The 358th chapter is really old.

    After living in Lu Chen and Chen Feier's home for five days, Tian Tian left Beijing and returned to Hangzhou.

    When she came to Beijing, she came out with the idea of ​​avoiding trouble. When she went back, she was dreaming of starting a business and was determined to do something.

    With Lu Chen's suggestion and Chen Feier's support, Tian Tian decided to open a media company in Hangzhou, mainly engaged in the production of variety and entertainment programs. The first project of the new company is “China The Voice”.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier each invested a portion of the funds to become a shareholder of the media company.

    On May 7th, the day before the launch of the "Full House", Lu Chen, at the invitation of Chen Jianhao, went to see Zhang Wentian, the great Director who was recuperating in Beijing.

    Zhang Wentian is one of the representatives of the third generation of Domestic Director. In the 1990s, Director passed the dramas of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms and The Water Margin. At that time, the record of the drama series Viewership Ratings was created.

    The big Director has to shoot a lot of costumes and films that are good at history and military subjects. The award-winning Senior is a highly respected Senior in the industry and enjoys a high reputation.

    Last year, Zhang Wentian was preparing a historical blockbuster. At that time, Lu Chen met the big Director through Chen Jianhao's introduction. He got a recognition from the other side and a small supporting role.

    However, the time has passed, and now Lu Chen is not the original small artist who just debuted, and Zhang Wentian's leave the mountain has been slow to move until recently, when there is a contradiction with the employer, the news of new film abortion.

    Zhang Wentian also lived in the hospital for a few days because of illness. This incident has been raging in the circle.

    After leaving the hospital, the big Director refused all media interviews and rested in one's own old house.

    Chen Jianhao called Lu Chen and invited him to visit the father.

    Lu Chen certainly did not refuse.

    Zhang Wentian's old house is located in the old city. It is an independent courtyard house. Such a residence in Beijing has become an out-of-print existence. The price is at least 100 million yuan, and there is no price.

    When Chen Jianhao and Lu Chen came over, it was Qin Qing who opened the door for the two.

    Lu Chen had never seen the Jingkee School Belle for a while. Last year, he often ran to Jingyin’s class, and he could see a few words from time to time, but since he started shooting the drama series, Jing There is basically no way to go there, but now I can't get time to charge.

    So seeing Qin Qing, Lu Chen feels a little embarrassed, because one's own learning is halfway.

    Qin Qing greeted the two men in a generous manner, then led them into the door to see the father.

    The courtyard where the changing is installed reveals the taste of simplicity and elegance. Several green bamboos are planted in the corner. The wicker frame is placed on the vine on the patio. Zhang Wentian is lying on the wicker chair and tea, next to a guqin. .

    An obese middle-aged man is cooking tea. The look of the old man looks pretty good. His face is ruddy and sultry, and he has a taste of nothing to do with the world.

    Seeing Lu Chen and Chen Jianhao, Zhang Wentian did not get up and nodded and said, "Sit down."

    The two people came to visit, of course, they had made an appointment. Now the old man is basically retired. He does not say that he refuses to interview the media. Even foreign visitors are rare. Chen Jianhao is very face-saving.

    Lu Chen also knows now that Chen Jianhao has a close relationship with Zhang Wentian. He used to work in the latter's drama crew, so he can mix the bench in front of the big Director.

    “Leader Zhang, how is your body recently?”

    Lu Chen greeted and put the gift on the tea table.

    Although the role of Zhang Wentian's new film has been ruined, Lu Chen can't even come over and visit him. He brings an authentic Korean wild ginseng worth more than 100,000.

    Zhang Wentian is aware of the goods. After glanced at it, he half-jokingly said half-heartedly: "Xiaolu, you are playing my face. I promised that you have not done anything, and you have sent such valuable things."

    Lu Chen dumbfounded: "Leader Zhang, you don't want to joke with the younger generation, the younger generation can't afford it, I am here to see you, really nothing else."

    Zhang Wentian laughed and said: "You don't expect to see the little character now. The drama series starring in the Republic of Korea is hot, giving the domestic drama a big face, sit and sit!"

    He took this gift for his face.

    People in the industry know that Zhang Wentian rarely receives other people's gifts, especially Celebrity artists.

    If new film does not have a miscarriage, he is definitely not going to want Lu Chen's things, but now it doesn't matter.

    Because looking for an opportunity, Lu Chen is a human being. With Zhang Wentian’s position in the circle, it is really easy to help Lu Chen’s busyness. There is no problem that cannot be afforded.

    This is the festival of the older generation of filmmakers.

    Lu Chen sat down and said modestly: "Leader Zhang, I am just lucky."

    He did not expect Zhang Wentian to pay close attention to one's own.

    "Luck is also part of strength…"

    Zhang Wentian said with a sigh: "I don't have such good luck, now the movie market…Ugh! ”

    This time, Zhang Wentian had a contradiction with the investor on the new film issue. The main reason was that in this "market", the investor required his work to cater to the market. Not only did he changing the script story, but even the main actors interfered with the replacement. It is equivalent to depriving the former of a large part of the power of Director.

    Zhang Wentian is not the kind of person who has not changed his life. He also recognizes the importance of the market. It is reasonable for investors to invest huge demands, but this behavior that treats him as awkward makes him unacceptable.

    The two sides can't reach a compromise, and that's only a break.

    Zhang Wentian was not hit hard. He had high hopes for this movie and did a lot of work. As a result, all the hard work was caused by the problems of the concept, and my heart was particularly uncomfortable.

    Nowadays, the movie market of Domestic is getting bigger and bigger, and the size of the box office is quite the same as that of United States. The huge interest leads to the increasingly impetuous mentality of the practitioners. Everyone wants to make big money, fast money, and ignore the essence of the film.

    Zhang Wentian’s encounter was accidental and inevitable. According to some people, he “can’t keep up with the times”.

    After a few days of rest at home, Zhang Wentian wanted to open it, and the thoughts on the film were also weak.

    He is very old now, and he is not short of money. He is almost at the time of retirement. He is chatting with friends at home and drinking tea at home. It is the right way to support the world.

    Lu Chen just sat down, and the obese man next to him poured a cup of hot tea.

    Lu Chen quickly said: "Thank you."

    He looks at the other side a bit familiar, looks like he has seen it, certainly not a nameless generation.

    Zhang Wentian noticed Lu Chen’s eyes and said with a smile: “This is my student Wan Xiaoquan, you should have heard of it, and recently released it from the prison.”

    Wan Xiaoquan!

    Lu Chen suddenly realized, it is no wonder that I feel familiar, it is this!

    Wan Xiaoquan is also a Director. He is the fifth-generation Director in Domestic. He graduated from the Director of the Beijing Film and Television Institute. He has filmed many TV dramas such as "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio", "White Snake", "Xue Rengui", etc. The industry enjoys a certain degree of reproduction.

    But his most famous is his bad temper.

    骂 actor, 骂 片 骂, 骂 骂 骂, 骂 骂 骂 ……When Wan Xiaoquan made a movie, he always had a topic, and he often spoke with the media. The relationship with the media was very bad.

    The evaluation of him in the circle is: talented and temper!

    At the end of 2014, Wan Xiaoquan had a fierce conflict with the people in the drama crew. He slaps the other party into a concussion and deafness of the left ear. As a result, he lost money and was sentenced to a year and a half because of intentional injury.

    This is undoubtedly a big blow to Wan Xiaoquan. His wife divorced him, and the Director Association destroyed him in addition to his name!

    The last time Wang Bin was sucked/drug was arrested. Some people on the blog nicknamed the “Prison Storm” blockbuster and added a general. One of them mentioned Director Wan Xiaoquan – he was still squatting in the prison!

    However, compared with those Celebrity celebrities who are attracted to drugs, poisons, cockroaches, drunks, and driving, the insiders have a lot of comments on Wan Xiaoquan because his bad temper is not right, and he is fanned. The slap in the face is really owed, but I did not expect it to have such serious consequences.

    Lu Chen saw Wan Xiaoquan's "White Snake Biography". The Director has great strength and ideas in this kind of monster film. The use of scene and color is in place and he is a talented person.

    Lu Chen also watched the news of his jail, and he could not think that the protagonist in this story was sitting next to one's own.

    He immediately said to Wan Xiaoquan: "Want, hello, I am very glad to meet you!"

    Wan Xiaoquan shook hands with Lu Chen and smiled bitterly: "Don't call me a guide. I am now a prisoner and I will not be able to shoot movies in the future!"

    His expression was a bit bitter, but his eyes were calm.

    Obviously this rough experience gave him a great lesson in life and taught him a lot of things.

    Lu Chen shook his head and said: "Want guide, with your talent, no film without film…"

    He took out his business card from the bag that one's own took with him: "My name is Lu Chen, one's own has opened a studio, and I am currently shooting the drama series, I hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with you."

    Wan Xiaoquan took the business card and said a little embarrassedly: "I don't have a business card, I will give you a call."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Of course!"

    He is now shooting the drama series, but the goal is to make a movie. The status of the film is not comparable to that of the drama series. The market size is huge and the influence is higher.

    Therefore, Lu Chen is not talking to Wan Xiaoquan, and he may not have the opportunity to cooperate with the latter.

    He wrote down the contact details of Wan Xiaoquan.

    Zhang Wentian looked around and showed a smile on the old face.

    Lu Chen, a young man, is really good. He is rarely like New Generation Celebrity in his circle.

    Not arrogant, not humble, not arrogant, acting sophisticated and talented, combining all kinds of advantages in one.

    Looking at Lu Chen, Zhang Da Director feels that one's own is really old.


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