The 319th sensation

    The SPG negotiations have resulted in the issue of signing contracts, and Lu Chen must personally come forward.

    Plus Chen Feier also has work to complete, so the sweet Era belonging to the two is destined to be short-lived.

    The official signing is in the afternoon.

    Originally, Lu Xi has been talking with SPG and has always insisted on his own bottom line. The differences between the two sides are still very large, and now the situation has turned sharply, of course, there are reasons.

    Because KG Entertainment has contacted Lu Chen studio.

    KG and SPG are both the Republic of Korea's famous Entertainment Manager Corporation. The strength of both is in the middle of the world. It has a large number of Celebrity artists and also has offices in Beijing.

    Due to their similar status and the same business, the competition between the two sides has been fierce. KG suddenly participated in the introduction of "Blue Life and Death", which inevitably caused SPG's vigilance.

    Perhaps the original SPG didn't pay much attention to this drama series. Now the situation is completely different. Regardless of the consideration, Park Jung-ho is not willing to be picked up by KG.

    This is equivalent to red/naked face-smacking!

    Therefore, Park Jung-ho's attitude quickly softened and no longer insisted on investing in the shooting of Lu Chen's new drama.

    This is precisely the biggest difference between the two sides.

    The Republic of Korea, like the Japanese, has a typical island state of mind. They are doing very well in the details of Little Fang. They are more eager to calculate, but lack the overall situation and strategic thinking.

    SPG does not think that the introduction of the drama series of "Blue Life and Death" to the Republic of Korea will bring them much benefit. It is to use this springboard to mix in the increasingly popular Domestic TV drama market. .

    Lu Chen studio, which has no strong background strength, is undoubtedly a good partner.

    But SPG is too greedy.

    If the original film "Blue Life and Death" was taken, Lu Chen was still unknown in the film and television circle. He wanted to find a partner and hit the wall everywhere. He had to use Chen Feier's popularity to promote publicity.

    So now he doesn't want to go out with special intentions, and a lot of people are waving their banknotes to seek cooperation.

    Because "Blue Life and Death" created the miracle of Viewership Ratings, Lu Chen's new drama is too low to lose money.

    Almost 100% profitable investment, who is not like a share?

    For Lu Chen studio, the benefits of this part will never be easily released. Even if others are allowed to share, the premise is to ensure that they can win more benefits.

    The idea of ​​the Republic of Korea is ridiculous.

    Now halfway through the process, Park Jong-ho finally realized that one's own had too few chips, so he changed the terms of cooperation very decisively and restarted negotiations with Lu Xi.

    Originally standing in the studio's perspective, waiting for SPG and KG to tear is the best choice.

    However, it is hoped that the two large-scale entertainment Manager Corporations of the Republic of Korea will be red-eyed in the blood of the Domestic cut. It is a very naive idea – people are not so stupid!

    So after weighing the pros and cons, after seeing the true sincerity of SPG, Lu Xi did not take the delay tactics and finalized the agreement with Park Zhenghao.

    This incident has been entangled for too long, and it is not good for Lu Chen studio, because the focus of studio is to develop new drama, and the promotion of "Blue" to Republic of Korea is mainly to enhance the reputation and the need of coffee.

    One billion won, and the renminbi is only 5.6 million yuan.

    In addition, the SPG promised to introduce Lu morning's new drama to the Republic of Korea in return. In return, the new drama will have SPG's China artists.

    Such cooperation is beneficial to both parties. Lu Chen Studio has entered the Republic of Korea market as expected. SPG can also make a difference in the domestic film and television circle. Once the signing artist becomes popular because of the new drama, the interest is very big.

    At 2 pm, at the SPG Beijing office, Lu Chen signed a formal contract with Park Zhenghao.

    SPG's energy is very large, and a cultural counsellor from the Republic of Korea's ambassador pavilion in China was invited to attend the ceremony. In addition, there were many media reporters from Beijing, which made the signing ceremony simple and grand.

    After the signing ceremony was completed, Lu Chen was interviewed by the media and answered some related questions.

    In the afternoon, Lu Chen’s official V released the news.

    "Blue Life and Death" is confirmed to be introduced to the Republic of Korea, the copyright transaction price Gundam 1 billion won!

    There are also a number of pictures in the blog post, including Lu Chen and Park Zhenghao, as well as a handshake photo of the Republic of Korea Cultural Counselor and his interview with the media.

    Once this news was released, it immediately caused quite a stir outside the circle.

    At present, the drama "Blue Life and Death" has been off the shelf in Fetion video, but the replay of Beijing Satellite TV and Zhedong Satellite TV is still vigorous, and the comprehensive Viewership Ratings is not less than 2.5%, showing strong appeal. .

    The network broadcast and two TV broadcasts have produced a large number of blue fans. The official post of "Blue Life and Death" has more than one million members, and the related discussion topics have always been in full swing.

    So now when the fans know that the "Blue" drama will be broadcast in the Republic of Korea, it is a surprise, all eyebrows Exhale!

    For a long time, Japanese and Korean's drama series and variety program have been introduced to Domestic, especially Korean dramas. They have always been one of the representatives of Korean Wave, which has a great influence on Domestic's drama series, especially the idol drama. .

    Although the current situation has improved, the TV viewers of Domestic have become more and more tired of idol dramas, but the Viewership Ratings of Korean dramas have been quite good.

    In contrast, there are only a handful of Chinese dramas that have been returned to Japanese and Korean, mainly historical dramas and famous adaptations. Urban emotional dramas such as "Blue Life and Death" have entered the Republic of Korea market, which is rare.

    And even if it's hard to get in, Viewership Ratings is also terrible, nothing more than a hype topic.

    The success of "Blue Life and Death" is undoubtedly eye-catching!

    The price of 1 billion won is not too high, and it has created a new record for the same type of export drama, and the blue fans are full of confidence that the "Blue" drama will be successful in the Republic of Korea.

    But not everyone is a blue fan. Not everyone believes that the "Blue" drama will be successful. Some people in the wave blog question that this is Lu Chen studio and SPG mutual speculation, the transaction amount is seriously watered.

    Some people are not optimistic about the "Blue" drama of the Republic of Korea trip, that it will be as sloppy as other national dramas.

    There are many big V and small V in these doubters.

    Since Lu Chen’s relationship with Chen Feier has been publicized, there have been many different Voices on the Internet. Perhaps Lu Chen’s recent situation is too much, and there are always people who can’t see it.

    The "Blue Life and Death" campaign on the Republic of Korea screen market has undoubtedly become a good opportunity for these people to attack.


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