The 359th chapter must master the skill

    On May 8th, the ranking of the first Chinese week of the Chinese original Music list was announced on time.

    Without any suspense, Chen Feier’s new album "Flower Woman" is the leader, and all 10 of the album's works are on the list, and the title song "Flower Woman", the second title "Looking at the ocean to see you", "Tomorrow" Hello" and "Meet", respectively, occupy the first to fourth places on the list.

    Days are crowned!

    This is the news headline that was released at the first time by a well-known website entertainment version after the list was refreshed.

    Chen Feier's new album not only created the most sales of Domestic Records in recent years, but also received wide acclaim outside the circle. Her successful transformation has undoubtedly brought her Music career to a new height.

    Someone on the blog asserted that with this album, Chen Feier can continue to be brilliant for ten years in the popular Musical World!

    In the evening, in the famous Grand Regency Hotel in Beijing, many media reporters surrounded the Chen Feier group. Among them, the reporter who got the news asked her about the album.

    Chen Feier accompanied Lu Chen tonight to participate in the "Full House" launching ceremony.

    When I first filmed "Blue Life and Death", in order to save costs, and the project's attention is very low, the drama crew did not make a grand opening ceremony, and simply passed this step.

    At that time, "Blue Life and Death Love" was like an ugly duckling. Even if Chen Feier joined, it did not attract much attention.

    Today's situation is completely different. Lu Chen and Chen Feier have become the best CP on the Domestic screen with the "Blue" drama. The opening of the new drama "Full House" is very eye-catching.

    Under such a situation, if you do not engage in a vigorous launching ceremony, you will not invite all media to come to visit. Not only will the partners not agree, but others will also be flustered – is there any problem?

    In fact, the opening ceremony of the film and television drama is also an important strategy of the previous publicity.

    In the past, Domestic film and television dramas did not play this set, but after entering the new century, Hong Kong Island artists and Directors have gone north, and this wind has also been brought up.

    As a result, many domestic practitioners don't put a scent on the pig's head before starting the machine. They will feel uncomfortable in the heart. If something happens during the shooting, it must be attributed to the ritual not doing well. The reason – Ning credible, it is not credible, no!

    Nowadays, the digital crew of Domestic is also slipping away, and the launching ceremony is held in the filming city or the location of the attraction, or in the hotel.

    "Full House" is a new drama partner including Lu Chen Studio, Chen Feier Studio, Beijing TV Station, Zhejiang East TV, SPG, Crown Film, Fei Shi Records, Gande Brothers Pictures, Rainbow Manager Corporation, etc. Waiting, the shooting location is numerous, so the ceremony was held in the hotel in Beijing.

    The reason why I chose to switch on at night was because I had a night scene and I was shooting at the Regent Hotel.

    It was very convenient to invite media reporters to hold a ceremony in Beijing. More than 30 media came to the scene at night, covering TV stations, radio stations, websites, newspapers and magazines, etc., plus the main actors and directors who participated in the performance. The filmmakers can be said to be one of the best.

    And among the most concerned by the media, of course, Lu Chen and Chen Feier are the two protagonists!

    "Miss Chen Feier, Congratulations, all the works of your new album are listed in the latest issue of the original sound list!"

    A reporter holding a microphone with the logo of "Easy Entertainment" was eager to say: "The four songs occupy the top four of the list. What do you think of this?"

    Chen Feier stunned and immediately smiled. "I don't know yet. Thank you for telling me this news. As for the feelings, I am very happy. After all, this is a very high honor."

    Yi Net’s entertainment record immediately followed: “It is said that there is news that the original sound list is ready to change the rules. After that, only three songs can be listed on the same album at the same time. What is your comment?”

    Chen Feier thought for a moment and replied very seriously: "I am very much in favor of this!"

    "Very in favor?"

    The reporters present were all shocked. Many people doubted whether one's own was wrong.

    How can Chen Feier be very much in favor?

    Because such news came out under the record of her new album sales, it is undoubtedly clearly targeted, and even if it is not aimed at Chen Feier, it is also aimed at Lu Chen standing behind her!

    This is a clear thing. In the past year, the most popular singer of the popular Musical World has been the non-Lu Chen. All the works he wrote and sang have been on the original list, and a take action is to sweep the list. Unmatched.

    Such talents are dazzling to the point of powerlessness.

    The news that the original sound list changed the rules, it is inevitable that people can smell a hint of "squeezing".

    Chen Feier’s answer is really unexpected for this obviously trapped question. According to the experience of journalists, it is normal for her to avoid questions or not to evaluate. Even Xiaoxiao’s expression of dissatisfaction is reasonable. Mayfair has such qualifications!

    But what kind of ghost is "very agree"?

    Is it irony?

    For the consternation of the reporters, Chenfi son Smile, said: "For me personally, more than 10 years have been enough honor, so I am willing to give the opportunity to those who work hard music people, but also sincerely hope that domestic original strength can rise again, Create more and better works for musical world and fans … "

    "If the Zhongyin Association asks me for the change rules of the original sound list, then I must vote in favor!"

    The reporters finally realized that Chen Feier was not talking about words, she was telling the truth!

    A reporter did not give up, asked: "Does Mr. Lu Chen think so?"

    Although it is said that I have received a red envelope this evening, it is not cool enough to dig out the news!

    What journalists are most willing to see is Chen Feier’s mad singer.

    Unfortunately, Chen Feier is a member of the Chinese Music Association. She smiled and said: "Yes!"

    The reporters were speechless, and I did not expect Chen Feier to be the spokesperson of Lu Chen.

    They didn't know that Chen Feier had mentioned it with Lu Chen when he heard the wind, and Lu Chen did not change his attitude to change the list. Even if all the works are on the list, what is the relationship? What?

    As long as his song is liked by the majority of fans, it is enough!

    In order to be a bit of a sham, it will only reduce one's own force, and Chen Feier will not care.

    Some people may say that the original sound list has an impact on record sales and can improve Singer's reputation. However, in fact, media information is now highly developed, and there are many ways to market publicity. The influence of the original sound list has been declining.

    Therefore, the reporter wants to get something done on this issue, it is a delusion.

    Chen Feier said: "Everyone, this evening is a new drama, we still don't choose another topic?"

    The reporters did not agree, and some people asked: "Miss Chen Feier, when are you going to marry Mr. Lu Chen? I want to be sure that there are many fans who care about this issue? ”

    Chen Feier dumbfounded, but also could not avoid answering, said: "This question, I have not thought about it with Mr. Lu Chen for the time being, because both of us are currently putting the main energy on the work."

    "Others, why don't you ask Mr. Lu Chen himself!"

    She kicked the ball to Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen was surrounded by a group of reporters in a few steps away.

    There are a lot of media reporters in the evening. Everyone wants to interview the two protagonists, so they can only deal with them separately.

    The questions asked by Lu Chen’s reporters are not as biased as Chen Fei’s, but this does not mean that their questions are easy to answer.

    For example, the reporter of Entertainment Weekly: "Mr. Lu Chen, Shonan Satellite TV just announced the shooting of a new drama "Love Haitang". It is said that the plot content has many similarities with "Blue Life and Death". Can you What do you think of this?"

    This kind of problem is obviously not good.

    However, the urine of entertainment records has always been the same, not guiding, creating topicality, how to attract readers' attention?

    So how to deal with entertainment is a skill that Celebrity must master.


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