The thirty-ninth chapter of the Pingsan high four

    The Beijing Hotel is not the largest and most luxurious hotel in the capital, but it is undoubtedly the most famous.

    Beijing Hotel is one of the first foreign-related hotels in Domestic. As early as the 1950s, it was an important place for foreign guests and international conferences. It still plays a big role in related matters.

    It is because of its special status in the industry that it is not enough to hold a meeting or a banquet in a Beijing restaurant. First, you must have sufficient qualifications.

    Republic of Korea Jeju City awarded Lu Chen and Chen Feier the "Republic of Korea Jeju Island Image Ambassador" ceremony and media press conference, which was held in the No. 3 conference hall of the Beijing Hotel.

    In addition to the two studios hosting the ceremony, they also received strong support from Beijing Satellite TV and SPG. They attended a ceremony including a cultural counselor from the Republic of Korea's ambassador in China and a cultural official of the Beijing municipal government. The representative of Jeju City, etc., the specifications are still quite high.

    In addition, there are more than one hundred media, and Lu Chen and Chen Feier’s friends in the circle have been invited.

    A grand event!

    At 6:20 pm, Lu Chen and Chen Feier arrived at the ceremony.

    This evening, Lu Chen wore a set of Armani's black suits, and the white shirts looked handsome, and Chen Feier was dressed up. A gorgeous evening dress perfectly set off her figure and became a lot of presence. The media reporter scene chased the object.

    Tan Hong, Liao Jia, Lin Shengjie, Qin Hanyang, Yan Band, MSN, Xiaohu Group…Lian Tiantian took time out of his busy schedule and came to Beijing to join in for the two.

    Tonight's Beijing restaurant is a star-studded, although there is no red carpet ceremony, but also the media reporters on the spot feel worthwhile, there is enough material to get back to cross.

    The honour ceremony begins at 7 o'clock on time.

    First, he was spoke by the Cultural Counselor of the Republic of Korea's Ambassador Hall in China. In his speech, he praised Lu Chen and Chen Feier for their contributions in the cultural exchange of China-South Korea. More Chinese friends are welcome to the Republic of Korea Travel shopping.

    Then the officials of the Beijing municipal government went to the stage to speak.

    Finally, the representatives of the Republic of Korea Jeju City awarded the honorary title of “Republic of Korea Image Ambassador”.

    When Lu Chen and Chen Feier received the certificate and the golden key from the official representative of the Republic of Korea respectively, the audience applauded and set off a wave of celebration.

    Although there is not much compensation for traveling as an Image Ambassador, it is a commendable honor for any artist, especially if they are foreign travel ambassador.

    There is no precedent in Domestic's Entertainment Circle, and the same is true in the Republic of Korea. It is definitely a privilege.

    If there is no "Blue Life and Death" in the Republic of Korea's viewing miracle, so that the two have a large number of Republic of Korea fans, this honor will not fall on their heads.

    This represents official recognition.

    The Republic of Korea has taken publicity tourism to attract mainland tourists, and Lu Chen and Chen Feier have used this to better expand the Republic of Korea market. With the springboard of Republic of Korea, it has a long-term impact on Southeast Asian countries. Cooperation.

    After the simple and grand ceremony, the Cultural Counselor of the Republic of Korea's Ambassador Hall in China and the officials of the Beijing Municipal Government left, and the press conference continued in the conference hall.

    When Lu Chen was facing reporters at the high-speed rail station during the day, it was not without reason for them to come here to ask questions.

    First, I wiped out the small media reporters who liked nothing, because these people couldn’t even enter the Beijing hotel door. Secondly, due to the specifications of the press conference and the existence of many official media, it was enough for the discreet people to close their mouths. At least not to ask some controversial questions.

    In this way, Lu Chen responded, and it was really too much.

    The first thing I started to ask was the official media reporter. The problem was basically inseparable from the content related to “tourism ambassador”. I asked questions about Lu Chen and Chen Feier, and also asked questions from South Korea representatives. It was very official.

    After the exchange of the two sides for ten minutes, finally the civilian media reporter couldn’t help it. I couldn’t wait to stand up and ask: “Mr. Lu Chen, I am a reporter of Yiwang Entertainment. First of all, Congratulations, you get the honor of Tourism Image Ambassador. Is your new drama "Full House" also broadcast in Republic of Korea?"

    This question is obviously just an introduction. Lu Chen nodded and replied: "Yes, and it is the first broadcast with Domestic, so that the audience of Republic of Korea can see our new work at the first time."

    Yi Net reporter immediately asked: "It is said that your new drama will be broadcast this month, and according to my understanding, more than ten drama series of the same type are premiered this month, including Shonan Satellite TV's "Love Sea". So in the highly competitive situation, what are your goals for Viewership Ratings for one's own work?"

    The reporter's question is probably what many of his colleagues want to ask. Although he did not directly point out Hu Yang's name, the latter threatened to beat Lu Chen on Viewership Ratings a few days ago.

    In the face of Hu Yang’s challenge, what will Lu Chen’s attitude be? This is exactly what everyone cares about.

    Lu Chen was prepared for such a problem, and he replied calmly: "Pingsan is four."


    Yi Net reporter listened confused: "Can you explain?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I said that my Viewership Ratings goal for "Full House" is flat, with an average of 3% of Viewership Ratings and a maximum of 4% of Viewership Ratings. Is this clear enough?"

    3% average, 4% highest!

    There was a loud exclamation in the conference hall, and many people could not believe the ear of one's own.

    As a media reporter, they participated in this press conference. They have basic and even in-depth understanding of the Viewership Ratings situation of the Domestic drama series.

    At present, the average Viewership Ratings of the domestic drama series can reach 1%, and the success of Lu Chen’s “Blue Life and Death Love” last year’s highest Viewership Ratings is 3%, which is already a phenomenal record.

    Now he is breaking 4%, and even the average Viewership Ratings is 3%, which is not just a 1% increase.

    It’s not 20 or 30 years ago, when entertainment was relatively scarce. Watching TV became the most common way of leisure for the general public. Viewership Ratings on a classic TV reached tens of percent of it, and even people watched TV. Scenes.

    Nowadays entertainment is maximizing, TV stations are numerous, new media is taking over resources, and Domestic's drama series Viewership Ratings are mostly within 1%.

    Although Lu Chen has the success of the "Blue" drama, his goal for the new drama is 4%, which is really shocking.

    He is not afraid of the wind and his tongue?

    Such formal expressions are so formal expressions that Lu Chen can't do it even if he wants to deny it. Once he has not achieved his goal, his face will not be thrown away and he will be greatly cut.

    If this is Lu Chen’s counterattack against Hu Yang and Xiangnan Satellite TV, his counterattack is too embarrassing.

    For the opponent, it is even more awkward for one's own!

    Many reporters are excited, they sniffed the smell of smoke!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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