Chapter 351 is a very special day

    Huhai, the card culture and art center.

    Located in Dongpu New District, Mecca is a well-known Heritage and Art venue in Shanghai. Its unique scallop shape and silver-white appearance are undoubtedly a beautiful scenery on the banks of the Huangpu River.

    The venue is not very large, barely able to accommodate 1,500 spectators, but the facilities inside are extremely advanced. The lighting, background screen and surround sound of the museum are not the latest high-tech products.

    The most famous is the T-Galaxy stage in the stadium. The floor is inlaid with more than one million Swarovski crystals, and the light and shadow effects are dazzling.

    Therefore, the promotion of publicity, Celebrity performances and model catwalks of many major brands were held in the United States, and the pursuit of the scene is the effect.

    Just after 7 o'clock in the evening, the 1500 locations in the center of the Mecca were packed, and the scene was boiling. Many young male and female audiences held rose red glow sticks and fluorescent cards in their hands.

    The entire center of the United States has become a red ocean.

    What was held here this evening is the meeting of Chen Feier Huhai fans. All the audience are her fans, and the red rose is the support color of Chen Feier!

    "Chen Feier!"Chen Feier! ”

    Although there are still half an hour from the official start of the meeting, many fans have been unable to endure, shouting loudly shouting her name, causing more people to resonate.

    This sound wave slammed back and forth in the hall, and was also introduced into Chen Feier's ear in the backstage makeup room.

    Chen Feier just finished the final makeup with the help of a makeup artist.

    She never likes makeup, but even the simple makeup is very particular, and it takes a lot of time to achieve the best results.

    Chen Feier was very satisfied with the photo taken from the mirror.

    She heard the movement from the outside, she did not feel excited or proud, but sighed in a secluded sigh.

    Today is a very special day, today is her 29th birthday.

    In the morning, she had a phone call with Lu Chen, and did not mention anything. Lu Chen was estimated to have forgotten, and did not let her hear the "Happy Birthday."

    This makes Chen Feier's mood not very good today.

    Her relationship with Lu Chen has always brought her a lot of pressure, mainly because of her age.

    Although it is very common to say that brothers and sisters are now in love, the fans are basically blessed with their love affair. However, there are always some rumors in the circle, saying everything, and there are rumors that they are not optimistic about the two.

    Chen Feier had confidence in Lu Chen, but the two broke through the final relationship, but made her feel a little bit guilty in her heart – things that are often not too cherished.

    Therefore, Chen Feier hopes that Lu Chen is better for one's own, especially today, but she does not want to directly tell Lu Chen one's own birthday, this kind of entanglement can only be understood by women.

    "Chen Feier!"Chen Feier! ”

    The sound of shouting re-emerged, and the enthusiastic fans seemed unable to continue to wait.

    "Ready to let me play!"

    Chen Feier decisively told the assistant to stand up and walk toward the exit.

    Her performances are rich, and the fans have met many times. It is easy to know that the fans' emotions have been brewing for too long, so they decided to play in advance.

    Fans meeting is not a concert, and the flexibility at time is great.

    She immediately entered the working state, dispelling the stagnation in her heart, and using one's own best state to face the fans of Shanghai and Shanghai.

    Since April 20th, Chen Feier has left Beijing to launch a national tour and went all out to promote the new album of publicity one's own. By April 29th, she has already run Haijin, Jinling, Shacheng, Shenhai and Huacheng. Hangcheng six stations.

    Huhai is the seventh and final stop.

    Huhai has more than Beijing's population and is the first big city in the well-deserved Domain. The market has great potential. Chen Feier has many fans in this city, so the meeting will naturally be extraordinarily grand.

    In the evening, the fans met over a million, and invited a professional performance company to operate, and the fans who came to the scene were selected by computer, not only free admission, but also Lottery.

    "There is a heroine who wants us tonight, Miss Chen Feier!"

    With the sound of the live Host's Voice, the sound of the Music suddenly became very warm and intense, and the sound of the drums seemed to strike in people's minds. The lights in the hall were completely extinguished, and only the T-stage was shining with a little star.

    A bunch of spotlights fell, dressed in a costumed Chen Feier with a smile on the go on stage.

    The atmosphere in the center of the Mecca reached a climax in an instant, and the fans shouted her name desperately!

    A supporting light stick was lifted high and waved as if it were a wave of waves in the sea.

    When the lights were on, Chen Feier first had a warm hug with the host Host: "Thank you Tian Tian!"

    This Host is the friend of Chen Feier's circle, Tian Tian. Originally, she was going to help Chen Feier Host Hangzhou's fans to meet, and it was unfortunate that the TV station sent a location, so it was pushed to the Shanghai and Shanghai.

    "Hello everyone, Hello friends from Huhai!"

    Let go of Tian Tian, ​​Chen Feier said hello to the fans: "I am very happy that we have met again!"

    The cheers of the audience, it is almost necessary to turn out the arc dome of the center of the United States card!

    For such a scene, Chen Feier controlled freely. She first talked to the fans about the new album of one's own, said some of the ups and downs in the production process, and also told a little joke.

    After the fans’ emotions were calmed down, she began a formal singing.

    Fans meet differently than concerts. They don't need to sing a lot of songs, but they also have to meet the expectations of fans. Chen Feier's first song for one's own is from her new album Flower Woman.

    The name of this song is called "Hello Tomorrow."

    "Looking at yesterday, we have gone far,

Waiting in the middle of Destiny Square,

That fuzzy shoulder,

The more you run, the smaller you are.

    a partner who has been side by side,

After the toasting of the toast, they all disappeared.

Just that night,

I am deeply hiding in my heart,

I can only run when I grow up.

I am more afraid of falling in the dark,

Hello tomorrow, with a smile in tears,

The better you are, the more afraid you will get!

    Every time I cry,

Running and laughing,

Looking for while losing one side,

Tomorrow, your Voice is so small,

Remind me,

What is bravery!


    This "Hello Tomorrow" Chen Feier is singing to the fans who are present, but also sing to her one's own.

    On the day of her 29th birthday.


Note: "Hello Tomorrow" lyrics: Wang Haitao / Composer: Milk Coffee

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