Chapter 352 is very special fans


When I walked in the opposite direction,

Find courage in the corner of the stairs,

Shaking his shoulders and crying,

Ask where one's own is,

a partner who has been side by side,

Silence knows my grievances.

    Time, it always lie,

I have never lost those shoulders.


    Chen Feier held the microphone and stood on the star-studded T-stage. A blue beam of light fell on her body. The distorted distraction seemed to put a misty gauze on her, which was like falling into the mortal world. Fairy.

    Under the stage, thousands of fans are fascinated.

    This "Hello Tomorrow" melody is very beautiful, the tune is soft and slightly sentimental, sings the confusion and embarrassment encountered in the process of growing up, but also has strong courage.

    In Chen Feier's new album, "Hello Tomorrow" is the only non-Love Song, which can be attributed to the works of inspirational and life-sense, encouraging people, especially young people, to be full of hope and yearning for life!

    In addition to "Flower Woman", Chen Feier's favorite is this "Hello Tomorrow", this song writes the life she has experienced, so that every time she sings can touch her heart.

    From an ordinary small Singer all the way to the present, only she is one's own clear how much hard work and effort, how many times in the silent silent tears, how many times to bite the teeth work hard, how many times have given up first But finally still persisted.

    Many people say that there is no cleanness in the Entertainment Circle, unless it has a background against the sky, otherwise it is impossible not to contaminate the dirt, but Chen Feier can proudly say that others can't do it, she can!

    Because she is brave enough, strong enough, and enough Luck!

    "After growing up, I can only run, I am scared, fall in the dark, hello tomorrow, smile with tears!"

    Singing this lyric again, Chen Feier’s eyes flashed with crystal tears.

    No matter how many setbacks and difficulties she experienced, she always stood on the stage of Glittering Radiance, and she could use her voice to let countless people dump one's own.

    The ability to meet this song and sing this song is her great Luck.

    "Every time I cried, I laughed and ran, lost while I was looking for it, hello tomorrow, how small is the Voice…"

    The center of the Mecca, which can accommodate 1,500 spectators, was quiet. All the fans held their breath, widened their eyes, and listened carefully to the song from Chen Feier.

    Her Voice is like a scorpio, like a stream of clear water, and it is fascinated by the fascination of the heart.

    Chen Feier’s voice is unique. With more than ten years of singing skills, listening to her scene is absolutely wonderful, coupled with a brilliant work, is simply the supreme enjoyment.

    “…Remind me, what is bravery! ”

    After a song was sung, the sound was lingering, the audience was silent, and only one light stick was still rhythmically waving.

    Chen Feier looked up, her eyes licked, and a drop of tears stained her eyelashes.

    She had a charming smile on her face and said softly: "Hello tomorrow, give it to all the friends!"

    At this time, the fans at the scene seemed to wake up in a dream, and suddenly burst into applause.

    They really love to die!

    "Chen Feier!"

    The tsunami-like shouts of the mountains once again sounded in the venue, fully demonstrating how strong the popularity that Chen Feier now has – there is no one in it.

    Chen Feier reached out and wiped the tears in her eyes, and the smile became more and more beautiful.

    She can't help but think, if Lu Chen is sharing her joy and joy at the side of one's own, sharing the enthusiastic cheers of the fans, how wonderful!

    Especially today is such a special day.

    "Chen Feier!"

    There were a few fans sitting in front of Chen Fei's very close, and rushed over to get a closer contact with the idol. As a result, they were stopped by the security personnel on the spot, and finally did not succeed.

    "Thank you, thank you all!"

    Chen Feier waved at the fans and calmed their emotions.

    Host Tian Tian appeared just right, dressed as a reporter interviewed Chen Feier, and asked about the issues that fans are most concerned about, such as new albums, such as new drama, and boyfriend.

    Many of her problems are quite narrow, and some are entirely improvised. Chen Feier can almost cope with it, but the effect is very good, and the fans like it very much.

    Then Chen Feier sang two more songs, bringing the atmosphere of the scene to a new climax.

    So far, Chen Feier's new album "Flower Woman" has been sold and online crowdfunding at Fetion Music. Although the crowdfunding activity has expired, the pre-sale of Xinhua Bookstore continues, and the total sales volume has exceeded 1.3 million. It is estimated that there will be no problem in reaching the final sales of 2 million.

    2 million sales, that is the double "Diamond Record" achievement, in today's popular Musical World, it is absolutely dazzling achievement, which can make 99.99% Singer look up.

    And Chen Feier's ambition is not satisfied with the double diamond, she also wants to impact three diamonds, four diamonds, and even the crown!

    So the last fan meeting and album promotion, she wants to be the best.

    Fans are sometimes stupid, sometimes very sensitive, and only sincerely can get the most recognition. Since the debut, Chen Feier has not dared to say that she has done the best in dealing with the fans, and it is also recognized as excellent in the circle.

    Talking and singing, this meeting will soon be more than half, to the interactive link.

    Host Tian Tian made another appearance.

    She put on a beautiful red dress, the skirt is fluttering and beautiful, and she has taken a lot of attention.

    The former female anchor of Zhedong Satellite TV stood in the spotlight and had a mysterious smile on her face. She said to the microphone: "Today is April 29, it is also a very special day. Do you know what day?"

    Tian Tian’s words have not been finished yet, and many fans in the audience have shouted: “Chen Feier’s birthday!”

    Fans perhaps will not remember the birthday of one's own man/girlfriend, but will definitely remember the birthday of the idol.

    How can everyone forget this important day?

    The crowd immediately raised a row of big fluorescent cards – happy birthday to Faye!

    Faye Fiy is the English name of Chen Feier, which means the elf.

    In the hearts of the fans, she is the last elf in the world, no one can compare.

    Chen Feier surprised, holding the microphone thanks: "Thank you, thank you all!"

    "Yes, today is the birthday of our Fiy…"

    Tian Tian reached out and told everyone to calm down first, then continued: "I know that many fans have prepared a birthday present for her. One of the very special fans strongly urges to send gifts to Feiyi. His background is too big. There is really no way, so I have to promise it."

    She showed a rather aggrieved expression, as if she was under tremendous pressure.

    Some simple-minded fans suddenly became angry – damn who is so arrogant? Official second generation? Rich second generation?

    There was a commotion in the venue, and the buzzing sounded one after another.

    But more fans are ready to watch the show, this should be a fun interactive part of the meeting, belonging to the egg.

    Chen Feier looked at bosom friend in surprise.

    She didn't know that there was such a thing in the evening, what medicine did Tian Tian's gourd sell?

    Of course, she will not sell her.

    Tian Tian sold enough gimmicks and smiled and reached out and made an invitation gesture: "I have this fan!"

    A bunch of spotlights quickly moved from the stage to the auditorium, and the scene camera's scene followed closely, and the picture was displayed in real time on the background screen.

    Everyone’s eyes, including Chen Feier, are chasing this light.

    The next moment, the beam freezes and falls on the leftmost corner of the T-stage.

    There was a young man sitting there.

    He was stopped by the spotlight, and he stood up without hesitation, with a faint smile on his face.

    Another camera added the scene in time and gave him a close-up.

    The audience was in awe!

    "Lu Chen!"

    The men who appeared in the scene did not know anyone, especially for the fans of Chen Feier.

    Lu Chen, Lu Chen, he actually came to Shanghai, and appeared in the scene of Chen Fei's fans meeting!

    What makes the fans speechless is that no one has ever discovered it before.

    Probably their attention is all on Chen Feier, and they will not notice the people at the corner.

    But think about it, this is also a reasonable thing. As a good boyfriend, how could it not appear on Chen Fei's birthday?

    The background of this "fans" is really big. It is no wonder that Tian Tianhui is such an expression o (∩_∩) o.

    Chen Feier was also unbelievable, and her eyes widened.

    Surprise, sweet…

    Lu Chen really came, he did not forget one's own birthday! .

    In fact, she should have been able to guess it. It is really a good thing for Tian Tian to sell her misleading.

    Chen Feier couldn't help but licked Tian Tian.

    Tian Tian grinned and returned to her a "you know" look.

    Lu Chen was in contact with Tian Tian yesterday. She knew that she would come to Huhai Host Chen Feier’s fans to meet, so she asked her to help arrange and give Chen Feier a big surprise.

    To be honest, Tian Tian really envied one's own bosom friend, she is Luck, can have such a man.

    Tian Tian couldn't help but remember that when she was in Hangzhou, Lu Chenfen did not care about saving one's own.

    At that time she…

    Tian Tian banned one's own and wanted to continue, because the main character of this evening is Lu Chen and Chen Feier.

    She is watching the blessing beside it.

    In the light of the spotlight, in the cheers of countless fans, Lu Chen first waved at everyone, then quickly walked up the stage along the front ladder.

    At this time, the lights of the audience were extinguished, and even the starlight of the T-shaped platform became extremely bleak.

    As if it were a signal, the fans immediately turned off the power of the light stick and the fluorescent card, and the entire center of the card was in the dark, and the sound quickly subsided.


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