The 322th chapter is afraid?

    The biggest feature of the 72H Grass Music Festival, and the most talked about, is that on its stage, the coffee position and fame are not important at all. The audience judges based on the Singer's live performance.

    Also in other words, whether it is Liao Jia or Lu Chen, there is not much difference between Singer and even other street performers. Everyone is standing on the same starting line.

    Of course, the famous Singer gets a lot of attention, but that's it!

    Liao Jia’s “challenge” to Lu Chen stems from this. He is very serious. A Singer wants to break through one's own, 72H is definitely a suitable stage.

    He challenged Lu Chen, and other Singer was also challenging him to Lu Chen.

    Liao Jia is a very proud person. He appreciates Lu Chen, but he will never be accompanied by Lu Chen.

    It is the recognition of the challengers to take all the strengths out.

    It is also the greatest respect for the audience.

    The 72H is actually equivalent to a large Singing competition. The judges are the tens of thousands of enthusiastic visitors to the Wild Mountain Park. Many of them come from all over the country, and they are only a thousand miles away.

    Near noon, with the opening ceremony of the Music Festival, more and more people gathered in the park, standing on the heights and looking at it, it was all black and pressed, and there were erected tents.

    Freedom, openness and tolerance are the theme of the 72H Grass Music Festival. You don't need to buy tickets for the 72H Grass Music Festival, and there is no place for you. You can watch it and you can stay in the camp!

    However, due to the large number of visitors, the management of Noshan Park began to restrict the entrance of the audience near noon, so as to avoid the number of people entering the park exceeding the capacity of the park.

    In addition, the large advertisement LED screens on both sides of the park will also simultaneously broadcast the video footage of the main stage in real time, which will serve as a diverting audience and reduce the pressure on the venue.

    In addition, hundreds of security personnel and a large number of volunteers work together to maintain the security order of the Music Festival.

    On the first Friday of March 2016, the weather was exceptionally sunny, and the warm sunshine shone in the wild spring park in the early spring. The crowds were bustling with the air, and there was a taste of Music in the air.

    At 12 o'clock, twelve were placed in outdoor speakers in different locations in the park, and the passionate music was released. The singing and passion songs violently impacted the eardrums of all the audience present.

    The crowd was first shocked and silenced for a moment, then "Heaven-shaking cheers and shouts!"

    At the 20th 72H Grass Music Festival, the carnival of free pop fans is about to begin. The opening music is the classic rock and roll of the black crow band, known as "Reborn".

    This "Rebirth of Tomorrow" is not only the fame of the Black Crow band, but also the pinnacle of the national shake, but Singer who has sang rock and roll has almost covered and practiced.

    As long as you hear this familiar melody, people will always think of the years when the country shakes once brilliantly.

    However, tears are full!

    Many of the audience who came to the Music Festival were 40-year-old fans. The rock and roll they had experienced before had already been engraved in memory.

    So when "Tomorrow's Rebirth" sounded, they followed the loud sing, like a bloody youth!

    The atmosphere of the Music Festival was pushed to the climax at the beginning.

    Unlike the ordinary large-scale outdoor activities, the opening ceremony of the 72H Grass Music Festival is so simple that it can't be simpler. There is no blessing of colorful flags, no beauty model etiquette, no long belly to lead the sponsor's long speech. Even the Host does not.

    On the big stage, the band of the first performance was already in place, and then Liao as the Singer representative go on stage.

    The pop-up figure of the popular Musical World, wearing a black long-sleeved cotton shirt with the head of the black singer singer Gao Yi, the bottom of the set of ragged jeans, a long hair tied into a scorpion, black face The look is awe.

    He stood in front of the microphone and said to the thousands of spectators under the stage: "Hello everyone, I am Liao Jia, I am very happy to stand here and share with you, enjoy the happiness that Music brings to us… ”

    "Twenty years, are you all okay?"

    In the last sentence, Liao Jia tried his best to come out with a hysterical vicissitudes and nostalgia.

    "it is good!"

    Numerous audiences responded with loud voices, and countless hands were lifted up. Their shouts converge into the ocean of sound waves, and they are transmitted to all corners of the wild mountain park.

    After the emotions of Liao Jia and other audience broke out, he nodded and continued: "I will not say anything else. You are here to listen to the song. I am here to sing, that's it!"

    He grabbed the microphone and took it to the band's lead singer: "keep it up !"

    The next moment, applause, screams, whistles sounded one after another, and could not be calmed for a long time.

    In such an awkward atmosphere, the first band to participate in the 72H Grass Music Festival, also the local band of Beijing, the engine band, began to sing one's own.

    It lasted for 72 hours and was a feast for pop fans. It officially kicked off!

    At the same moment, Lu Chen sat in the corner of the backstage area. While watching the live video live video on the big screen in front, he was swimming around the sky.

    The 72H Grass Music Festival has no TV live broadcast, but the copyright of the online live broadcast is bought by EasyMusic, and the live performances can be seen on the Internet. The number of online viewers is quite amazing.

    Anyone who cares about the original and popular Music of the Music will not miss this extraordinary performance.

    After the initial excitement and excitement, Lu Chen is calm now. He recalls the one's own music journey along the way. There is always a feeling of being in a dream.

    Maybe it's because everything is coming too fast!

    "Lu Chen, what are you thinking about?"

    Just as Lu Chen was immersed in meditation, Wang Jing came over and sat down beside him, curiously asking.

    Lu Chen woke up and smiled at her and said, "Nothing, just want us to perform."

    Wang Jing said: "We are going to stage on the stage very early, you will not be nervous now?"

    Lu Chen laughed and shook his head.

    Wang Jing is embarrassed: "I am a little nervous. I have never thought of a chance to get to the 72H field."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Trust me, the stage that belongs to you in the future will only be bigger!"

    Lu Chen is not talking about it. He built the Nirvana band as a one-sown exclusive band. This band will accompany him to a more brilliant stage. The 72H is just the beginning.

    Wang Jing bit his lip and said: "Thank you, Lu Chen."

    She has too many reasons to thank Lu Chen, and thanked Lu Chen for helping one's own in her most difficult time. Thanks to Lu Chen for letting the Nirvana band survive and regain their lives. Thanks to Lu Chen for investing huge sums of money to make Wang Hui create the high-end dream. Recording studio, thanks to Lu Chen….

    She is still not good, seriously thank Lu Yu.

    Lu Chen gave the new Nirvana band, including her and Wang Hui's contract very loose, there are no strict restrictions, no crushing conditions, the treatment is more than the industry average.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You are welcome, we are friends."

    Friend? Wang Jing nodded silently.

    After a moment, she stood up and said, "I went to practice."

    Lu Chen: "Okay."

    Wang Jing had just left, another person sat down beside him and handed him a can of beer.

    "This chick is interesting to you, you can't be sorry for Mayfair, otherwise don't blame me for being rough with you!"

    Lu Chen dumbfounded: "Liao Jiage, you want more."

    "It is better that I think more."

    Liao Jia slammed the ring openly and whispered a few mouthfuls, then said: "I told Lao Tan that Xiaobai face is unreliable. Lao Tan said that you are not, but I will always stare at you!"

    Lu Chen shook his head and opened the beer. He touched Liao Jia: "You still die this heart, I will not give you a rough chance, and even if you are rough, you are not my opponent." ”

    "I appreciate your confidence…"

    Liao Jia clenched his left hand and slammed the bones: "I will be able to slap you down this evening, letting you know what the real guys who really sing rock and roll are!"

    Lu Chen curious: "Liao Jiage, the new work you brought out at night is pure rock and roll?"


    Liao Jia gave him a contemptuous look: "You first talk about what song are you going to sing?"

    Lu Chen replied without hesitation: "rock and roll !"

    "rock and roll?"

    Liao Jia dared to open his eyes: "Would you like to sing rock and roll?"

    Lu Chen became famous as a folk song, especially the campus folklore created by him, which earned him a wide popularity in young people and was praised as a folk talent.

    Lu Chen also wrote many rock and roll works, but most of them were sung to others, such as the band, the North Arrows band, etc. One's own sing is also Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart.

    He now wants to sing rock and roll on the 72H Meadow Music Festival instead of the one who is the best at one's own. Liao Jia is shocked.

    The 72H is not a draft party or a recording studio. It is not plugged in and tuned here. The audience is full of senior rock and roll fans. They can be heard with a little loss of water.

    And rock and roll, it's not good to sing!

    Lu Chen sang the scorpion of a nostalgic folk song like this, can sing the rock and roll on the spot, even if it is light rock and roll?

    Liao Jia deeply doubts: "You will not be intentionally want to lose to me?"

    Lu Chen returned a contemptuous look: "Are you afraid?"

    Liao Jia suddenly got blood on his head: "I am afraid of a bird, lose it, don't cry, just do it!"

    Lu Chen laughed happily: "Well, let's make a bet. Whoever loses, whoever goes back to treat!"

    Liao Jia Meng took a slap on the stool: "Bet!"


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