Chapter 352 Opportunity

    "If you no longer love me, please let me leave quietly."

    "This is my only wish."


    On the stage of the small auditorium, a pair of young men and women are intertwined with disgusting feelings. The look of helplessness, sorrow, pain and sadness change in their faces, causing the audience to be touched.

    Although the performances of the two people are quite boring, the lines are too dramatic and the body movements are slightly stiff, but as a big life of Jingying, performance is undoubtedly remarkable.

    Lu Chen saw God, and countless memories emerged in his mind.

    These memories are from Moran.

    In Lu Chen’s memory, Mo Ran once had such a youthful age, just on the stage, and it’s always a supporting role, and then silently watching the girls in secret love and the most handsome boys in the class. do.

    He has no jealousy, no resentment, no initiative to pursue anything, and deeply buried his emotions in his heart.

    The three protagonists of Lu Chenmeng’s world, Mo Ran’s presence is the lowest.

    Compared with Xu Bo and Fang Mingyi, his life is not so wonderful and rich. Many times he is always immersed in loneliness, reading books alone, surfing the Internet alone, acting alone.

    I have never been a real protagonist, whether it is film or television or life.

    However, the things left to Lu Chen are more than the sum of Xu Bo and Fang Mingyi.

    Lu Chen sometimes thinks that if he chooses a Teacher among the three, he must choose Mo Yan.

    "This girl is Fan Ying, and the boy is Lu Haoyu. They are all outstanding in the 14th performance department…"

    Sitting next to Teacher Zhang thought that Lu Chen had two students, and he highlighted a few words.

    The Zhang surnamed Teacher is a very sleek character, perhaps. This is why the college sent him to receive visitors. He obviously sees who is really making the game.

    Moreover, he knows the students in the performance class well, and he can name them when they go up.

    Lu Chen woke up and smiled and nodded.

    Both Fan Ying and Lu Haoyu are good, especially Fan Yingming's savage and touching, and the appearance of temperament is quite compatible with a character to be determined in his new drama.

    But Lu Chen will not rush to the conclusion – what if it is more appropriate?

    Beijing's cultural gathering place, Beijing Film, Beijing Opera, and China Media are three-point worlds. There are also many film-related colleges and training institutions. It is simply too easy to find an actor.

    The two students on the stage were performing, and the teacher in the front row of the audience stood up and said, "Okay, let's take a break and continue the class after ten minutes."

    Lu Chen turned to ask Fang Hui, who is sitting on the left side of one's own: "Fang Huijie, do you have a fancy candidate?"

    Fang Hui is much more serious than him, and he keeps his books in his hands.

    For Lu Chen's inquiry, she replied without hesitation: "This Fan Ying is good, I think she should be quite suitable for Chen Xiaona, and there is another Zhu Zheqin…"

New drama The important role in "Full House", Lu Chen has not confirmed two, this time to Beijing Yingying is to pick people, there is a suitable direct sign.

    Fang Hui had already seen the script, and her advice was very professional, which was quite consistent with Lu Chen’s idea.

    This is the benefit of previous cooperation. Some Directors are very stubborn in their role selection, and they are not allowed to intervene. However, Fang Hui fully respects Lu Chen’s decision in this respect and trusts Lu Chen’s vision.

    Because of this, even though she refused the contractual request of Fang Hui manager at the time, Lu Chen did not completely give up the idea of ​​cooperating with her, and deliberately let the wind out.

    In the filming, Fang Hui’s director’s desire for power is not very strong. Lu Chen’s cooperation with her is still very enjoyable.

    "Fan Ying can be an alternative first…"

    Lu Chen said softly: "These roles require you to check and start the project next week."

    Fang Hui respects him, and he also respects Fang Hui as the authority of Director.

    This is very important. If Director does not have enough authority in a drama crew, then you can't control the situation, and it is unlikely to make a real good show.

    Fang Hui is very happy: "Well, let's take a look, or go to China Media tomorrow?"

    Fang Hui graduated from the Director of the China Communications Institute. If the conditions are right, she is of course willing to sign a few newcomers from one's own alma mater.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Tomorrow will not work, I will go to the field, wait for me to come back and talk."

    Fang Hui "hmm" gave a cry.

    Celebrity like Lu Chen, who went out to participate in commercial performances or endorsement activities is a commonplace, and she did not care.

    "Lu Chen Teacher Hello!"

    At this time, several girls gathered around, the middle of the pretty red, bright eyes with excitement and excitement, asked Lu Chen: "Can you take a picture with us?"

    Lu Chen stunned and immediately smiled: "Of course no problem."

    This daring girl is Fan Ying who has just performed on stage. Lu Chen and Fang Hui are quite optimistic people.


    The girls smiled slyly and surrounded Lu Chen.

    Teacher Zhang and Fang Hui smiled and gave up their position, so that they could take a photo with Lu Chen.

    The two know that freshmen are still very fresh about Celebrity idols. If the juniors are used to the world, they will not be so sought after.

    Oh! Oh!

    Several girls took a photo with Cell Chen and Lu Chen, and then politely thanked him.

    These thousands of miles of Jingying students have good qualities.

    "Fan Ying students…"

    They just had to leave, Lu Chen called the girl named Fan Ying.

    Fan Ying turned around and said: "Ah?"

    Lu Chen asked: "Are you interested in trying out the characters in my new drama?"

    Lu Chen originally placed her on the list of candidates. However, she had just touched it. I felt that Fan Ying’s personality was very good, and she was very generous and talked about it. So she sent an invitation directly.


    Fan Ying widened her eyes in surprise.

    Of course, she knows that Lu Chen and others are here when accompanied by the College Teacher. It is definitely not for study.

    It’s common for directors and producers in the circle to come to Jingying to pick people. But usually, they will choose among the juniors and seniors, because the old students’ performance experience is more abundant and learning. The time outside is also sufficient.

    Fan Ying knows Lu Chen, after listening to his songs, he also read "Blue Life and Death Love", which is half a fan, so he will take the classmates to ask for a group photo.

    However, Wan Wan did not expect that Lu Chen actually sent her an audition invitation.

    This is Lu Chen, who created and starred in "Blue Life and Death Love". The redness of this drama series is very clear. The people present are very clear. His new drama is definitely the hot drama of this year!

    Fan Ying suddenly felt like a piece of pie falling from the sky, and the whole person was dizzy.

    And the girls around are all envious of envy and even stunned eyes – Xiao Yingying is red!

    The small auditorium became very quiet. Many other performance class students heard it. Although it is not uncommon to know that such things are happening in Beijing Film, it still makes people feel unreal.

    After a moment, Fan Ying finally reacted, hesitate said: "I…Am I really going? ”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I don't know what to do after I finish the mirror…Li Jie? ”

    He nodded to Li Jie, who stood up and handed over a one's own business card to Fan Ying: "You will contact me tomorrow."

    Fan Ying took the business card in a dizzy manner and said subconsciously: "Thank you!"

    The next moment, she held the business card tightly, as if holding the life and happiness of one's own.

    Lu Chen and Li Jie looked at each other and smiled. Lu Chen said: "Let's go."

    Both Li Jie and Fang Hui have no objections. Today they are almost the same. It is worthwhile to choose one.

    If necessary, you can come back to the 12th and 13th grades tomorrow, or go to Beijing Opera and China Media.

    Teacher Zhang After leaving the small auditorium with Lu Chen, several girls immediately gave Fan Ying a surround.

    "Oh, Xiao Yingying, you have to be famous!"

    "Yeah, yes, don't forget our sisters in the future!"

    "Lu Chen's new drama, don't know what subject to shoot, Yingying, what role do you say?"

    "The heroine?"

    "The heroine is impossible, it is Chen Feier."

    "At night, please…"

    Fan Ying was dizzy by their mouths and said weakly: "I don't know if I can pass it…"

    But she is very clear, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance!


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