Chapter 353, my song

    "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…"

    In the darkness, the song was heard, first the male solo, then the whole chorus!

    Since the birth of this happy birthday song, I don’t know how many times I have been sung. If the author Mildred and Patty can charge a penny each time, the sisters may have become the richest man in the world.

    Whenever this Singing starts, it is always accompanied by warm blessings.

    On the T-stage, Lu Chen pushed the big cake that was divided into three layers and slowly walked toward Chen Feier. A candle stuck in the cream swayed with orange light, reflecting his smiling face.

    Chen Feier stood in the middle of the stage and bit her lip tightly. Her eyes were intertwined with Lu Chen.

    At this moment, the little doubt and sadness in her heart has disappeared without a trace, and some are warm, sweet, joyful, moved and full of love.

    In her 29-year-old life, today's birthday is undoubtedly the most special!

    Lu Chen pushed the cake cart to her and smiled. "Miss Chen Feier, please make a wish!"

    In the audience, all the fans are full of expectations.

    Chen Feier nodded, then closed her eyes, clasped her hands together and pressed her chest to start making a wish.

    After a moment, she opened her eyes again.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You can blow the candle!"

    Chen Feier extended his hand to him and extended his hand to Tian Tian and said, "You will accompany me to blow."

    Lu Chen and Tian Tian certainly did not refuse her invitation, so the three hands held hands and blown out the candles together!

    "happy Birthday!"

    The cheers exploded in the center of the Mecca, and all the fans re-lighted the glow sticks and fluorescent cards.

    The lights in the stadium also lit up.

    At this time, the staff sent a plastic cutter, and Chen Feier symbolically cut the cake.

    Although the three-layer cake is very large, it is not enough to divide the 1,500 fans on the spot. However, the organizers of the meeting have already prepared, and immediately a large number of staff will distribute the prepared cakes to the audience.

    One person, one person.

    After a hot and happy meal, Tian Tian said with a smile: "It's very difficult today. Our music talent Lu Chen has also come here. Can we invite him to sing a song?"

    "it is good!"

    The fans are naturally applauding, and the slaps are so loud that they are afraid of the world.

    A piano was quickly pushed to the middle of the stage with a microphone.

    Lu Chen was prepared. He sat down in front of the piano and said to the microphone: "Today is the birthday of Miss Chen Feier, this song is for you, wishing her happiness forever!"

    When talking, Lu Chen looked at Chen Feier gently.

    "The name of this song is called "My Songs"!"

    Chen Feier leaned on the piano and listened to him playing, the two eyes were opposite, and the tenderness was unlimited.

    This scene does not know how many single dogs are going to die!

    Lu Chen took a deep breath and gently pressed his fingers on the cool and smooth keys.

    The next moment, he played a prelude.

    "without any precautions,

There is no trace of concern,

You appear like this,

In my world.

    Bring me surprises,

But you are like this again,

I don’t know it,

Quietly disappearing,

There is no audio from my world,

All that's left is memories.


    The words are heartfelt, the song is lyrical, Lu Chen sings while playing, and the ten fingers dance on the black and white keys, warm and affectionate!

    This "My Songs" is a work about love and gratitude. In expressing love, there is a very simple and simple confession.

    The lyrics of the whole song are simple and straightforward, and each sentence is interpreting love and interpreting the story. Love is unexpected, sweet, beautiful, unrecognizable and unforgettable.

    In the case of unprepared, unconcerned situations, the appearance of love can always bring great surprises, even if it comes and goes, the only remaining memories, still inscribed in the heart can not forget!


You exist,

In my deep mind,

In my dreams, in my heart, in my songs!

    You exist,

In my deep mind

In my dreams, in my heart, in my songs!


    Singing to the climax of the chorus, Lu Chen obviously strengthened the intensity of playing, and his singing became more powerful, full of firmness and perseverance.

    That is the firmness and persistence of love!

    A piano and a person, the piano and the human voice are perfectly combined, and the sound is shocking the soul.

    Chen Feier, standing next to Lu Chen, was undoubtedly the biggest shock. Her eyes stared at Lu Chen without hesitation. The deep love in her eyes was turned into spring water overflowing, and her face was fascinated. .

    With her profession, of course, I can hear the excitement and value of this song. It belongs to the kind of masterpiece that can make an unknown Singer become famous overnight. It is also superior in many works of Lu Chen.

    But Chen Feier doesn't care about its value. She only knows that this song Lu Chen specifically sings to one's own.

    That's enough!

    This is the best birthday present she has received tonight!

    "The world is big, why do we meet, is it fate, is it God?"

    These words are Chen Feier's favorite.

    In the midst of self-satisfaction, the fate allows the two to meet, know each other, fall in love, then she has any good scruples, what good doubts, what better to suffer?

    Thanks to life, cherish the eyes, Chen Feier really understands a lot at this moment!

    This is love.

    Lu Chen’s song was finished and the audience applauded!

    Many fans stood up and shouted Lu Chen’s name loudly, as if the center of the US card suddenly became the home of Lu Chen, and the whole world was cheering for him.

    But this does not matter, fans do not care, Chen Feier does not care.

    Lu Chen also stood up and took Chen Fei's hand and thanked the fans on the scene.

    "Pro, one!"

    I don't know which fan got up first, and immediately became the scream of countless people: "Kiss one!"

    Chen Feier’s pretty face suddenly flushed, and Lu Chen smiled and turned around and came to Chen Feier with a veil, and subtly responded to the fans’ voices.

    I really want to kiss my relatives and go home again. It is not good to teach children under the public.

    At this point, Lu Chen’s appearance was over, and he returned the stage to Chen Feier.

    The protagonist tonight can only be Chen Feier.

    Of course, Lu Chen just hid in the background. When the fans meet, he will accompany Chen Feier to a really good birthday night.

    Nights that only belong to two people!


Note: "My Songs" lyrics / song: Qu Yuting.

    The second is sent, request subscription support! ! ! (To be continued~^~)

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