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Chapter 326 is as free as a dream

    A lot of Singer and the band who participated in the 72H Grass Music Festival, they stood on this stage of advocating freedom and tolerance with the desire to achieve their dreams, and made every effort to show the audience the talent and energy of one's own.

    Because there are thousands of spectators on the scene, there are many representatives from Entertainment Manager Corporation. Once selected by a powerful company, it is possible to fly into the star-studded mainstream circle.

    It is these efforts by Singer and the band that have made the 72H alive and well and become a very influential event in the popular Musical World.

    But not all Singer comes from fame, such as Liao Jia.

    Although the stage of the 72H is very large, he can go to the stage without paying any price, because Liao Jia has a deep feeling for this Music Festival.

    Emotion is priceless.

    Lu Chen, Lu Chen appeared on the stage of 72H, but for the sake of his wish.

    So he has no pressure, he wants to sing and sing.

    This song "Freedom Like the Wind" sings his innocence and chic, is the perception of his own life.

    Perhaps "Freedom Like the Wind" does not have the classics of "In the Spring", "Blue Lotus" and "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart", but it is precisely this casual and free and easy, and the song is almost perfect.

    He is holding a guitar and facing tens of thousands of viewers. He is singing in the wind and he is indulging in loud roar.

    "Endless craving for freedom, all vicissitudes alone, giving you tenderness, you refuse to accept…"

    "I am as free as the wind!"

    Simple lyrics and melody are repeated twice, each time sounding different.

    Now the audience accepts the song naturally and comfortably. It is not heavy, not extreme, not angry, but it sings into the hearts of people and sings the feelings of the young people.

    Who is not a teenager?

    "I am as free as the wind, just like your gentleness can't be retained…"

    When the same passage Lu Chen sang to the third time, many viewers sang together with the lyrics displayed on the big screen of the stage: "I am as free as the wind!"

    The platform went to the stage without any points, and the atmosphere of the Music Festival was pushed to a new climax.

    This is the live resonance of many of the 72HSinger dreams!

    Lu Chen is simple and easy to do.

    In the backstage area, Liao Jia, who heard the climax of the chorus, waved his fist and then applauded.

    His little brother is really not covered!

    The gambling in the evening is going to lose.

    Shi Gang, standing next to the stage, had a bitter smile on his lips.

    He has been working hard for a decade to come up with a painstaking work. He originally hoped to be a blockbuster here, but whether it is the city of loneliness or the "injury", it is dwarfed by Lu Chen’s song, which is obviously worse. .

    Shi Gang is not going to deceive himself to believe that one's own works are no worse than Lu Chen.

    It’s a mistake to be in front of Lu Chen!

    Lu Chen’s first work, “Freedom Like the Wind,” sang, and the applause was similar, with a sharp whistle.

    Even fans who have stereotypes about him have to admit that this is a very good work that does not meet the classic requirements, but on today's stage, it is absolutely outstanding!

    Taking out such a work also proves Lu Cheng’s sincerity.

    You are welcome to say that a singer like him can sell hundreds of thousands of songs at any time.

    There is no reward for the performance of the 72H, whether it is a big coffee or an unknown Singer.

    "thank you all!"

    Lu Chen bowed to the audience and then turned to the Nirvana band members behind one's own and said, "Thank you also for Nirvana!"

    Wang Jing vacated his left hand and waved at him. Chen Zhiyong raised his drum stick and played a fancy response.

    The four young members of the Nirvana band were very excited. They were all participating in the 72H performance for the first time. They performed in front of so many audiences, and they just did their best to play.

    Although the Nirvana band is far from being able to compare with the old bands, their skills and understanding of Music are not deep enough, but because of their youth, they have unlimited growth potential.

    Lu Chen continued: "The second song below is also a new song, and it is also the first public singing…"

    Many of the audience were excited when they heard Lu Chen’s words.

    Many people thought that Lu Chen would bring a new work and an old song to everyone at night, just like Liao Jia, but he did not expect that he actually produced two new works, which was really an unexpected surprise.

    Generally speaking, if the 72H Singer takes two works, it is often the second one is stronger than the first one!

    "The name of this song is called…"

    Free as a dream!

    When the name of the song appeared on the big screen of the stage, countless viewers could not help but exclaimed.

    At first, they thought that one's own was wrong or the background computer control showed an error. The result was a closer look and found that it was really called "freedom like a dream". It was only one word worse than Lu Chen's first song.

    What kind of stalk is this playing?

    There was a lot of discussion under the stage of time. Everyone didn't understand what medicine Lu Lu sold in this gourd.

    Two songs, just one word?

    Lu Chen did not explain, made a gesture to the Nirvana band.

    The prelude sounded.

    "Do you still care about me,

My dearest friend,

When I decided to let go of all,

Go up the road to freedom.

    Will you stay with me?

My most loved one,

Have already bid farewell to yesterday,

Drive to the road to the future.


    The front part is mainly accompanied by a guitar. The inquiring lyrics carry a trace of sadness and embarrassment. After singing through Lu Chen, it is a scene of separation.

    However, the part of the chorus that was subsequently launched entered a climax, and the melody suddenly became heated and enthusiastic.


I want to be as free as a dream,

As strong as the sky,

On this winding road,

Experience the meaning of life!


    With the scale of Lu Chen's high, the theme of the work has been sublimated, and it is full of the brave attitude of pursuing freedom.

    The audience at the scene has the feeling of being hit by the moment, and at the same time inspiring everyone's yearning for freedom, the pursuit and desire for a better life.

    Because there is a good way to go, temporarily let go of a busy, hasty life, to experience the freedom to gallop in the wilderness, to unlock the heavy shackles of the soul, in order to find the true self.

    Life needs to be precipitated, accidentally emptying one's own, and Xu Neng find a more reasonable explanation? Who knows, we are still on the road, let the free heart be willing to exile…

    The sentiment that this song brings to people is far more than that.


Will you stay with me?

My most loved one,

When I have already said goodbye to yesterday,

Drive to the road to the future.

    I want to be as free as a dream,

Tolerant like the earth,

On this hard and exiled road,

Light up the light of life! ”

    Freedom, temperament, pioneering, creation…It is the theme of the 72H Grass Music Festival, and the spirit of freedom has always run through the rise and decline of the country. The two works created by the name of freedom in the morning have undoubtedly touched the deepest and true of the live fans and Singers. feelings.

    Whether it is "freedom like the wind" or "freedom like a dream" is not a purely rock and roll work, but the spirit of freedom contained in the two songs is beyond the reach of many pure rock and roll songs. .

    This has caused many people to reflect on the rebellious, extreme and even the so-called rock and roll spirit that they have been pursuing. Is it precisely one of the important reasons for the country’s decline?

    Rock and roll songs can also be free, progressive, and sunny!

    Perhaps this is the reason why Lu Chen brought these two works to 72H. I remembered the works such as "In the Spring" and "Blue Lotus" that he had also created. Many Singer fell into deep thoughts.

    At this moment, all the light is gathered on Lu Chen's body.

    He is like the wind, just like a dream, freedom is not awkward!


    In the backstage, Liao Jia haha ​​smiled and turned to the Singers who were present: "Tomorrow, I will come to the Imperial Hotel, I invite everyone to drink!"

    Liao Big Brother naturally speaks and talks. He can't do anything to play with, and lose to Lu Chen.


    Next to the stage, Shi Gang shook his head helplessly – no comparison, really no match!

    Confidence orally.

    The second song "Freedom like a Dream" was finished, and Lu Chen took a step back and then squatted deeply.

    There was fine sweat on his forehead, and a little bit of light shone in the light.

    His eyes are bright and bright.

    Applause, warm, sincere, and enthusiastic applause is like a spring thunder burst, and then endless, an invisible storm in the wild mountain park scene.

    "Freedom like the wind", "Freedom like a dream", Lu Chen proved the strength of one's own with two songs of "freedom", and also conquered tens of thousands of fans on the scene!

    The applause he received was well deserved.

    "it is good!"

    "Sing another song!"

    Many fans shouted loudly and furiously waved their arms, trying to attract the attention of Lu Chen on the stage.


    Someone screamed, and then everyone else seemed to wake up like a dream, and then he picked it up: "Chong!"

    "Chong!"Rush! ""Rush! ”

    All the Voices converge into the same Voice, which is to keep the footsteps of Lu Chen and beg him to return to the Voice!

    Lu Chen stopped and said again: "Thank you!"

    He is not the first time to feel the enthusiasm of fans, he is not the first time to enjoy the cheers from fans, the same is not the first time to be retained by fans.

    However, here, at the scene here, the tens of thousands of fans on the scene here are so different.

    They are the real fans of the popular Music, they hold and cling to things that other people think perhaps can't understand, but their love is so true!

    Being able to get their identity, love and pursuit is a real glory!


Note: "Freedom like a dream" lyrics / song: Wang Feng

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