The third hundred and fifty-four chapter romantic night

    Huhai, the Bund.

    It was already more than ten o'clock in the evening. The night sky seemed to be a huge thick ink curtain. It could not be spread out deeply. The strong night wind blew away the dust smog over the city, and the sparkling stars quietly appeared.

    Under the night sky, a long light band stretched along the Huangpu River, gorgeous neon highlights the brilliance of the Oriental Pearl, the river on the boat, such as weaving, far from the sound of the whistle, all kinds of gothic, Romanesque, baroque, Chinese and Western Wall-style of the Universal Architecture Expo Group, in the night to release the charm of this city.

    The Jinhui Jewelry Store, located in the Bund Square, has sent the last few guests to prepare for a nap.

    The clerk who had been standing for a long time was finally relieved, talking about laughing and doing the last job. For them, a busy day has passed.

    However, at this time, a young couple with an opponent handle appeared at the door.

    Several clerk could not help but reveal the bitterness. What they hated most was that they came to the guests when they were about to fight. They had to delay the time of closing the store, and everyone had to be present regardless of the facts, and they could not give the guests a door to close. feel.

    In fact, stepping on this store is basically to see the lively foreign tourists, can not do business.

    But even if they are resentful in their hearts, they still have to squeeze out a standard smile, and they say, "Welcome!"

    This is the rule in the company, but when the guests come, or what kind of guests are coming, as long as the store door is open, they must be welcomed with heart, even if the other party does not seem to have the money to buy any jewelry in the store. People.

    A jewelry shopping guide took the initiative to meet, smiling and asked at the same time: "Two good nights, welcome to Jinhui jewelry, we have just arrived in a new batch of goods, the style is designed by famous European designers. The materials used are very elegant. Do you want to see the two?"

    Her words are actually very skillful, and they are not sure about the grades of their own jewelry stores.

    If the other party is just looking at a fresh couple, it will be difficult to retreat in a matter of time, then it will save time.

    It is a powerful guest and will not feel offended.

    At the same time as the inquiries, the shopping guide was a little embarrassed, because the couple were very special for men and women, the male was wearing a pair of sunglasses, and the woman’s slender deer wearing a mask could not see the truth.

    It’s just that she looks at the two people’s familiar feelings, as if they have seen them.

    This makes the shopping guide more careful and smiles more sincere.

    The man smiled and said: "Let's see, are you going to fight?"

    The guide bought and said quickly: "No, Miss Sir, please come with me. What do you want to see?" Rings, necklaces, bracelets or something else? ”

    The man said: "Since it is here, look at it…"

    He said, he picked one's own sunglasses.


    There was a short scream at the side.

    The shopping guide who walked in front couldn't help but look around. I saw a clerk colleague behind the counter. The face of her clerk was red, and she saw the New World, and her eyes were full of excitement.

    The guide bought a blank eye at her and knew that the other party must be unlucky.

    The rules of Jinhui Jewelry are very strict. If she yells in front of the guests like her, she will definitely deduct wages.

    The store manager is watching it!

    However, she soon discovered that several other colleagues here actually showed almost the same excitement.

    The guide involuntarily turned around and saw the man behind him who had taken off his sunglasses.

    "Lu Chen!"

    She can't help but whisper!

    This tall and handsome man is not the actor of "Blue Life and Death" Lu Chen?

    The shopping guide believes that one's own is definitely not wrong, because this drama series has been seen three times, and once I cried once, I am absolutely familiar with the hero and heroine.

    This one hundred percent is Lu Chen!

    And the woman holding hands with him is not Chen Feier, who else?

    If it is not Chen Feier, it is big news!

    The guides are also awkward.

    She has seen many guests who don't know how to behave, but the close contact with one's own favorite idol is really the first time, completely confusing.

    Fortunately, the store manager rushed over and took over her shopping guide.

    The experienced store manager also let the clerk close the store, on the one hand because of the time of the fight, and on the other hand, to grandly entertain the distinguished guests.

    The purchasing power of these two is unquestionable!

    Lu Chen took Chen Feier and sat down in front of the jewelry counter.

    Tonight, he attended Chen Fei's fans meeting and gave her a big birthday surprise.

    However, the real birthday gift has not been sent yet. Lu Chen really has little experience in this respect, and he does not know what to buy for Chen Feier, because the latter is nothing at all.

    So if I want to go to him, I won't buy it first. After the meeting, I will take Chen Feier out. When I have a sweet world, let her one's own to pick something that I like.

    After spending more than half an hour on the Bund, the two strolled into this seemingly glamorous jewelry store.

    Chen Feier certainly does not lack jewelry, but Lu Chen’s birthday gift to her is another matter. In fact, since the latter appeared at the center of the Mecca, her heart has always been sweet. Full of happiness.

    Even IQ and emotional intelligence have fallen a lot.

    Not to mention buying jewelry, even if it is to buy her a ten dollars of spicy, still satisfied!

    The store manager took the best jewellery out of the safe inside.

    The best quality and most expensive items in a big jewelry store are never placed directly in the counter, only when they meet a specific customer.

    Three velvet sandalwood jewels were unfolded on the counter, which immediately caught the attention of Chen Feier.

    Women's resistance to jewellery is always insufficient, even if Chen Feier is the same.

    These diamond jewellery are undoubtedly first-rate, both in style and style, and even the amateur people like Lu Chen are very excited, not to mention her.

    Like the proud queen, Chen Feier tried a dozen pieces of jewelry in one breath, including necklaces, bracelets, brooches and earrings, etc., it is simply love.

    In the end she left a pink diamond necklace and a ruby ​​brooch, which is difficult to choose.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Two pieces are all right!"

    The store manager said next to him: "Yeah, yeah, these two pieces of jewelry are really too good for you, perfect!"

    She does not say good things for performance, but she really has such an idea.

    Chen Feier, who is born with beauty, should be equipped with such jewelry!

    This can be seen from the eyes of other clerk present. If there is no stipulation in the store, they will probably take the action machine and film the scene where Chen Feier tries on jewelry.

    Chen Feier looked in the mirror and looked around, or took the pink diamond necklace: "Just this brooch!"

    The store manager sighed secretly, she felt that this necklace is the most suitable for Chen Feier, and the price of the necklace is more than ten times that of the brooch, a big business bubble.

    She also saw that Chen Feier really liked it, just didn't want Lu Chen to spend too much.

    The relationship between the superstar makes the store manager very envious.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "If you like it, then buy this brooch, I will pay."

    He gave the store manager a look.

    The manager stunned and immediately understood, and immediately smiled: "Okay, please come with me, here."

    I bought a birthday present and Lu Chen and Chen Feier returned to the hotel.

    When I got to the room and closed the door, the two couldn't help but hug together. The fire of love burned in the heart, and it was almost uncontrollable.

    Lu Chenqiang endured the love in his heart and whispered: "You close your eyes…"


    Chen Feier obediently promised, raised her head and closed her eyes, like the first love girl shyly waiting.

    However, she did not wait for Lu Chen’s warm kiss, but felt that there was a heavy item on her neck.

    Chen Feier could not help but open her eyes and looked down to see one's own neck hanging a necklace.

    It was the pink diamond necklace that she gave up!


    Chen Feier couldn't help but screamed: "How did you buy it?"

    The price of this pink diamond necklace in the jewelry store is more than two million, even if the discount is not less than two million.

    Although very fond of it, as a birthday present, it is still too exaggerated. Chen Feier does not want Lu Chen to think that one's own is a greedy woman, so she chose the hundreds of thousands of ruby ​​brooches.

    I did not expect that Lu Chen actually bought the necklace.

    No wonder that when he went to pay, the action was a bit sneaky.

    There is also the store manager, when sending two people out, the look is also ancient and strange.

    This is the original!

    Lu Chen kissed her nose and smiled: "Because you like it, if you like it, I have money, then it is no problem to buy the whole world for you!"

    If you listen to someone who says such a sensation, Chen Feier may say that the whole body of the goose bumps can get up.

    But from Lu Chen’s mouth, she has only sweet, and endless love!

    She couldn't help but pick up her toes and take the initiative to send a kiss. He whispered in Lu Chen's ear: "I want you…"

    Where can Lu Chen continue to endure, immediately leaned over and picked her up and rushed to the bedroom.

    Chen Feier glared at Lu Chen’s neck, and Gege smiled: “First take a shower!”

    Lu Chen’s eyes fired and gnashed his teeth and said: “Wait a minute to wash!”

    The next moment, he held Chen Feier down on the big bed in the bedroom, and pressed the glamorous beauty to the bottom of his body, which led to the latter's bursts of tenderness.

    This romantic night is just beginning!


The first one is sent, this chapter is a bit masochistic, so I don’t ask for a ticket (┬_┬). (To be continued~^~)

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