The 318th chapter

    When Lu Chen returned to Zichengyuan, it was already 11 o'clock in the evening.

    The night owl was eaten for more than two hours. Liao Jia was not the famous old lady in the circle. The locals who were looking for it were all the first-class private restaurants. A dozen people just had a table.

    Lin Zhijie also came, not only because of Lu Chen, he and Liao Jia are also friends, just to meet.

    As for Shi Gang’s business, Lin Zhijie is still very interested. At present, Fei Shi’s record is expanding its strength. It has signed a lot of newcomers. Like the band’s pork on Wednesday, as long as there are works with take action, they can also enter them. Eyes of the eye.

    Of course, the signing of such a thing is not Lin Zhijie alone can make a decision, but also to further study and discuss, because it involves a lot of specific details of the terms.

    For Shi Gang, it is already very good to be able to catch Lin Zhijie, the flying stone high-level. No matter whether he can finally sign in the Fei Shi record, he owes Lu Chen a big favor.

    So everyone was very happy at night. Lu Chen was not drunk by several "big brothers" during the meal. Finally, Wang Jing drove him back to the car – she was the only one who didn't drink.

    According to Lu Chen’s instructions, he opened to the 7th building. Wang Jing asked: “Would you like me to send you up?”

    Lu Chen stunned his eyebrows and said, "No, you drive the car away, and you will be back to the studio tomorrow."

    Although he drank a lot of wine, he was not drunk enough to return home.

    Wang Jing hesitated, nodded and said: "Okay, see you tomorrow."

    "Thank you!"

    Lu Chenchong smiled and said: "It's too late, you drive carefully, slow down."

    After that, Lu Chen opened the car and got off the bus.

    Wang Jing watched his figure disappear into the sight of one's own. She sighed softly and then drove away.

    Use the door card to open the elevator, and the morning is straight up to 17 floors.

    When he got home, he took out the key and opened the door. After entering, he turned on the light.

    With his eyes fixed, he adjusted to the bright light. Lu Chen took off his thick coat and left it on the sofa.

    "How come back so late?"

    Just as he was going to take a hot shower in the bathroom, suddenly a sweet voice rang.

    Lu Chen was shocked and couldn't help but look around instinctively. He saw a beautiful woman standing at the door of the main bedroom, staring at his sleepy eyes.

    Chen Feier!

    Lu Chen’s mood was a bungee jump. He quickly went over and asked, “When are you coming back?”

    While asking, Lu Chen opened her arms and held her in her arms.

    Chen Feier wore a set of HelloKitty pink cotton pajamas, stupid looks like a girllike cute, Lu Chen smelled her unique fragrance, all the exhaustion was gone.

    Since the last time they returned to Beijing, the two have not gathered together. Chen Feier took the advertisement film in the field two days ago.

    I did not expect to give him a big surprise at night!

    Lu Chen couldn't help but kiss her face and feel really good.

    Holding her is like holding the whole world and having nothing to ask for.

    Chen Feier woke up and ate and laughed: "I just ran across here when I came back at night, you…"

    She suddenly wrinkled her small nose and sniffed, and the pretty face showed the color of disgust: "How much wine did you drink?"

    Lu Chen smiled and went down to kiss her lips.

    Xiaobie is newly married, and the two just broke through the relationship not long ago. Now it is time for love.

    Lu Chen is definitely a very, very strong man!

    The result has not yet tasted the softness of the taste, his mouth was blocked by Chen Feier's hand, the latter Jiao said: "Smelly dead, you do not pollute me, go to brush your teeth and bathe!"

    Lu Chen can only open his hand.


    Chen Feier said with a smile: "I am waiting for you in bed…"

    This sentence is so soft and incomparable, the eyes are full of fascination and the water is coming out, and the charm is extremely extreme!

    Chen Feier was already a mature woman. After she experienced the personnel, she even exuded the amazing charm. The style from the inside out increased her Charm exponentially.

    The so-called "God is a natural thing, but it is!"

    Lu Chen looked silly.

    After a moment, he couldn't help but scream, as if it was a whirlwind into the bathroom.

    I brushed my teeth with the fastest Speed, and Lu Chen returned to the bedroom with a bathrobe.

    The ceiling light in the bedroom has been turned off, and the frosted small table lamp on the bedside table also reveals a dim light, illuminating the big bed, and can see a graceful figure in the loose duvet.

    Lu Chenqiang endured the love and desire in his heart and couldn't wait to get into the warm bed.

    The next moment, a hot and fragrant female body leaned over, clinging tightly to Lu Chen's chest, a pair of jade arm hugged his neck, a charming whisper whispered in his ear.

    "Love me…"

    As if pouring oil on the fire, Lu Chen can no longer restrain the inner impulse, and squatting under the arms of the person in his arms.

    Within the bedroom, the spring is overwhelming, and the waves are tumbling and tumbling.

    I forgot to be in the world.


    In the morning, Lu Chen was awakened by the crisp sound of the birds.

    There is a large park near the Zichengyuan. As a high-end community, the green environment inside and outside the District is very good, so it is inevitable that many birds will hang around to build a nest. They will wake up early in the morning and wake up the sleeping people.

    Opening his eyes, he first saw a wonderful picture of the beautiful beautiful sea otter spring sleep.

    Chen Feier still slept very well, the blue silk scattered lips and smiles, like a muse in the faint morning light.

    Of course, no clothes.

    After Lu Chen took a moment, the memory gradually recovered, and finally determined that one's own is not a dream.

    Recalling the lingering love of last night, he couldn't help but be tempted.

    Probably because of the pressure from Lu Chen, Chen Feier woke up.

    Lu Chen bowed her head on her neck.


    Chen Feier Gege laughed, couldn't help but entangle with him, and the result was out of control!

    At the end of the day, Lu Chen saw that she really had no strength, and she sighed and sighed, and she was very reluctant to let her go.

    Chen Feier used the last glimmer of force to screw him up, and said with a sigh: "There are still people working today…"

    Lu Chen smiled and kissed her, and got up in spirit.

    He rarely went out to exercise early today, but ran the kitchen to find the ingredients from the refrigerator, and made a hearty breakfast, poached eggs, rice porridge, fried bacon…

    Chen Feier didn't know when she got up, and she came to the kitchen wearing pajamas.

    She hugged Lu Chen from behind and leaned her face on the thick and strong back of the latter. He whispered, "You said, we will do this every day, okay?"

    Lu Chen put down the shovel, turned and squatted in his arms, and smiled: "Of course I have no problem!"

    Chen Feier sighed and sighed helplessly.

    She enjoys Era, who lives alone with Lu Chen. She just wants to do this every day, and she must give up her career.

    This is not her, at least for what she is willing to do now.

    So just talk about it.

    Lu Chen saw everything and said with a smile: "In fact, it doesn't have to be like this every day. As long as you need it, I will accompany you at any time for free. I will accompany you to sleep with you. How do you see it?"

    "Speaking nice!"

    Chen Feier was teased by him, and the mood that had just been a little stagnation suddenly vanished.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Have breakfast."

    The two sweet Mimi, greasy together, ate a warm breakfast.

    After eating, it will be 10 points faster than 9 o'clock.

    Chen Feier wiped her mouth with a napkin and began to clean up the plate. She asked casually: "Who did you drink so late last night?"

    Lu Chen: "Hey…"

    He thought that this matter had passed, and he did not expect Chen Feier to remember it.

    Chen Feier snorted and said: "If you don't say that I know, it must have been pulled by Liao Jia?"

    Although Chen Feier did not participate in 72H, she still knows a lot of things.

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "Zhi Jie is also a big brother."

    He knows that Chen Feier doesn't like Liaojia very much. Of course, he doesn't like Liaojia to go to drink.

    In fact, it has not been several times.

    Chen Feier said with a sigh of relief: "Don't take Zhijie brother as a shield, and then less to talk to Liao Jia. He is eating and drinking and gambling everything. Are you still learning to follow him?"

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly.

    Chen Feier said seriously: "I don't object to you making friends, just like Tan Big Brother and Lin Big Brother. They are all very good, but some people still have less to come and drink, and they have to drink less. The people in the circle have too many mistakes because of drinking. !"

    Lu Chen surrendered: "I know."

    He knows that Chen Feier is good for one's own.

    Chen Feier wins and chases: "Don’t go outside these days, I want to finish the new album!"

    Lu Chen is awe-inspiring: "Follow, wife and grandfather!"

    Chen Fei's pretty face suddenly got intoxicating blush, and said with a sigh: "Who is your wife, you are still in the inspection period, be careful I will give you any time!"

    Lu Chen was not afraid, said: "Is still in the inspection period? I have to work hard that night! ”

    Hearing his laughter, Chen Fei was so shy that she couldn't lift her head and stretched her hand to screw him.

    叮 铃铃~

The two were laughing, and the cell phone resting on the coffee table in the living room suddenly rang.

    Lu Chen had to let Chen Feier go and ran to pick up the phone.

    It is Lu Xi who calls him.

    Lu Chen hangs up with two words from her sister.

    When Chen Feier saw his look a little weird, he came over and asked: "What?"

    Lu Chen said: "Sister talked to SPG over there!"

    SPG is the SPG Entertainment Company of the Republic of Korea. Recently, SPG has been negotiating with Lu Chen Studio to introduce the "Blue Life and Death Love".

    Due to the harsh conditions of SPG, Lu Xi talked with SPG representative Park Jung-ho very hard.

    I didn't expect to have a result this morning.

    Chen Feier certainly knows this thing, surprise: "Really? How much buyout price does SPG give? ”

    "One billion won!"


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