Chapter 323

    There are a lot of Singer in the background area, most of them are local people in Beijing.

    Unlike the band Singer from the field, the local Singer usually does not camp in the wild mountain park, and the alien Singer in the camping area naturally forms two circles.

    Of course, these two circles are not the kind of clear-cut, well-watered rivers. There are exchanges of mutual understanding, friends, friends of friends, and there is no opposite situation.

    But the difference still exists.

    For example, in the inner circle, on the famous and café, Liao Jia and Lu Chen are undoubtedly ranked in the top two. Beijing local Singer undoubtedly wants more respect and attention to the two people, unlike the foreign Singer who prefers to fight on the stage. they.

    Who is Liao Jia? That's the big brother in the popular Musical World, and it's notoriously cool.

    As a newly emerging singer, Lu Chen’s experience has become a legend in Beijing’s Singer circle. The story of “In the Spring” holding the red band is still being talked about.

    Therefore, the dialogue between the two people caught the attention of many people present, especially when Liao Jia was betting on Lu Chen, everyone did not go to the TV screen.

    There seems to be a more exciting show here!

    Lu Chen noticed the gaze from the surroundings and said with a smile: "Please ask me if I can, please ask everyone to ask, do you say good?"

    The Singers in the Beijing circle are still very face-to-face, and they are all applauded whether they hear it clearly or not.

    Anyway, it will not suffer.

    Liao Jiaqi cursed said: "You kid will eat me? Dreaming, please don't worry, if anyone loses, then open the table at the emperor, how many people open the table, everyone has a share! ”

    Everyone understands this, and everyone smiles and laughs loudly: "Liao Ge forformable might!"

    Dorsett is a famous five-star hotel in Beijing, where there are 388 buffet meals. The cost is higher when you open the table. There are hundreds of people in the backstage, and at least ten tables are open. !

    Liao Jia proudly looked at Lu Chen – a small sample to fight with me, I will decide you!

    Lu Chenxiao: "That is a word!"

    He extended his hand to Liao Jia and made a covenant with Liao Jia.


    The two palms are shot together, which is an interesting thing for the 72H Grass Music Festival this year.

    In fact, whether it is for Liao Jia or Lu Chen, it is not a big deal to open a table and eight tables at the Dorsett Grand Hotel. The two are just looking for some fun and excitement.

    So the topic quickly moved to the Music section itself.

    Liao Jia poured two beers and began to comment on the go to stage of Singer and the band with a bit of wine, including the other side's typhoon, works and singing.

    In the presence of the people, he is also qualified to do such a thing, Lu Chen is not enough.

    Liao Jia is very outspoken. He thinks that it is not good to be good. If he can't do it, he can't do it. He doesn't say the kind of car and words that are not offend people. The reviews are quite sharp.

    Lu Chen listened a lot less, and also discussed a few words with Liao Jia.

    The surrounding Singer has been attracted. One of the important purposes of the 72H Meadow Music Festival is to communicate. It is a rare experience for them to listen to the live commentary of this song, and it is also a great experience to increase their experience and knowledge. good chance.

    The stone of other mountains can attack jade, absorb the strengths of others, and compare the shortcomings of others, can completely improve one's own!

    As time goes by, Liao Jia's talks are not diminished. He and Singer around Lu Chen have to go on stage to leave, and there are new additions to form a unique circle in the backstage.

    The Singer type invited by the 72H Grass Music Festival is very complicated. Of course, there is no shortage of towns. For example, today's coffee-level characters include Liao Jia and Lu Chen, as well as several famous local Singers.

    However, whether it is Liao Jia or Lu Chen, or several others, the order of appearance is ranked backwards. If you count according to time, Liao Jia will perform at around 7:30 pm.

    Lu Chen was separated from him by an hour.

    However, this time is definitely not fixed. The 72H is different from the normal platter concert. The first is that the time is very long, and the second is that the Singer stage has a lot of variables.

    This is mainly reflected in the return.

    On this stage, a Singer or a band is completely obscured at ordinary times. No one knows their names at all. If you come up with enough wonderful works or show superhuman singing talents, you will get a live audience. Recognition, love, and return requests.

    The audience's evaluation is the only criterion for measuring Singer performance. The more appreciative the applause of the audience, the louder and louder the voice, the more sincere and strong the return request, the higher the honor that the Singer won.

    Although 72H does not award awards, there are no trophies and bonuses, but here is definitely a place to become famous overnight!

    So Singer and the band who can go to the stage basically all play out the strength of one's own.

    Among the dozens of Singer and four bands that have appeared before, one Singer and one band stand out and get a high rating from Liao.

    In particular, the woman Singer Mu Mu, a self-singing "Dew", made Liao a slap in the air, and also got a crazy applause from the audience. The audience sang a second song with applause. .

    Liao Jia said to Lu Chen: "You should sign her down!"

    Lu Chen is dumb.

    He also believes that the female Singer, who is called Mu Mu, is very strong, but his studio has no signing requirements.

    The steps are too big, it is easy to pull the eggs!

    Then, even if you don't talk about the Music Festival, there are too many Singers in Beijing who have the strength and no one signs. If Lu Chen Studio releases the news, there are definitely a lot of talents running over to get it.

    So even if you miss this Mumu, there is nothing to be sorry about.

    However, for Lu Chen ignoring one's own opinion, Liao Jiage expressed great contempt: "You must be afraid of your family's jealousy, so you dare not sign this female Singer!"

    He shouted: "The one in your family is very powerful."

    Lu Chen is very speechless.

    It’s hard to get to 7:00 in the evening, and finally it’s Liao’s turn.

    The reason why the time is advanced without delay is because there are several Singers who temporarily give up or apply for adjustment to go on stage time. Such a situation is very common in the Music section.

    When Liao Jiayi stepped on the stage, he immediately received a warm welcome from the audience.

    He did not disappoint, the first song came up with one's own original song – "Remembrance Day."

    A pure-blooded country shakes!


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