The 398th chapter of the Ghost Story

    Why is this?

    Wan Xiaoquan licked the mouth tea, Shen Sheng said: "Because the current audience is tired of the type of drama that follows the trend of the wind, the audience's appreciation level is improving, and the requirements for the film and the drama series are also increasing."

    "There is no enterprising mind, just thinking that cheap film and television production companies will not be able to mix up sooner or later. They can't always rely on poor plagiarism and shoddy drama to confuse the audience. There are no novel ideas, no unique ideas. It is inevitable that it will be abandoned by the audience!"

    "In my opinion, "Love Sea Breeze" is a beautifully packaged, powerful, but poorly contented drama series, which is not fundamentally different from the previous homemade dramas of Shonan Satellite TV. However, they ignore the important point. That is the TV viewers are mature."

    "To tell the truth, "Essays" broadcasted to the fifth and sixth episodes before the decline of Viewership Ratings. I was already amazed. In my opinion, this drama series didn't need to look at the first two episodes. I have seen it. "Blue Life and Death" is enough, why bother to chew the cold rice?"

    Listening to his ridicule, everyone in the room showed a smile.

    Beijing in July is the hottest season, but in the tree-lined Yuyao Tea Garden, there is no need to open air-conditioning, and the cool breeze blows into the room from the open window, making people feel the natural heart.

    A pot of good tea, a few snacks, three or five friends sitting and talking, enough to easily send an afternoon Era.

    Wan's look was a little agitated, and he put down the teacup, gazing at the Lu Chen opposite one's own, his eyes showed admiration: "By contrast, the story of" Romance Full House "will be more interesting, warm, romantic and humorous, and give the audience a sense of freshness, this play is good at the writer will tell the story, Viewership ratings more than "Love the sea boundless" is inevitable, but also will be higher! ”

    A middle-aged man in the room smiled and said: "Old Wan, I don't think you have research on the drama series now."

    Although it is a teasing, there is nothing malicious, because he is an old friend who Wan Xiaoquan has known for many years.

    Today's party was initiated by Wan Xiaoquan. He invited several friends in the circle and Lu Chen.

    Just as Lu Chen can take time out, he is happy to participate in the tea party in this small circle.

    Wan Xiaoquan is a student of Zhang Yuantian, a major director. He is also one of the well-known fifth-generation directors in the industry. He is a very talented person and has won the appreciation of Zhang Wentian.

    The so-called character determines fate. Wan Xiaoquan's temper is very violent. Two years ago, he was jailed in a conflict and led to imprisonment. He just came out of prison a few months ago.

    Today's Wan Xiaoquan is basically a state of seclusion. Because of the relevant regulations of SARFT, there is no film company or investor looking for him to film, and life is very lonely.

    And his friends are only a few of them.

    After this change, Wan Xiaoquan’s temper has changed significantly. He is no longer violent and arrogant. He becomes tolerant and calm. If his friends had such jokes with him, he would be annoyed, but now he is laughing. .

    “I’m so busy, so I watch TV at home every day.”

    Wan Xiaoquan ridiculed himself: "Thinking that you can't shoot a movie in the future, it's not bad to try to shoot TV."

    Several friends are silent.

    The former Wan Xiaoquan had a bad temper, but he was full of confidence and pride, as well as his desire to create.

    Now, there is always a lingering decadence.

    In the past, Wan Xiaoquan was dismissive of the drama series. When he saw the call, it was the real art.

    Now he is sitting at home watching TV.

    The contrast changes are too vivid, and people feel uncomfortable.

    Lu Chen was keenly aware of the changing atmosphere in the elegant interior. He quietly opened the briefcase brought by one's own and took out a stack of thick manuscript paper and handed it to Wan Xiaoquan.

    Wan Xiaoquan suddenly groaned: "Is this?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "This is a movie script I wrote. I want to ask Old Wan to give you some advice."

    Wan Xiaoquan was surprised: "Then I have to take a good look…"

    He took the script with his hands and solemnly, and his eyes fell on the front page of the script.

    The title of the script is very eye-catching – Ghost Story!

    Wan Xiaoquan's heart jumped and couldn't help but open the first page and read the script brief.

    The second page of the introduction of three or four hundred words, he took a full 5 minutes time to finish reading.

    After reading the synopsis of the story, Wan Xiaoquan took a deep breath: "This is the "Nie Xiao Qian" of Liao Zhai's ambition!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Yes, my script is based on "Nie Little Qian"."

    Wan Xiaoquan feels that one's own brain can't turn a bit: "Do you want to make a movie?"

    Lu Chen nodded: "Yes!"

    There is nothing to avoid this. The life route he has set for one's own is the path of film and television amphibious.

    In the Entertainment Circle, the film actor is the most powerful among all the artists. Lu Chen’s idea of ​​making a movie is not a day or two. It can be said that he has already entered this circle and has already begun to layout.

    This "Ghost Story" script was compiled by him for five days, with a total of about 40,000 words, and printed a full hundred pages.

    Since the end of the "Full House" national tour publicity activities returned to Beijing, Lu Chen spent a lot of time at home closing the keyboard, in addition to writing "Smiling Jiang Hu", is "Ghost Story" .

    He is going to use this film as the debut of one's own first show screen!

    Only Lu Chen knew a few directors of the film, and Zhang Wentian, the biggest card, retired, so he thought of Wan Xiaoquan, just as Wan Xiaoquan invited him to drink tea, so he brought the print script.

    Wan Xiaoquan is good at costume films and filmed "White Snake Biography". Lu Chen believes that with his Director's skill, directing "Ghost Story" should be no problem.

    Wan Xiaoquan is not a fool. Although Lu Chen did not say it clearly, how can he not understand the meaning of Lu Chen?

    "You don't want me to direct this movie?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "If you can help with Old Wan, it is naturally the best!"

    Wan Xiaoquan smiled bitterly: "You don't know my situation."

    He has been in jail for more than a year, but he has not paid the price for the impulse of the year. He has to be banned for at least two years in the industry. Now he can leave the mountain and become Director.

    Although he is very heart-warming.

    Although Lu Chen is young, he is modest and respectful of Senior. He is a well-known artist himself. He also opened a studio in one's own, and he has a strong market appeal in the circle.

    In other words, Lu Chen is a good partner.


    Wan Xiaoquan sighed low in his heart.


The second is sent.

    PS: A friend asked how long the book will be written. The author is expected to finish the book at 2 million+ words. The results have been good, so there is no need to worry about the end of the embarrassment or eunuch (unfinished ~^~)

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