The thirty-fifth chapter of Zhang Tian’s troubles

    Beijing, Zichengyuan.

    As night fell, it was already a million lights.

    In the small dining room of the 7601 room, there is a dish of white embroidered cloth, with four dishes and one soup.

    Pan-fried veal steak, braised lion's head, home-baked vegetables, steamed squid, and a hot seafood soup, is absolutely full of color and flavor, let people look drooling!

    Tian Tian's saliva is about to flow down. The buttocks have just been stained with the dining chair, and I can't wait to bring up the chopsticks and put a small steak into the mouth. There is no lady to sing up to the ground.

    While eating, she praised Lu Chen, who had just stepped out of the kitchen. "Lu Chen, your craft is so good, you can open a restaurant one's own. I will definitely come to the party every day!"

    Chen Fei, sitting across from her, grinned and felt more happy than boasting one's own.

    To be honest, when I first ate Lu Chen’s dishes, Chen Feier was also very surprised, because Lu Chen’s cooking can’t be compared with any special chef and national treasure master, which is also a first-class standard.

    Generally speaking, without more than a decade of experience, it is difficult to have such a high craft.

    But Lu Chen is only a big one, and it is not a professional school chef at all.

    Chen Feier did not go to the roots to ask the reasons, just feel that Lu Chen is like a treasure buried deep underground, the more digging down, the more you can dig out the amazing baby.

    As the owner of the treasure, she is very proud and proud.

    Tonight, I’m showing off Xiao Xiao in front of bosom friend, let’s envy and hate!

    Lu Chen reached out and untied the apron tied around his waist. He picked up the red wine on the table and opened it. The gentleman poured the two beautiful ladies on the floor and smiled. "Well, if I lose my job, I will go to Hangzhou." Restaurant, you bring more friends to join, bring a 10% rebate to you!"

    Chen Feier laughed haha, and Tian Tian couldn't help but roll her eyes, but her hands were like flying chopsticks.

    Lu Chen was seated and smiled and picked up the glass.

    On the 2nd, he returned to Beijing with Chen Feier, and Tian Tian followed.

    The former beauty host of Zhedong Satellite TV is preparing to take a long vacation in Beijing. As a friend of Bosom friend, Chen Feier can't let her live in the hotel, so the room of Luchenyuan Luchen's house is temporarily owned by her.

    After the end of the national tour publicity activities, Chen Feier also gave a vacation to one's own, accompanied Tian Tian in Beijing to play around in a circle, what the Great Wall of the Forbidden City has gone through.

    Lu Chen didn't have time to accompany them. The "Full House" was just around the corner, and there were still a lot of preparations to complete in the front. Until today, it was finally relieved, and it was rare to have time to go home early.

    He simply bought the materials in the supermarket and went to the kitchen to console the two women at home.

    Lu Chen's own cooking is actually very bad. At most, it is the level of egg fried rice. If you want to rectify a table that can satisfy people's food, it is purely delusional.

    Fortunately, he can open it.

    Lu Chen’s plug-in is naturally a memory from the dream world.

    In the dream, Fang Mingbo is a local foodie. When he travels, he always finds local food at the first time, and then writes a delicious experience. It is very popular among readers in magazines.

    In addition to eating, Fang Mingbo will do it, and the craft is very good!

    It is with the memory knowledge of Fang Mingbo that Lu Chen can show his hand in front of Chen Feier and Tian Tian.

    The three men talked and laughed and shared a bottle of red wine together.

    Chen Feier and Tian Tian’s pretty face have an intoxicating blush. When they look at the lights, they are really beautiful, and they are all pleasing to the eye. Let Lu Chen secretly sigh that one's own hard work is not in vain.

    After eating the dinner, the work of cleaning up the table and washing the dishes was taken by Chen Feier and Tian Tian.

    When they were busy coming to the small hall upstairs, Lu Chen had already prepared the tea.

    "Fairy sister, you are so happy!"

    Tian Tian sat on the sofa. She leaned against Chen Feier lazily and whispered: "There is such a good boyfriend…"

    Chen Feier teased her: "Envy? Then you have to find one! ”

    Tian Tian did not put a good breath on Chen Fei's hand in one's own chin and complained: "Where is so good to find, I don't like the people in the circle, the ones introduced at home…"

    She showed a disgusted expression: "How do you have money when you open your mouth, or how you have such a taste, all of them are very annoying and obsessive, I am really bored!"

    Chen Feier suddenly realized: "So, when you are on May 1st, do you run here with me as a light bulb?"

    Tian Tianyi, "I was finally seen by you," said Hee Hee, "Who told you to be my good sister, I don't care who you can?" I want to hide in Beijing and don't go back! ”

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Then you must send someone to take you back!"

    Tian Tian is not an ordinary person, otherwise it is not possible to become a Host of Zhedong Satellite TV just after graduation.

    In such a family, there are many things that are often involuntarily.

    Tian Tian said: "I am ready to resign…"

    Chen Feier was shocked: "Resign? You are not going to do it on the TV station? So what are you going to do? ”

    "After the last accident, the family didn't want me to stay in the station."

    Tian Tian is distressed: "They want me to find someone to marry, and then have a few children to teach each other!"

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "It sounds very good."

    Tian Tian twisted her and said: "I don't want to marry when I go to you!" I think that our women must have one's own career, otherwise they will be looked down upon, so I decided to one's own start a company! ”

    The fans incident in Hangzhou not only caused a lot of damage to Tian Tian, ​​but also a lot of rumors afterwards, which led to ideas in her home.

    But Tian Tian didn't want to marry one's own casually so early, not to mention the so-called young talents. She is an arrangement that she can't see and is not satisfied with her family.

    Chen Feier curious: "What company are you going to open?"

    Tian Tian was discouraged: "I haven't thought about it yet. I have thought about continuing to do media. The problem is no experience."

    Even if the conditions at home are very good, it is not easy to open a media-related company. Tian Tian does not want to be the second-hand dealer who relies on the relationship business, so the heart is very entangled.

    "Open a media company is good…"

    Lu Chen, who has been listening all the time, suddenly said: "Do a variety program!"

    "Variety Program?"

    Tian Tian stunned, and immediately smiled and said: "Now the variety is not good."

    Nowadays, the entertainment market is extremely prosperous. There are not a few private media companies. Companies specializing in the production of Variety Programs and then reselling them to TV stations are everywhere. The famous ones are Superstar Media, Mori Entertainment and so on.

    However, due to the high Viewership Ratings of the Variety Program, the competition is extremely fierce. The phenomenon of imitating the follow-up in the industry is extremely rampant, resulting in serious program homogeneity and viewers' aesthetic fatigue.

    For example, the Singing Class Draft Program, what "Super Girl", "The Strongest Singer", "Singing China", etc., there is not much difference in form, nothing more than the level of production.

    There is also a program of the Celebrity class, which is nothing more than inviting some Celebrity to interact in the Program, playing the game and telling jokes. At the beginning, it was quite popular with the audience. Later, the Viewership Ratings dropped year by year, and the same was cut a lot.

    Tian Tian has worked in Zhedong TV for several years and is very familiar with the status of the variety program.

    Domestic's Variety Program is just like the popular Musical World, when it's time to innovate and break through!

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "It is not good, but I have a little thought."

    Tian Tian couldn’t help but brighten her eyes and immediately straightened up and said, “I want to hear.”

    Lu Chen’s talent is unquestionable. He is known to the talented people in Music, and he can write a novel screenwriter, one's own, to star in the actor. The first step of the drama series has been popular in the north and south.

    He gave Tian Tian an idea, and that was definitely a good idea.

    Tian Tian also knows that the crowdfunding network, which is currently very popular on the Internet, was founded by Lu Chen.

    So she can't wait to hear, Lu Chen will give one's own a kind of advice!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "My suggestion is to do the Singing Class draft program."


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