Chapter 321 Challengers

    Shi Gang is in his thirties, but he seems to be more old-fashioned. For example, the vicissitudes of the forty-year-old uncle, the unshaven swearing does not trim the margins, with some kind of unspeakable scent.

    But with the scene a lot of the same bearded slovenly decadent peers, he also appears quite alternative, clothes trousers are starched clean, material on the absolute no thick stains, joints stout hands nails trimmed full simultaneously, a pair of eyes bright God, Certainly not to be mistaken for street-side tramps.

    For the companions' smashing, Shi Gang first frowned slightly, and immediately smiled: "Don't say that Lu Chen is a very powerful Singer. He is much better than me."

    No one had thought that the brothers who had been quite arrogant in the circle actually admired Lu Chen. Those who had ridiculed Lu Chen had just closed their mouths and showed a sly look.

    Shi Gang did not seem to see it. He continued: "I talked to Daqin of the band for a long time yesterday. Daqin brother told me a lot about Lu Chen. It is Luck who can appear in the popular Musical World."

    Shi Gang has debuted for more than ten years. He has experienced the prosperous and experienced cold, mainstream non-mainstream, and the bottom-level high-level circles he has mixed, naturally have a life opinion that belongs to one's own.

    He knows very well that in the popular Musical World of Domestic, the non-mainstream circles are as complex as the mainstream circle, filled with all kinds of characters, and those unsatisfied Singers tend to be biased or even prejudice to the famous people in the mainstream circle. Hate.

    It is often these people who are very envious of the scenery and honor of the mainstream circle.

    In turn, the exclusion and contempt of the mainstream circle for the non-mainstream circle has always existed.

    The emergence of the 72H Grass Music Festival was originally intended to break the gap between the two circles, allowing more of the bottom talents to stand out and let the mainstream circle face their existence.

    But how difficult it is!

    Although a lot of Singer and the band emerged through the 72H, the entertainment manager fancy to sign the album, the situation of the non-mainstream circle has not changed, the gap between each other and discrimination has never really disappeared.

    To be honest, Shi Gang, who is now traveling between the mainstream and the non-mainstream circle, also looks down on the so-called idol new emerging artist in the mainstream circle, which is completely flat on the face and sells handsomely.

    But Lu Chen is definitely not this type.

    When it comes to Daqin of the band, everyone is silent.

    Regardless of whether they admit it or not, the current band is one of the most popular bands in Musical World. The birth of Daqin has also made him a very high degree of reproduction in the non-mainstream circle. An "In the Spring" does not know how much moved. The bottom layer, Singer, regards Qin Hanyang as a big brother.

    Lu Chen is precisely the songwriter of "In the Spring". His works include such excellent rock and roll songs as "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart", "You", "Flying Higher".

    It is nothing more than his young, handsome, shooting drama series and the relationship with Chen Feier, people intentionally or unintentionally ignore his talent and strength in the original Music.

    Is it ridiculous to be ignorant of people who despise such ridicules?

    Many people's faces showed a bit of shame.

    Shi Gang took a clap and said: "In fact, I think in turn, I can play with Singer like Lu Chen. It is also our Luck. I suggest that we all take our best strengths out and not let others down!"

    Everyone’s reaction was heated up, and morale rose again: “Yes, brother is right!”

    "We can't let people look flat!"

    Shi Gang laughed and said nothing, and the thought in the heart was the evening performance.

    He has never been a lonely Singer. His life experience has made him know how to cherish the opportunity. Although Lu Chen is strong, it is not enough to make him lose the courage and confidence of Singing.

    Like Shi Gang, those powerful Singer are also eager to try and prepare for a higher level.

    Although their fame and popularity are not comparable to those of the red fried chicken like Lu Chen, the 72H Grass Music Festival is different from the ordinary performance. The audience who came here have a high recognition of the non-mainstream circle and know how to appreciate the rock. And roll, etc. The less popular type of Music.

    In the history of 72H, there is no shortage of famous Singer being seen in the face of the face, the live band accompaniment, unplugged features and the original authentic sing, the test is the personal strength.

    So here, anyone can sing more popular than Lu Chen or other big name Singer!

    At this moment, Lu Chen did not know that there were so many Singer waiting to compete with one's own. He spent more than half an hour to deal with the reporters and came to the backstage.

    Said to be the background, in fact, is a temporary tent built temporarily, long like a vegetable greenhouse.

    There are already a lot of Singer and the band in the tent, and Lu Chen has seen several familiar faces.

    "Liao Jiage!"

    In the Singer invited by the 20th 72H Grass Music Festival, the highest level of coffee is definitely not Lu Chen.

    But Liao Jia!

    The lead singer of the black crow band and the disciple of Gao Yi, a soul figure, was once regarded as the last hope of the country. Although he did not save the country, he still has a high influence in the music.

    For the 72H Grass Music Festival, Liao Jia has a very special identity, he is one of the founders!

    Of course, the current Liao Jia is only a special guest of the Music Festival, not a member of the organizing committee.

    Lu Chen and Liao Jia knew that it was Chen Feier's sake. The latter had pursued Chen Feier, but Chen Feier had no feeling for him. Finally, he was taken away by Lu Chen, the hairy boy.

    To this end, Liao Jia also deliberately found Lu Chen to make wine, and the two became friends.

    Liao Jia's temper is a bit urgent, the character is very good, and the popularity and reproduction in the circle are better.

    So even if Lu Chen’s popularity is high now, I’ll see you greeted with politeness.

    "Your boy is here too!"

    Seeing Lu Chen, Liao Jia’s black and thin face showed a smile.

    He stood up from his seat and reached up and patted Lu Chen’s shoulder. He almost disappeared and asked: "What time did your singing begin?"

    Lu Chen replied: "About around 8:30."

    Liao Jia smiled and said: "I am 7:30, I want to compare with you, this is not a chance!"

    Lu Chenhan Yan: "Liao Jiage, can you not make a joke?"

    "Who is joking with you!"

    Liao Jia said with a sigh of relief: "If you lose to me, I will despise you!"


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