Chapter 324 Challenge

    Liao Jia is a very character Singer.

    His first impression is not like a famous song, but the kind of big brother who is common in Xiangjiang movies. When you have nothing to do, sit in the old teahouse and have tea, in the dark. Commanded a group of younger brothers to collect protection fees.

    In the circle, Liao Jia is also recognized as a bold and loyal, his gas field is very unique, when people face him, they will involuntarily produce a trace of awe.

    But when he appeared on the stage with his guitar, it was completely another Liao.

    This Liao is a Singer, a rock and roll Singer, an old cannon that can give up everything for the sake of ideals!

    When he slammed the steel string and opened his mouth with the first lyrics, thousands of spectators all around the stage boiled, as if a cold water poured onto the boiling oil, bursting openly. .

    To commemorate the frivolity of young people, to commemorate the love of death, to commemorate the friendship that never fades…

    Liao with this original anniversary, sang his thoughts and nostalgia for the past years, singing to today's strange and bizarre world of anger and confusion, strong rhythm melody, rough and true lyrics, with his unique hoarse hissing voice, so that now the audience seems to return to the section belongs to the Rock and roll ERA.

    They sang wildly together with Liao Jia, shouted loudly together, and shouted together to commemorate!

    In the backstage, all Singer, including Lu Chen, stood up and paid tribute to the rock and roll old gun that had never really surrendered.

    There have been a lot of fans who have said that Liao Jia, who wrote "The Green House" and "Old Guy", has fallen, saying that he has abandoned rock and roll in the era of the country's shaking and chose to compromise with the market.

    However, at this moment, standing on the stage, Liao Jia, he is still the angry young man wearing a black T-shirt and blue jeans, wearing long hair with a guitar and singing voices to create a free dream!

    The atmosphere at the Music Festival was immediately pushed to a climax. The cheers and cheers of the audience seemed to be like a tide. A wave of waves was higher than a wave, and countless people were shouting his name.

    "Liao Jia!"

    This name is also a symbol of the past era!

    Just sang this "Remembrance Day", Liao Jia is already sweating for breath.

    The years of ruthlessness, the former rock and roll youth are now old, and the hobby of tobacco and wine has greatly damaged his health, so that he can no longer return to the peak of the year.

    Like "Remembrance Day."

    It is undeniable that Liao Jia’s new rock and roll taste is still very good. The 100% national wave is pure blood, but there is not much new meaning in both the melody and the lyrics, and the “Yingteng House” or The classics of the old guy can't be compared.

    The audience was excited by the performance of Liao Jia, but obviously not completely satisfied.

    "old man!"

    I don't know who started to shout, but immediately became the voice of the scene: "Old guy!"

    The audience wants to listen to the old song that embodies the national feelings.

    Liao Jia did not unexpectedly satisfy everyone's request and sang this "Old Guy" again.

    "Old Guy" was written in the late 1990s. It was the classic work that Liao Jia launched when the country slammed away. At that time, the album was regarded as the final glory of the country. After that, Liao Jia could no longer cooperate with it. The same works come out.

    After nearly two decades of passing, the Charm of this song has not passed away. Instead, the brewing of the song has become more and more intoxicating, but the mood of Liao Jia’s re-singing this song is different.

    There are too many vicissitudes and helplessness.

    The scene was quiet, listening to the familiar melody, listening to Liao Jia no longer young songs, many old fans can not help but shed tears, or silently or whispered to sing.

    The wind is always blown away by the rain. No matter how unwilling they are, the country shake is already a past tense. The 72H Grass Music Festival can't save the pure rock and roll, just as Liao Jia can't save the country.

    At this moment, many fans forgive Liao Jia's "betrayal" against rock and roll from the bottom of his heart.

    It’s enough to have that period of time!

    Liao Jia felt the emotions of the audience and was deeply infected. At the end, he also had red eyes.

    The last note popped up, and Liao Jia was deeply embarrassed with the guitar.

    In this way, he thanked these most lovely, sincere, and most loyal…Fans!

    "Chong!"Rush! ""Rush! ”

    The next moment, the same shouts sounded like a tsunami.

    This is the request for Liao Jia to return.

    According to the 72H regulations, no matter whether it is Singer or the band, there are only two works to be on stage, but if the performance is good enough to be returned by the audience, you can sing another song.

    The 72H audience is very picky. It is not easy to get the approval of most of them. From noon until now, Singer and the band who are asked to return are just a few.

    After singing two high-intensity works in succession, Liao Jia not only sweated, but even the cotton shirt on his body was soaked in sweat, but he did not show the slightest tiredness, but the grace and radiance, especially a pair. The eyes are amazing.

    No one will refuse the request of fans to return, Liao is no exception.

    He sang the third one, which is also his famous work, "The Green House."

    This rock and roll piece is not as intense as the Old Guy, with more nostalgic colors, melody and rhythm biased towards light rock and roll winds, which is perfect as an ending song.

    Liao Jia's Voice is a bit dumb, but "Qing Teng House" still sings so much, so that the fans on the scene are fascinated.

    In the end, although many fans continued to shout "rush", trying to retain the rock and roll old cannon.

    Liao Jia did not destroy the 72H regulations, and then thanked him and then stepped down.

    He left the stage to the newcomers.

    When Liao Jia returned to the backstage, all Singer applauded together to express one's own respect.

    Liao Jia smiled and held a fist back: "Thank you, thank you!"

    He strode back to Lu Chen, sitting down in his original position, reaching out to wipe the sweat on his forehead and eagerly asked: "How? Still have confidence? ”

    That look is exactly like a bear child who just got a big sling to show off to his friends!

    Lu Chen smiled and screamed at him: "Liao Ge forformable might!"

    Lu Chen is sincerely admiring Liao Jia's sword is not old, some Singer is more old and sing more taste, Liao Jia is obviously such a Singer, listening to his scene feels really good.

    "You come here less…"

    Liao Jia glanced at him, his eyes dimmed a lot: "Actually, I know that the first song I wrote is not very good. Now I can only rely on eating old to mix popularity."

    Lu Chen tried to comfort: "Liao Ge, can't say that…"

    "You don't have to comfort me!"

    Liao Jia shook his head. He patted Lu Chen’s shoulder and wiped it by the way: “The future songs belong to you.”

    Lu Chen is really dumbfounded.

    Liao Jia ended up to Lu Chen to go on stage, and there were three Singers and a band in the middle. Among them, the three Singers who appeared in the back of Liao Jia were not famous, and the quality of the works was flat. Although they sang very hard, Did not get much cheers and recognition from the audience.

    The style of the 72H Grass Music Festival is like this. If the performance on the stage is not good, then don't expect the audience to give face. There is no on-site support. Singer will only applaud the fans if they ask for applause.

    On Wednesday, the band that was in front of Lu Chen was a bright spot.

    On Wednesday, the band was famous in the rock and roll circle. The lead singer Shi Gang was a very good singer. His "Dadi" was once hit on the 72H Grass Music Festival and became the rock and roll hope of the time. star.

    But on Wednesday, the band didn't have a long time in the music world. After two albums, there weren't many new works. In recent years, they have disappeared.

    This year's 72H, on Wednesday, the band made a comeback with new works, no doubt prepared carefully!

    A "Lonely City", a "Injury", two light rock and roll works, both melody and lyrics are remarkable, the lead singer Shi Gang's interpretation of these two works is in place, sang Sufficient taste.

    So far, there have been hundreds of original works by Singer at this year's Music Festival. The City of Lonely and The Injury are among the best, especially the latter. "Injury" is even more exciting. The climax of the chorus has heard the ups and downs of the fans on the scene, and the applause sounded one after another.

    Without suspense, the two original works were sung, and the band was also treated on Wednesday.

    Returning to the scene is their famous work "The Earth".

    "A decade of grinding a sword!"

    Liao Jia, who watched the scene in the background area, said to Lu Chen: "The child is really mature…"

    Lu Chen asked: "Are you a friend with him?"

    Liao Jia shook his head and said: "Not too much. I used to talk a few words before. The band was originally mixed in Beijing on Wednesday. Later, I went to the deep sea and heard that it was not very well mixed."

    "Now they definitely want to come back!"

    Liao Jia's tone is taken for granted. The center of the popular Musical World is always in Beijing. The Singer and the band that are not developed in Beijing are not a good part of the circle.

    Others, whether in Shanghai or the sea, are marginalists.

    So a Singer includes a band and wants to achieve ambition and dreams, then Beijing is the only choice.

    The 72H Grass Music Festival is actually a stage for newcomers to realize their dreams.

    The band had come and gone on Wednesday, and now they are back, they are prepared and come up with good works.

    "Do you have any pressure?"

    Liao Jia smiled and asked Lu Chen: "You should be playing here!"


    Lu Chen has stood up and said: "But the last thing I fear is stress!"

    If this is a challenge, he is happy to meet any challenge!

    This is Lu Chen's confidence!


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