The 389th chapter comes over

    The 22-year-old Hu Yang is undoubtedly one of the hot new idol artists in the Entertainment Circle.

    More than half a year ago, he was a signing artist of a small Manager Corporation of Gande Films. Because of his role as the first male in the "Blue Life and Death", Han Taixi quickly became popular and circled a large number of fans.

    Hu Yang is undoubtedly very Luck, and he is still very savvy. After he became famous, he canceled the contract with the old club and went to the powerful Superstar Manager Corporation, which also received strong support from the latter.

    Strictly speaking, Lu Chen has a good understanding of Hu Yang. If there is no Lu Chen, Hu Yang can't get the heavyweight role that Han Taixi has made him burst into the night.

    In the process of filming "Blue Life and Death", Lu Chen has a lot of advice to Hu Yang. Hu Yang is also respectful to Lu Chen. All morning, the brother of the morning is short, but I don’t know if they have What a deep friendship.

    However, in the Entertainment Circle where the interests are paramount, what kind of kindness can be abandoned at will, especially after Lu Chen refused Hu Yang to participate in "Full House", the latter basically turned face with Lu Chen.

    He never thought that Jin Hongwei, the boss of One's own signing of the Superstar Manager Corporation, had grievances with Lu Chen. Lu Chen would be kicked if his head was kicked, otherwise how could he cooperate with Hu Yang?

    Younger fame is the easiest to expand. If Hu Yang is still modest and cautious before the fame, then Hu Yang, whose wings are hard, shows a frivolous side.

    He challenged Lu Chen, although it was someone who made a plan to speculate in the back, but also because of his temperament.

    Hu Yang wants to prove that one's own is fully qualified to take the lead and has the ability to get rid of the shadow of Lu Chen.

    At the same time, it will create momentum for the "Love Sea" that will be aired in the summer.

    In fact, this kind of marketing method that intentionally creates contradictions and story topics is very common in Entertainment Circle. Whether it can be fired first depends on the strength and promotion of the behind-the-scenes push, and whether the topicality is enough to attract attention.

    Who is the promoter of Hu Yang? The media is basically well-informed. Shonan Satellite TV and Juxing manager are the veterans of playing tricks. The level of their star-studded topics is absolutely top-notch, with many successful examples.

    Shonan Satellite TV and Lu Chen, that is also grievances, Lu Chen played Shonan Satellite TV more than once face!

    Shonan Satellite TV's face is a good fight?

    Of course, they will not be stupid enough to go out in the air, Hu Yang is undoubtedly a good knife!

    As long as "Love Haitang" over the "full house" in the summer file, then Xiangnan TV liters and face all won, enough to give Lu Chen a heavy blow.

    As for standing on the back of Lu Chen, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Beijing Satellite TV …That was originally the "opponent" of Shonan Satellite TV.

    The summer movie and TV market is a battlefield, and the winners are always a minority.

    It is precisely because of the complicated interests involved, Hu Yang’s use of the "Love Haitang" to challenge Lu Chen’s incident was stirred up by the entertainment media, and it was preheated in advance for the summer file drama series.

    Together with other film and television production companies and TV stations that are interested in taking a slice of the summer file, they also took the opportunity to fish in the water, and all kinds of Eight Trigrams were flying.

    On July 2, Lu Chen and Chen Feier returned to Beijing.

    As a result, the two people were blocked at the exit of the high-speed rail station by the entertainment record that did not know where to get the news.

    "Full House" has not yet all the fixing phase, but the basic shooting of the two players is completed, and the rest is only a fractional scene, dubbing soundtrack and other post-production has begun.

    This time, returning to Beijing, Lu Chen was mainly to participate in an important ceremony.

    "Mr. Lu Chen, I am a reporter for EasyNet Entertainment. Can you ask a few questions?"

    "What do you think of Hu Yang’s saying that he wants to defeat you?"

    "Hu Yang's manager revealed through the media yesterday that Hu Yang was unfairly treated when he filmed "Blue Life and Death". Is it true?"

    “Mr. Lu Chen, what is your forecast for Viewership Ratings for Full House?”

    "Chen Feier, Miss Chen Feier…"

    There are more than a dozen media reporters appearing at the exit. What are the Internet channels, entertainment weekly, New Town newspaper, etc., plus the camera and video, which attracts a large number of onlookers.

    If there is not an assistant blocking, and the security personnel promptly appear to guide the crowd, I am afraid that the two will not be able to move.

    Chen Feier lowered the Voice and said: "Don't ignore them."

    She is experienced and knows how difficult it is to record entertainment, and it is easy to be misinterpreted in answering questions in such unsuccessful situations.

    Lu Chen nodded. "I have a few in my heart."

    He suddenly turned and walked toward the spot where the media reporters concentrated.

    Those entertainments were excited and, with the interception of security personnel, desperately pushed the microphone over.

    "Lu Chen, please…"

    Facing a microphone, Lu Chen said calmly: "They have worked hard, but here is a crowded public place. I am not convenient to interview the media to avoid accidental situation."

    "In addition, everyone is welcome to attend a press conference at the Beijing Hotel at 7pm. If there are any questions, please ask at that time, thank you!"

    At 7 o'clock this evening, representatives of the Republic of Korea ambassador and the Republic of Korea's Jeju City government will hold a press conference in the conference hall of the Beijing Hotel, officially granting Lu Chen and Chen Feier a “Republic of Korea Jeju Island Tour”. The title of Image Ambassador.

    As for whether the media have been invited or not, can you mix a position in the conference hall, then Lu Chen will definitely not care, he just does not want to give these reporters the opportunity to play.

    After that, Lu Chen quickly returned to Chen Fei'er, and the two quickly left the exit port under the escort of assistants and security personnel, and boarded the nanny car that had already waited outside.

    "I really know that people know each other and don't know. I can't think that Hu Yang will be such a person…"

    Li Feiyu, sitting in the co-pilot position, was indignant: "I used to think that he was very good, really blinked!"

    Li Feiyu was aware of Hu Yang. When he filmed "Blue Life and Death Love", the latter also asked Li Feiyu to have dinner. Li Feiyu was quite polite, and Li Feiyu also said good things to Hu Yang. He was very fond of him.

    Now it’s only a complete disgust!

    Hu Yangming is just trying to step on Lu Chen to continue his upper position.

    Lu Chen smiled lightly: "It's nothing more than the ass determines the head, there is no need to pissed off."

    "Ass decides the head?"

    This vocabulary is very fresh, Li Feiyu can't understand, Chen Feier and the aunt who drives the car are also curious.

    Lu Chen explained: "The position of the person determines the attitude of the person."

    "Hu Yang signed in the Juxing manager, and it was the new drama of Shonan Satellite TV. It was just the opposite of us. It is normal to say this. It is a chance to speculate with him, so it is not necessary."

    Chen Feier chuckled: "This sentence is really interesting and very reasonable. It is not big…Oh, yes, we really don’t need to accompany them to hype and lose identity. ”

    If Hu Yang heard Chen Feier’s last sentence, he was estimated to be half-dead.

    But Chen Feier is fully qualified to say this!

    Lu Chen finally said: "Everything, you have to read the results!"

    Strength is not speculation, and the series of Viewership Ratings of the drama series can't be faked. It can be sprayed with 10,000 words of saliva. If you can't add even 0.01% of Viewership Ratings, you can decide everything.

    There are many blind fans, but the fans with bright eyes are not a minority.

    Lu Chen has confidence in "Full House", so regardless of Hu Yang, or the star manager and Shonan Satellite TV he represents, Lu Chen is fearless.

    Perhaps half a year ago, Juxing manager and Shonan Satellite TV had the strength to crush Lu Chen, but Lu Chen was not alone in the circle. He was behind Beijing Satellite TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV and Crown Pictures. , Fei Shi records, SPG and other industry predators, on the lineup power is only strong.

    Most importantly, Lu Chen believes in one's own work, and believes that his carefully created "Full House" can create a miracle of Viewership Ratings.

    Therefore, Hu Yang’s various attitudes and remarks are very ridiculous in Lu Chen’s eyes.

    Can hold you up, you can also press you down!

    If Shonan Satellite TV is not smart enough to be positive with "Full House", perhaps has something to do.

    However, this possibility is very small.

    Then let the horse come over!


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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