The 383th chapter

    Colleagues for many years, the high fat man never put Xiao Haichao in his eyes.

    In his view, Xiao Haichao is nothing more than a stupid college graduate. He doesn't understand the world, and there are always some ridiculous ideas that can never be mixed in this society.

    Therefore, the high fat man stepped on Xiao Haichao and has been very comfortable.

    However, when I saw Xiao Haichao at the Bailu Restaurant, Gao Fatzi couldn’t help but get sour water. He speculated that Xiao Haichao must have mixed in a good company after resigning, otherwise he could mix in Meilan Hall. Location.

    No matter how I look down on Xiao Haichao, Xiao Haichao's professional ability is recognized. He has found a good job and got a high salary. When he thinks about it, he feels at ease, so he starts to add some gambling to him.

    It is best to let him drop his face in front of Xiao Haichao's new boss, and the high fat man can be comfortable!

    The most important thing is that the high fat man is backed by Zhe Shi's regular Director, and he is unscrupulous.

    When he broke into the Meilan Hall, he saw Xiao Haichao and Zhu Xi at a glance, and a smug smile appeared on his face.

    His mother's Xiao Hai Chao Yan Fu is not shallow, to ask a wife to be so Peugeot, but compared with the next one, obviously worse, this stunning beauty looks very familiar…

    The expression of the high fat man suddenly froze.

    The rude behavior of him and his colleagues inevitably caused the attention of people at the place.

    Seeing this guy, Xiao Haichao could not help but anger and immediately stood up.

    Tian Tian, ​​who was sitting in the main position, frowned and asked with disappointment: "What are you doing?"

    She was filled with strong dissatisfaction and let the high fat man wake up and instinctively looked at her.

    It doesn't matter if this looks, the cock of the high fat man almost didn't fall.

    Tian sweet!

    The former beauty host of Zhejiang East TV Station, of course, is a high fat man.

    If it is just an ordinary Host, or has already left, the high fat man will certainly not care, but not long ago he learned from other people's mouth that Tian Tian's family background is very bad, it is a person who can't easily offend.

    He never imagined that Xiao Haichao had climbed up to Tian Tian.

    Then the high fat man discovered that the beauty that made him feel familiar was Chen Feier, and the one sitting between Chen Feier and Tian Tian, ​​who is Lu Chen?

    When did the two grandfathers come to Hangzhou? The high fat man is dumbfounded.

    The colleague who came in with the fat man and the old gangsters immediately quit the box and saw the cauldron to the high fat man.

    It’s a joke, and Tian Xiao, Chen Feier and Lu Chen, who are eating together with Xiao Haichao, are still thinking about the face of Xiao Haichao.

    Tian Tian can easily pack a few of them. As for Chen Feier and Lu Chen, it is a superstar that Zheshi is very good. The new drama "Romantic House" is still working hard. To the project.

    He doesn't run, is he still waiting for embarrassment?

    Zhu Xi sneered: "Oh, isn't this a tall Director? Are you looking for the wrong door? ”

    She is very disgusted with Xiao Haichao's former boss. Xiao Haichao resigned from Yueshi to join Yuet Media. She is 100% in favor of her attitude. One of the reasons is that she is sick and fat.

    Now that the high fat man has come up, she slaps her face without thinking.

    The tall fat man standing at the door slammed his face into a purple-red color, and wanted to find a place to sneak in.

    Tian Tian doesn't know the high fat man, but she knows this person, so Zhu Xi's sarcasm will be understood.

    Tian Tian waved his hand without thinking: "What high Director, go out, customer service personnel …"

    She yelled at the customer service personnel: "You pay attention, don't let anyone rush into it to bother us."

    Customer service personnel actually grievances, opened the door and said to the fat man: "This gentleman…"

    The fat man wolf has reached the extreme, it is estimated that this life is not so embarrassing, and quickly turned and left.

    Staying again, his face must be cut!

    The colleague of the high fat man first returned to the box of one's own, and his face was awkward.

    A deputy director of the audience at the audience asked curiously: "Old Zhang, how come you come back, high Director?"

    Old Zhang smiled bitterly: "Don't mention it, we want to find Xiao Haichao. As a result, Mei Lan Hall is sitting in Tian Tian, ​​Chen Feier and Lu Chen, so I will come back and report to the leader first."

    Tian Tian, ​​Chen Feier and Lu Chen?

    Several leaders look at each other in dismay, the Zhejiang Normal Director who has always been very reserved, is even more moved: "Tian Tian accompanied the two in the Meilan Hall? Then I have to go. ”

    He is very clear about the weight of these three, especially Tian Tian, ​​and even a little embarrassed.

    The high Director is going to be under his banner, and maybe he will offend someone.

    Often Director is not afraid of how Tian Tian will be one's own. He is also a person with his feet, but inexplicably offends these masters. Others can make him passive by saying a few gossips.

    The deputy director of Hangshi said categorically: "I will accompany you!"

    So the two leaders left the box together.

    On the corridor to the Meilan Hall, the two men bumped into the fat man with a sullen face.

    Often Director directly ignored him as air, and Hang Tai’s deputy director gave him a cold look.

    The greeting card that the fat man has not yet exported is in the throat, and the sweat is coming down.

    He was originally based on stepping on the people, and as a result, he slammed his feet and wanted to die.

    "Hello, who are you looking for?"

    Often Director and deputy directors came to the Merlin Hall and were stopped by the customer service personnel who had just learned the lesson.

    Her eyes were full of vigilance.

    The two looked at each other, and the heart was clear that it was the fault of the high fat man. The deputy director of Hangzhou was half-dead in the heart. On the surface, he was still polite: "Trouble, we are always in the East Zhejiang TV station. Ming Chang Director wants to see Miss Tian."

    The customer service personnel of Meilan Hall was used to the leadership. I didn't feel that there was a cow in Zhejiang Director, but I still went in to inform Tian Tian about it and asked if I could let the guests in.

    After obtaining the permission, Chang Director and Hang Tai, the deputy director, were able to enter the box.

    "Chang Ge, I haven't seen you for a long time!"

    Tian Tian knows the director often, and starts to smile and smiles. She does not play the temper of Missy.

    Although she is unconventional in her family life, since she has opened a media company, she will have to deal with Zheshi in the future. The relationship between the acquaintances of Laodong’s family should be consolidated, many friends have many roads, and many enemies have more walls!

    Often Director and High Director are two different things.

    Chang Director laughed happily: "Tian Tian is getting more and more beautiful? I heard that you are now one's own company? ”

    Tian Tian smiled and said: "Small fights and mixed meals. I have to rely on Chang Ge for your care. I will introduce you to you. This is Lu Chen…"

    In fact, she does not need to introduce her. How often Director does not recognize Lu Chen and Chen Feier.

    When he said in his mouth that he was long-awaited, he could not help but be amazed.

    This table is not a young Junyan who is a dragon and a phoenix, which makes him feel that one's own is too old.


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