Chapter 325 is as free as the wind

    Looking at the audience cheering and cheering under the stage, the lead singer of the band, Shi Gang, was on the tide.

    For more than a decade, the fate of his band and Wednesday's band can be described as ups and downs. When he sang in 72H, he joined the gem record and once thought it was on the road.

    However, the contradiction between the inside of the band and the signing company consumes too much energy from Shi Gang, so that he finally has to take a few members to go south, and then stay away from the mainstream circle.

    But the idea of ​​returning to Beijing is always in the heart of Shi Gang.

    Just come back, he must come back, let the name of the band on Wednesday be resounding in the popular Musical World!

    Now that Shi Gang’s goal has been achieved in half, the two original innovations have undoubtedly been recognized by the audience, and their applause is the best proof.

    He couldn't help but clench his fists, and after he thanked him, he took the players off the stage.

    But Shi Gang did not go far, he stood below the steps.

    Because he knows that the following singer is Lu Chen, a Celebrity who is currently hot in Musical World!

    Shi Gang first heard Lu Chen’s name, or in July of last year, when he was in a bar where he sang a new Singler. The first song he sang was called “In the Spring”.

    Shi Gang still remembers his first time when he heard "In the Spring". It was numb, and the blood in his body went straight to the top of his head. He was so excited that he wanted to cry.

    This song is written very well!

    The author of this song is Lu Chen, a very young singer.

    Later, he continued to learn about Lu Chen's many works, including Lu Chen's "You at the Same Table" album.

    Shi Gang very much admired Lu Chen’s talent in his creation. He knew that Lu Chen would also participate in 72H, and after playing with one's own, he felt excited!

    A Singer must be used to challenge one's own and opponent in order to keep improving.

    Most importantly, Shi Gang is confident in one's own work, and he believes that the band re-created by one's own will not lose to anyone.

    Instead, he is very much looking forward to Lu Chen's go on stage, and can't wait to know what new work the latter will come up with.

    ballad? Still light rock and roll? Or something else?

    If you can beat Lu Chen on this stage, then his return to the band on Wednesday will be the perfect!

    Just as Shi Gang’s thoughts were in chaos, Lu Chen took the Nirvana band onto the big stage.

    Everyone's eyes are all focused on him.

    The arrangement of the first day of the 72HMusic Festival was a bit special. In the evening time period, Liao Jia, Wednesday Band and Lu Chen were arranged to create a climax atmosphere, and the audience naturally made an intuitive comparison of the three.

    Liao Jia’s singing is very exciting, and his strength is worthy of his reputation.

    On Wednesday, the band brought a surprise, a touch of color on the first day of the show, and the quality of its original work was very high.

    So what did Lu Chen, who just appeared, bring to the audience?

    The appetite of the current audience has been greatly improved. Although Lu Chen has a great reputation and has the reputation of a Musical talent, it may not necessarily have a wonderful performance.

    On the 72H, I lost the face of the Celebrity big coffee, but not a two!

    The expectations and doubts of the audience invisibly condensed into a huge pressure, which was applied to Lu Chen.

    The fans who came to the 72H scene had a lot of people born in the 1960s and 1970s. Some of them didn't like Lu Chen. They thought that he didn't have much difference with the so-called new emerging artists in the Entertainment Circle.

    To put it this impression is largely caused by "Blue Life and Death", even if you have not seen this popular drama series, you will inevitably see Lu Chen's name on entertainment news and online topics.

    In addition, Lu Chen and Chen Feier’s brother-in-law’s love has been rumored recently, so some people have been associated with the topic idol Celebrity, ignoring that he is “In the Spring”, “Flying higher”, etc. The original creator of the work.

    So if Lu Chen’s live performance is not good, there must be someone who is going to gloat!

    72H is the world of strength.

    Lu Chen felt the pressure from the challengers and the audience, and he had no fear.

    Lu Chen is standing here today, not to prove anything or show off something to others, but to realize the dreams that he once had. He has no eagerness to become famous, and he does not need to challenge anyone. There is really no pressure.

    "Everyone good evening, I am Lu Chen…"

    In front of the microphone, Lu Chen first made a brief introduction: "With me, it is Nirvana."

    Wang Jing and others got up and saluted, and the applause was heard under the stage.

    No one has ever heard of the name of this band, and applause is purely polite.

    Some people are screaming – that is Lu morning's brainless fan.

    Lu Chen didn't care, and continued: "The first work I brought to everyone today is called…"

    "Free as the wind!"

    His voice just fell, and the prelude played by Bass suddenly sounded and passed through the six pairs of high-quality outdoor sounds placed on the scene to everyone's ears.

    The next moment, the intense drums hit the people's eardrums, making people unable to burn with passion!

    "I am as free as the wind,

Just like your gentleness can't be retained.

    You push my outstretched hands,

It’s best not to look back when you go.

Endless craving for freedom,

All vicissitudes are alone.

    I give you tenderness, you refuse to accept,

I give you the true feelings of your hands,

I will give you a free memory for a long time,

I give you all but can't stay.

    I am as free as the wind!


    As one of the most watched Singers of the 72H, Lu Chen will come up with a work that has always been one of the hot topics in the small circle. Many people think that he will sing the existing fame.

    This is the safest way. After all, the inspiration of a person is always limited. Any singer can't guarantee that the first capital of one's own works is wonderful. If you put a new work on the stage, you won't get the approval of the fans. The reputation of rising in the morning is undoubtedly a blow.

    It’s not a shame to sing one's own original songs, enough to be safe, and to know that 72H fans are very picky.

    Lu Chen used a brand new work to unlock the suspense of many people!

    The name of this song is "Freedom Like the Wind."

    Simple and straightforward lyrics, there is no esoteric complex connotation or metaphor, even without the lyrics System Notification on the background screen, anyone can understand clearly, it is Lu Chen's consistent characteristics in light rock and roll works.

    The melody is still so wonderful!

    Just in terms of style, "Freedom Like the Wind" does not have the vicissitudes of "In the Spring". It is different from the passion of "Flying Higher" and is not as lonely as "Blue Lotus".

    This song is not awkward, deep into the bone marrow!


Note: "Freedom like the wind" lyrics / song: Xu Wei

PS: I sincerely thank the "Xicheng" friend for the reward of 30000 coins, congratulations on him to become the new law of this book! (To be continued~^~)

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