Chapter 349 begins.

    "Love Story" has a strong cast, and Lu Dawei, who directs the show, is a top-notch Director of Domestic. The first two episodes of the 15th broadcast are not disappointing. The plot is novel and unique, the characters are bright and bright, and the details are precise. It is definitely a rare drama.

    The 1.39% first-view average Viewership Ratings strongly proves its Charm. The author is boldly predicting here that "Love Sea" will become the dominant player in the Domestic summer drama series!

    The above comments are from a blogger's blog. The small V critics with hundreds of thousands of fans have no praising pen and ink, and they have simply boasted of "Love".

    And he is not only the only critics who are advocating for the "Love Story" on the blog. Almost similar drama reviews appear in the Inspur blog after the first release of Viewership Ratings. It was quickly forwarded to major forums and post bars.

    Compared to film critics and critics, the critics are undoubtedly more niche. The original critics mainly commented on the Literature and Art drama, and later referred to the professional drama series reviewers.

    Unlike the film critics and sound critics, the network is basically the only platform for the critics. Most of the critics are part-time by the industry, some use the buddies, and some of them open the vest. They have a certain influence in the WebTV drama commentary. .

    But expecting the critics to comment on a drama series with a fair and equitable attitude, it is basically an idiotic dream, leaving the layer of professionals, they are not much different from the network pushers who talk about money.

    Conscience critics are really rare!

    However, the audience is not a fool. It is good or bad. They will naturally judge with one's own eyes. In the relatively free world of the Internet, there is also their own voice.

    The audience's Voice is the most authentic.

    "The Love Story" is OK, but the previous story is too similar to "Blue Life and Death"?"

    "Hu Yang is very handsome, but is he playing Qin Huai too hard?"

    "I feel that Hu Yang is still Han Taixi in "Blue Life and Death", there is no improvement in acting."

    "The cast is really strong, but can the story be a bit new?"

    "I feel good…"

    The audience on the Internet had a lot of positive comments on "Qing Hai Yan", but there were also many dissatisfaction. The main opinions were concentrated on the plot and the actor.

    First of all, the opening story of "Love Story" is similar to "Blue Life and Death" at least seven or eight points. It is also the heroine who has been mistakenly changed his identity, which leads to a series of storylines.

    You are welcome, this is the cottage!

    However, this is precisely the trick of Shonan Satellite TV. Their homemade drama is best at applying plots, American dramas, Korean dramas, Japanese TV dramas…What kind of drama is a set of dramas, and it will become one's own thing.

    It is speechless that, relying on such routines, coupled with the usual full Celebrity lineup, sophisticated production and sophisticated marketing publicity means, Shonan Satellite TV's homemade drama often kills the Donetic.

    It is precisely their success that has led to the growing trend of imitation and follow-up in the industry.

    Shonan Satellite TV is precisely the great success of "Blue Life and Death", and it has launched a follow-up new drama, and even pulled the actors of the original drama, in order to attract thousands of fans of the "Blue" drama.

    As for the recent hero Hu Yang, who is very active on the blog, many viewers rated him as handsome, but his acting and appearance could not be matched. He did not get rid of the role of Han Taixi, who made him famous.

    However, most of the negative opinions, whether sent in the Shonan Satellite TV official V or the "Love Sea 茫茫" official V, or Hu Yang's blog comment area, have been basically deleted.

    Most of the things that can be stayed are praise.

    Time passed quickly, and in a blink of an eye, Lu Chen’s new drama “Full House” finally ushered in the first broadcast, and was broadcast at 8:30 in Beijing Satellite TV, Zhejiang East TV and Republic of Korea KGS. Out.

    Regardless of the scenery of "Love Story", it can't hide the honor of "Full House", that is, "Full House" is the first step of Domestic production, the first step in the foreign premiere drama series!

    This has also become one of the publicity priorities of Full House.

    But the publicity is so good, and ultimately it depends on the results. The "Full House" Viewership Ratings If you encounter Waterloo, then this honor becomes a joke.

    And many Lu Chen and Chen Feier's fans are also looking forward to the broadcast of "Full House".

    They locked the TV channel early on Beijing Satellite TV, or Zhedong Satellite TV.

    "Everyone is ready, there will be 10 minutes to start!"

    Meng Meng, who sat in front of the computer, quickly knocked out a line of words and posted it in the group of fetions she established.

    Meng Meng’s group of Fei Xun is called “Morning Club” and has nearly 1,000 members, all of whom are Lu Chen’s fans, and it’s still a real meal!

    Meng Meng is very famous in Lu Chen's fans circle. She was suffering from leukemia and received a generous donation from Lu Chen. Later, Lu Chen also established a charity foundation to help leukemia.

    The story between Meng Meng and Lu Chen has been on the media.

    A few months ago, Meng Meng successfully completed the bone marrow transplant operation, and the recovery situation after surgery was very good.

    Meng Meng, who was reborn, was grateful to Lu Chen, and naturally became the irons in Lu Chen’s hardcore. He built this group of flying during the rest period, which was specially used to support Lu Chen.

    Any news about Lu Chen came out, Meng Meng will be sent to the group at the first time.

    This time, Lu Chen’s new drama "Full House" will be premiered. Meng Meng not only wants to watch one's own, but also encourages relatives and friends to come and see it together. As for the "Morning Club", let alone.

    Everyone is waiting!

    "Know, little Mengmeng, I am sitting in front of the TV, and I am still advertising!"

    "My morning Undefeatable, "Full House" will definitely defeat "Love Sea"."

    "That's still to say, Hu Yang is really disgusting, and I have powdered him before!"

    "Don't mention that disgusting guy, let us come together to support Lu Chen!"

    "stand by!"

    The group members responded with enthusiasm, and a piece of news swiftly brushed through the window, which was very lively.

    Since the first release of "Full House" did not include online broadcast, it can only be watched on TV. Many fans said that this is the first time they have watched TV in a few years.

    Just to support Lu Chen!

    Looking at the news on the computer screen, Meng Meng could not help but clench his fist.

    Lu Chen, keep it up!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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