The thirty-fifth chapter of the perfect ending

    [Lu Chen was shocked to see the scene of the Chen Feier fans meeting, to send a birthday gift to the Iraqis! 】

    [A song in my song," I was moved to tears! 】

    [Directly hit the scene, witness the most romantic love story, Lu Chen went to Shanghai to celebrate Chen Feier. 】

    [Love business double harvest, Chen Feier's laughter and tears. 】

    [Chen Feier…]

    On May 1st, International Labor Day, the first day of the Domestic Holiday, the Xiaoxiao media entertainment section was once again screened by Lu Chen and Chen Feier.

    In the current Entertainment Circle, Lu Chen and Chen Feier perhaps are not the most powerful Celebrity, but if you have the highest exposure, then it is really not the two.

    A "Blue Life and Death" made him and her the best CP in the hearts of the people, and their status was unmovable.

    The romantic story that happened in the center of Huhai Meika Center last night has become a hot topic on the blog. There were a lot of live video streaming out that night, so I don’t know how many people envy and hate.

    Women admire Chen Feier to have a best boyfriend, tall and handsome, and know how to be romantic.

    The men, Lu Chen, have a true girlfriend, beautiful and charming.

    The fans, once again witnessed the good feelings of the two.

    Because of the arrival of Lu Chen, Chen Feier did not leave immediately after the promotion activities in Shanghai and Shanghai. She had a sweet Mimi's May Day holiday with Lu Chen, and returned to Beijing on the 2nd.

    At this point, her national tour publicity has been completed, and the intensive promotion effect of the new day is still quite good. The pre-sale volume of the new album is still climbing, and some of the crowdfunding commemorative record packages are being sent to the whole country. The Xinhua Bookstore will soon appear in the hands of the fans.

    The industry's total sales estimate for the "Flower Woman" album has been changed to 2.5 million to 3 million (sets), even if the investment in publicity is huge, achieving substantial profit is a foregone conclusion!

    Chen Feier’s gorgeous turn in Singing’s career was a complete success, and even the most discerning person had to admit that her transition in singing style was impeccable, and the new generation of Love Song was worthy of the name.

    At the same time, good news came from the Republic of Korea.

    After more than a month of playing, "Blue Life and Death" aired the final ending in KGS.

    The final episode of Viewership Ratings is 39.52%, which is only 0.48 and breaks the 40% mark.

    However, as a Chinese drama, such Viewership Ratings has become a miracle. Most notably, the Viewership Ratings of the last four episodes of "Blue" have surpassed MBC's annual drama "The Power of the Queen."

    This makes MBC, the second largest TV station of the Republic of Korea, very embarrassing, because "the power of the queen", regardless of the investment amount, Celebrity lineup, publicity offensive, must firmly crush "Blue Life and Death", the highest Viewership Ratings But lost to the latter, and only on the average Viewership Ratings can save face.

    To know that the Chinese drama in the Republic of Korea does not have much audience base, the rise of "Blue Life and Death" and the challenge to "The Power of the Queen", the face is the competition between two different dramas, in fact, it is also two The contest between TV stations.

    MBC is of course very uncomfortable, and even use public opinion to attack KGS, but this does not affect the success of the "Blue" drama.

    The average Viewership Ratings of "Blue Life and Death" in the Republic of Korea is 26.68%, which is the perfect ending!

    The news reached the Domestic, the industry was numb, and the fans were jubilant.

    Because according to the original promise made by Lu Chen on the blog, there will be 2,668 fans who will travel to the Republic of Korea for free, and they will also be a couple.

    Someone gave Lu Chen an account. According to the price of ordinary group purchase, he needs to pay at least 13 million+!

    Such a handwriting is extremely rare in the Entertainment Circle. Although the Celebrity idol is engaged in publicity, it is a tens of millions of inputs, but it is really cash and gives back to the fans. It is unique.

    So some people in the circle said that Lu Chen was a swollen face and fat, and there were not many people who sold the copyright to the Republic of Korea. It was ridiculous that one's own had to post a large sum of money.

    But the people who spoke were not seen. After Lu Chen and Chen Feier made a reward promise, both of them had a lot of growth, especially the number of fans of Lu Chenjun’s Lu Jiajun surged by millions. The benefits of the effect are completely more than 10 million.

    Now the Entertainment Circle, the fight is the fans economy, there is a return to return, the essence is alternative marketing.

    In addition, not many people know that after the broadcast of the Republic of Korea in "Blue Life and Death", the advertisement of the new drama "Full House" led by Lu Chen and Lu Chen studio was basically finalized.

    Lu Xi represents Lu Chen studio, and signed 17 foreign brands including China Auto, China Mobile, Thunderbird Watch, Lan Jie Rihua, Senqi Apparel, etc., signed a contract worth more than 22 million!

    Since this part of the interest and other derivative copyrights are in the hands of Lu Chen and shared by other investors, the new drama has not yet started, and the funds that Studio needs to invest are already in place, and they have achieved profitability.

    As for related novels, Manhua, brand identity and other authorizations will create more profits.

    In addition, "Blue Life and Death" is still playing the heat, Japan and several Southeast Asian countries' TV stations and agents are interested in introducing this drama series, and can make another profit.

    Under such a situation, Lu Chen Studio once faced the problem of funding shortages, even if he is one's own alone, this travel fee has no problem at all.

    "Full House" was scheduled to be officially opened on May 8th. The location includes China-South Korea, and the total investment amount is several times that of "Blue Life and Death".

    There is also a small episode, which is the big V “Entertainment Aspect” of the Inspur blog who bet with Lu Chen. Although his face has been swollen, the “Review of the Blue” episode of the Republic of Korea average Viewership Ratings data. After coming out, I still abide by the promise of one's own.

    But the place where he streaks is not the street where people come and go, but in an empty alley, the result is just a sneer.

    Lu Chen had forgotten this thing long ago, and he devoted himself to the filming process of "Full House".

    At the same time, something quite sensational happened in the film and television circle.

    Due to the inconsistency between Director Zhang Wentian and the investor, the new film project originally scheduled to start this year was announced to be postponed indefinitely, equivalent to abortion.

    Therefore, the big Director once promised to Lu Chen’s movie role, and naturally he was ruined.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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