Chapter 381, Yuet Media

    On June 18th, the lunar calendar May 14th, Saturday, the rushing cow (B ugly) Daisy.

    It is best to marry, sacrifice, pray, seek help, and travel.

    Taking the latest high-speed train, Lu Chen and Chen Feier rushed to Hangzhou from Jinling, which lasted 1 hour and 05 minutes.

    Thanks to the world's number one high-speed railway system, the distance between the two major capital cities has never been so close, and the convenience of travel is unimaginable more than a decade ago.

    It is Tian Tian who came to Hangzhou High Speed ​​Railway Station to pick up the station.

    This time, the two men took time out to Hangzhou in the intense shooting work. Of course, they didn’t come to visit the mountains.

    The first thing is that Tian Tian’s media company has been formally established. As two major shareholders, Lu Chen and Chen Feier have to come over and sign a few important documents and discuss the company’s future development plan.

    The establishment of this “Yuedong” Media Co., Ltd. originated from Lu Chen’s suggestion and the production and promotion of the variety entertainment program. The first production project was “China’s The Voice” proposed by Lu Chen.

    The second thing, that is, today is the big day for Lu Chen and Gao Xiao and Wang Xiao/Ling to marry. As early as last month, Gao He called Lu Chen to invite him to attend the wedding of the two.

    Lu Chen and Gao He are friends in the same dormitory. This invitation can't be rejected.

    “Go to our new company first…”

    Tian Tian personally opened a red BMW and said with pride: "And then have lunch together."

    Lu Chen saw Tian Tian last time at the beginning of last month. At that time, the former Host of Zhejiang Satellite TV was not in a good state of mind, and there were many troubles in his career. He relied on the trend of being a house girl in his home in Beijing.

    However, after a lapse of one and a half months, she seems to have changed her personality. The laughter is radiant, more and more young and beautiful, and it often comes with a sense of self-confidence and Charm.

    This made Lu Chen have to secretly sigh, the original business can also make a woman so beautiful.

    Tian Tian's new company is located in the vicinity of Zhedong TV Station. The 15th floor of a high-rise office building is not very large in size, but it is very well decorated. There are currently more than a dozen employees.

    In this new company, Lu Chen and Chen Feier invested 5 million respectively. Although everyone has a very good relationship, Tian Tian also has to make the accounts clear and let the two know the situation of the use of funds.

    Therefore, she insisted that the two of them should come to Hangzhou to "see".

    "Hello, Tian!"

    When I saw Tian Tian’s appearance at the company’s door, the front desk lady immediately stood up and said hello.

    Immediately stunned: "Ah!"

    She saw Lu Chen and Chen Feier – I can't believe it!

    Tian Tianhe smiled and patted the palm of his hand after entering the door. He said: "Please temporarily stop the work at hand. I will introduce the two directors of our company!"

    The employees sitting in front of the desk stood up and the people in the office came out.

    Tian Tianxiao Yingying said: "This is Mr. Lu Chen, this is Miss Chen Feier, I think their identity does not need me to say more, everyone must know, let us applaud the two superstar directors. Come to the new company to inspect during your busy schedule!"

    Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

    The warm applause exploded, and the employees of Elan Media all showed excitement and excitement.

    They didn't even think that one's own new company that just joined, actually has two real café directors, one is the prestigious singer, one is a newly emerging idol artist, wherever heavier. character.

    Here is Hangzhou, not Beijing. Tian Tian, ​​the young and beautiful chairman of the board of directors, is so impressive that he is full of confidence in the future of the publicly division.

    If these new employees were originally 50 trustworthy and loyal to the new company, then now it will instantly increase to 100, directly bursting.

    Who dares to say that Yuet Media can't do it, everyone must definitely pack him K!

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier smiled and said: "Thank you."

    Tian Tian continued: "The two directors do not participate in the daily business of the company, so everyone can do it in their hearts. Don't go out and say, don't send friends and blogs, is it clear?"

    Yuet Media has just been established, and the first project has not yet begun. It is necessary to keep a low profile first. In the future, you will gain a foothold in the circle, then it does not matter.

    The employees responded quietly: "Clear."

    Someone added a question: "Can you have two signatures?"

    Everyone laughed at it.

    These employees are basically young people, and there are many college graduates who have just graduated, and they are very courageous.

    Tian Tian also laughed: "The signature is no problem, you should work first."

    After introducing the staff, Tian Tian introduced Lu Chen and Chen Feier separately to a 30-year-old man: "My Senior Brother Xiao Haichao, who was originally programmed in Hangzhou as the second program, is now pulled by me. Do it together."

    Lu Chen took the initiative to extend the action to the other side: "Hello brother!"


    Xiao Haichao was a little helpless and hurriedly took Lu Chen’s hand: "I…I know you. ”

    Chen Feier couldn't help but smile, feeling that Tian Tian's Senior Brother was a bit funny.

    Xiao Haichao is tall and thin and wears his eyes. It looks like a gentleman. It is obviously an honest person who is not good at communication. It is estimated that he sees the big names like Chen Feier and Lu Chen, and his heart is panicked. Not at all.

    Tian Tian couldn't help but rolled her eyes and said to Chen Feier: "My Senior Brother is a high school student of China Media. After graduation, I entered Hangzhou TV Station. After seven or eight years, I still stayed where I was. I won’t be able to take pictures, and all the credits are taken over by the leaders. He can’t get anything, even the official preparations are not mixed!”

    "I really can't see it. I will bring the Senior Brother and the teacher together to the company and let him be the Director."

    Lu Chen couldn't help but look at Xiao Haichao.

    The professional graduates of China Media have not been mixed in the formal preparation of the TV station for seven or eight years. They are either incompetent or the bullies who are being bullied. Tian Tian obviously will not bring an incompetent person into the new company. It is the responsibility of producing Director.

    Xiao Haichao must have true ability.

    For the demise of Tian Tian, ​​Xiao Haichao only smiled helplessly.

    Sure enough, I am very bullied.

    Tian Tian said to Lu Chen: "I told Senior Brother about the idea of ​​China Voice. He made a detailed planning copy and sent the copyright and related patents. Once the approval is completed, the production process begins."

    Speaking of China Voice, Xiao Haichao has a look at it, staring at Lu Chen: "Lu Chen Teacher, Tian Tian said that this idea is what you provide, it is really amazing, I feel that I can do it well!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Let you say goodbye, let's work together."


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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