The 357th chapter of China The Voice

    Singing Class's draft program?

    Tian Tian, ​​who had high hopes for Lu Chen, did not expect him to make such a suggestion.

    If Lu Chen is not her savior and bosom friend, I am afraid she will directly squint her eyes.

    Without such a pit sister!

    This is so, Tian Tian’s look is also a bit strange: “Hey…”

    Chen Feier couldn’t stand it, and said to Lu Chenjiao: “Singing the draft, can you still do it now?”

    She has not only participated in "Singing China", but has also served as a judge in a number of draft programs before, and is deeply aware of the current status of the Domestic Show Variety Program.

    Especially the most common Singing draft, the TV station has been smothered, Tian Tian one's own Kaijia Media Company involved, I am afraid that there will be no bone residue.

    See what your ideas are!

    Tian Tian hesitated for a moment and said: "In fact, if you want to do it, you can try it."

    In fact, she was insincere, completely to take care of Lu Chen’s face.

    Lu Chen is of course very clear about the two people's thoughts. He laughs: "There will be different people in the juggling, and the routines are different. The Singing Class has the widest audience, but in the form of Program, there is great potential to dig!"


    Disappointing Tian Tian could not help but reproduce a bit of interest. Lu Chen is so confident that he has a good idea.

    Chen Feier glanced at him: "Come on, you should stop selling it!"

    Lu Chen smiled, and he thought about it for a moment in his mind, saying: "The Singing Class draft program I envisioned is divided into four stages in content production."

    “The first stage is the blind selection of the mentor!”

    Tian Tian slammed: "The mentor blindly selected? Blind blind? ”


    Lu Chen replied: "This is the selection stage of the draft students. The Celebrity instructor only chooses Voice, which is not interfered by any other factors. We can design four high-back swivel chairs. The instructor sang back to the stage to listen to the players. I like to press the button to turn the chair. If I don't like it, I will sit still until Singer sings and automatically turns back. ”

    Chen Feier’s eyes are bright: “It’s very interesting to listen to, so you can save yourself from introducing yourself. You don’t need to try to make a good story. It’s all about one’s own strength, very good idea!”

    Nowadays, many draft programs are fast-tracking stories. No good story can be mixed, and there are also a lot of people who are eccentric before the show, letting the audience watch the cancer.

    Chen Feier is very disgusted with this intentional or unintentional show. Lu Chen’s idea has undoubtedly avoided these problems and made the draft more professional. It is definitely another way.

    And the swivel chair is much more fun than pressing the lights!

    Lu Chen continued: "This is a test of the performance of the students, but also a large competition for the Celebrity mentor. Of course, even if you are not selected by the instructor at this stage, you can continue to receive training in the training camp, waiting for the next opportunity. ”

    “A tutor can choose up to 14 players, a total of 56!”

    Tian Tian listened in and couldn't help but ask: "What about the next?"

    Lu Chen said with confidence: "The next step is the second stage, the mentor chooses!"

    "Four Celebrity instructors will select one's own disciple's disciples and will be specially trained. The final disciples will perform on the same stage. Whoever can become a good student will have to look at the days of learning under the Sect. The potential can be fully tapped."

    "At this stage, the top 16 players will be selected through two pairs of pairs!"

    Lu Chen’s ideas are getting clearer and clearer, and related memories are constantly appearing in his mind.

    “The third stage is the mentor battle. This is a test of the “teaching ability” of the four Celebrity instructors. After the same time training, the students who play better will also see the stage.”

    “At this stage, 4 players from each instructor participate in the big PK, and finally generate 4 strong!”

    Lu Chen said in a breath, without a bit of awkwardness: "The final stage is the annual ceremony, and all the tutors and students will have a large concert. In this ceremony, the students will face the test of the big stage performance for the first time. Their Music talent will also be tested by all the audience. ”

    "Whoever belongs to the championship, look at the annual ceremony!"

    Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

    Lu Chen’s voice just fell, and the crisp applause immediately sounded.

    Two charming and charming women with colorful eyes, silently applauded him, applauding his creativity!

    As Lu Chen said just now, everyone in the juggling will change, and the routines will be different. A drama series may not be much different from the same type of work on the theme of the story, but the story is enough to produce a distance.

    The Singing Class's draft program is so numerous that the phenomenon of homogenization is extremely serious. It is precisely because of this that in this theme can create different forms of content, which can make the audience refreshed, then success is in sight!

    Lu Chen continued: "There is no need for such a draft program to enter the first stage after the sea election, but it is necessary to ensure the level of strength and take the route of quality."

    Tian Tian couldn't help but say: "There are teachers, and you two must come to be mentor!"

    Lu Chen’s idea gave Tian Tian the hope of success, and if he could pull the two in front of him, it would be difficult to fail, so she must hold on to it.

    "I will go back to Hangzhou to register the company. You two must buy shares, otherwise I would rather not do it."

    Tian Tian’s idea is very simple. The idea is that Lu Chen’s idea is that he can’t let him work in vain, but it’s boring to give a small share, and he’s going to do it.

    In the circle, Celebrity artists participate in film and television media or entertainment Manager Corporation is very common, most of the situation is a win-win cooperation.

    Joining Tian Tian's media company?

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier looked at each other. The latter nodded and hugged Tian Tian and said: "Yes, Chairman of the field!"

    Tian Tian didn't give her a sigh of relief. When she reached out, she went to catch Chen Fei's sensitive part: "Then you come to be the secretary of the board and sleep with me at night!"

    Chen Feier countered: "Well, see who is afraid of who!"

    The two of them suddenly laughed, and the jade arm powder legs were full of spring, completely ignoring Lu Chen next to them.

    Lu Chen dumbfounded, only coughed twice.

    Tian Tian woke up, and the face was red and red, and she quickly arranged the dress and asked Lu Chen: "What is the name of this Singing Class draft program?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Call the Chinese Voice!"

    China The Voice?

    Chen Feier and Tian Tian are listening to their eyes – a good name!


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