The 369th chapter is a stick

    Different from the rating scheme in the light and shadow network, on the Inspur blog, you can find the praise of "Love Haiyan" everywhere.

    In fact, the performance of "Full House Full House" has been very strong, the comprehensive average Viewership Ratings reached 1.13%, has made most of the same type of drama series unpredictable, said to open the door to see the joy, it is entirely worth celebrating.

    But the problem is that because of the previous publicity war, "Full House" and "Love Sea" were considered to be opposite each other. Shonan Satellite TV's tit-forward strategy also made the competition between the two drama series full of gunpowder. People will naturally compare.

    "Full House" Viewership Ratings lost to "Love Sea" 0.32%, naturally giving some people the best topic.

    On the blog of one's own, Hu Yang proudly brushed out the title of "1.50%".

    Although there is no name, but everyone understands that he is showing off the performance of "Love Haiyan", but also demonstrating to Lu Chen – I am acting as the protagonist, and it is very good!

    Compared with the other protagonist of "Love Haishu", that is, actress Zhang Liwei, Hu Yang undoubtedly wants to be too high-profile, and has made a big splash on the blog, and also attracted the great resentment of Lu Chen fans.

    Zhang Liwei also became famous by "Blue Life and Death". Unlike Hu Yang, she did not get rid of one's own Manager Corporation after she became famous, but continued to stay.

    After taking over the role of the female lord of "Love Story", Zhang Liwei also published a drama series on the one's own blog, or released a bit of a tidbit.

    However, her publicity is only for the drama itself, and she has never been involved in "Full House". Even if she is asked by a reporter about sensitive issues, she always subtly shifts.

    Compared with Zhang Liwei's modesty and prudence, Hu Yang is really arrogant too much.

    This made many people feel astonished. As a young artist who has just become popular, Hu Yang is so arrogant and even arrogant. It is a bit too much for PK with Lu Chenming's knife.

    Self-conduct is an artist. In fact, it has to be low-key and modest. Is Hu Yang’s practice stupid?

    In fact, Hu Yang is not only stupid, but he is very smart and even smart.

    Because first of all, he is very clear about what one's own depends on, is the Star Star Manager Corporation is Shonan Satellite TV, with the support of both, he can stand very stable in the Entertainment Circle, without fear of ordinary storms.

    Secondly, in this way, Hu Yang won a lot of attention, and the number of blog fans has increased.

    Although he also provoked a lot of black powder, but who has no black powder? Lu Chen, Chen Feier also has!

    There is no need to be afraid of black powder. No one pays attention to it is the most terrible. The more the limelight represents the higher the commercial value, even if it is being shackled, there is still a large number of endorsements, and now you don’t pay attention to time hype.

    Therefore, Hu Yang will not only converge, but will continue to follow the action of Viewership Ratings. Now it is 1.50%, tomorrow it may be 1.70%, and then it may reach 2% the day after tomorrow.

    After sunbathing, he is equal to slap on Lu Chen’s face. How can it not be happy?

    Lu Chen's Viewership Ratings goal for Full House is up to 4%!

    There are too many opportunities for his face-smacking.

    If there are achievements and concerns, he can still get money. Hu Yang is not happy, he is eager to stir the heat as possible. If Lu Chen is tearing him, it is even better.

    Lu Chen certainly will not do anything to tear such a Low, but this does not mean that Lu Chen will not fight back.

    And Lu Chen has just mastered a powerful weapon.

    Just less than 10 minutes after Hu Yang updated the blog, Lu Chen also sent a new blog post.

    In this blog post titled "Thank You", he first thanked the fans for their support of the new drama "Full House" and made this drama series premiere Viewership Ratings 1%, achieving the first step.

    In addition, Lu Chen has a good news to tell everyone that the fullest Viewership Ratings of the Full House in the Republic of Korea is over 15%, reaching 15.21%!

    This Viewership Ratings not only created all the premiere records of the domestic drama in the Republic of Korea, but also the first runner-up of the same type of drama series of the Republic of Korea TV this year, only 1.5% less than the champion!

    If it is not the natural disadvantage of the introduction of the drama, or the replacement of the more powerful Republic of Korea TV station KBS and MBC, then there is no suspense in the championship.

    Lu Chen’s blog post not only attracted the cheering celebrations of the fans, but also gave the bloggers a lot of people who were derogatory and full of “full house”, including Hu Yang.

    1.50% is very powerful? Then try 15%!

    These guys who have been stunned are reminded that "Full House" is the first domestic drama series to be premiered in the Republic of Korea. It is perfect in the opening of the Republic of Korea.

    Even though the Republic of Korea market is much smaller than the Domestic, don't forget that the Republic of Korea's variety TV program has been at the forefront of Domestic, and "Full House" has played a major role in the Republic of Korea following "Blue Life and Death". Is it comparable to "Love Sea"?

    Even if the mouth is hard, the facts are facts and cannot be erased.

    Hu Yang wants to use the Viewership Ratings to hit Lu Chen’s face, but the result is that Lu Chen’s palm is on his face.

    Don't BB, there is a kind of going abroad to compete with others!

    In fact, in view of the success of "Blue Life and Death", Shonan Satellite TV also intends to export "Love Sea" to the Republic of Korea through MBC TV, copying the route of the former.

    But the negotiations are not so easy to achieve, MBC is more conservative than KGS, and Shonan Satellite TV does not pay enough price, I am afraid it is difficult to achieve this wish.

    And what if the "Love Sea" can be broadcast in the Republic of Korea in the future? Now completely lost to the opponent.

    Lu Chen’s “Thank You” blog post not only received a lot of forwarding and praise, but also many industry peers have forwarded congratulations. SPG’s official V also posted the bustling streets of Seoul, and the large-screen display on the building’s full house. "Photo.

    A lot of media also used news announcements to send out the success of "Full House" in the Republic of Korea on their websites. It is concluded that this drama series should be able to create a new record of domestic dramas broadcast abroad. !

    The impact is that many people have a strong interest in the drama series of "Full House", using the playback function of digital TV to revisit the first and second episodes of the first broadcast last night.

    And tonight, "Full House" will continue to broadcast the third and fourth episodes.

    This is not to let people start to guess what the outcome of the collision between the two drama series will be. Can the Love Story continue to maintain the Viewership Ratings advantage of Full House?

    Everyone will wait and see!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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