Life and Death"."

    "Lu Chen's Celebrity fan is full, I am giving 9 points to him!"

    "The scenery of Jeju Island is beautiful…"

    Looking at the commentary area of ​​"Full House", Chen Feier’s face showed a happy smile.

    She has been a prosperous person for many years, and she has long been fascinated. However, this drama series, which has devoted a lot of effort and effort, has high hopes and hopes to gain the recognition and love of the audience.

    In order to play the heroine of "Full House", Chen Feier also specially invited two well-known Senior Teachers to point out one's own acting.

    Her hard work is obviously not in vain.

    After reading the ratings and comments of "Full House", Chen Feier opened the "Love Sea".

    6.2 points!

    Contrary to Viewership Ratings's “full house” scenario, “Love Sea Breeze” scored at least three streets in the light and shadow network, and the average score of 3000+ members was more than 6 points.

    This kind of word of mouth is very stubborn.

    Although Chen Feier is very clear, the rating of does not represent the opinions of the mainstream audience. The high-scoring works are the same as the ones in the street, but the depression in her heart is therefore gone.

    At least a good start, isn't it?


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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