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Chapter 382

    Xiao Haichao is capable.

    This is the conclusion that Lu Chen had after reading the program plan written by him.

    Lu Chen is not an expert in the Variety Program. The program that he provided to Tian Tian is from the memory of the dream world. He told the latter that the general concept and stage of the “China Voice” is mainly a framework.

    Lu Chen is like building a skeleton, and Xiao Haichao adds flesh and blood to this skeleton, forming a complete character, just make a shooting according to the planning plan.

    Only in some details, there is a difference between the things in Lu Chen’s memory, but this difference does not affect the Program at all, and considering the actual situation, at least Lu Chen is impeccable.

    The choreographer who can do this is not even a formal joke in the Hangzhou TV station. It is really a joke that is not a joke.

    Of course, this is a good thing for Yuet Media. If this talent is joined as a production director, then Lu Chen can completely let go, let Tian Tian let go, and make the smash hit reality show program in this dream world. come out.

    I visited the company, met the staff, signed the documents, and the lunch at the noon was set at the Bailu Restaurant on the West Lake.

    Luchen Restaurant is very familiar with Lu Chen. He also has Zhang Guibinka. When he lasted the "Singing China" tour in Hangzhou, he also invited Mu Xiaochu and others to come here to eat.

    In addition to Chen Feier and host Tian Tian, ​​Xiao Haichao and his wife also accompanied.

    Xiao Haichao's wife's name is Zhu Xi, and Xiao Haichao is a high school classmate. His appearance is a bit pungent. He is also a temporary accountant in the Yuet Media, which is the financial power of the new company.

    When I arrived at the Egret Restaurant, Tian Tian took Lu Chen and Chen Feier to go to the reserved box. When Xiao Haichao went up, she was dragged by Zhu Xi.

    He suddenly groaned: "What is it?"

    Zhu Xi’s own husband is simply hating iron: “You are stupid, order a la carte!”

    Tian Tian is the boss. Lu Chen and Chen Feier are both guests and superstar. Can they do the work of ordering food?

    But if you look a little bit, you should consciously take this life.

    Xiao Haichao stunned: "Oh, then let me know."

    Zhu Xi screwed up her husband who had no interest: "Do a little better, but don't order too much. I am advanced."

    Xiao Haichao is only a promise.

    He used to go out to work on the TV station. He went to eat and drink at the same time as the leader. There is no problem in ordering food.

    After Zhu Xi left, Xiao Haichao called the customer service personnel to start ordering.

    "what? Isn't this Xiaoxiao? ”

    As a result, he just ordered five or six dishes, and suddenly there was a familiar Voice – annoying familiarity.

    Xiao Haichao turned his head and saw a fat man standing in a few steps away. He smiled and asked: "Why, are you eating here at noon?"

    Xiao Haichao groaned and barely squeezed a smile: "High Director…"

    This high fat man is his first boss on the Hangzhou TV station. The two were originally peers, but the high fat man will be self-conducting than Xiao Haichao. He knows how to shoot the leader's flattering and step on Xiao Haichao. Upper position.

    When Xiao Haichao was working under his hands, he was not less idle. How can he see a good face now?

    "It seems like I saw your family squatting…"

    But the high fat man seems to have not noticed Xiao Haichao's look at all. He is very familiar with it. The probe looks at the menu of the customer service personnel: "Which box does it eat?" Hey! ”

    "Melan Hall!"

    His little eyes were rounded, and he reached out and took a picture of Xiao Haichao's shoulder and said, "No, now you can have a meal at the Meilan Hall. No wonder people say you climbed a high branch!"

    Xiao Haichao’s resignation from Tai’s office made Gao Fat’s heart very uncomfortable because he lacked an object that could be used to crush Converse, and this object was professionally capable.

    The most important thing is that Xiao Haichao, who just resigned, seems to be very good at mixing, and can be hit at the Egret Restaurant.

    The Meilan Hall of the Egret Restaurant is the top VIP room, and his mixed boxes are still a little worse!

    Xiao Haichao frowned, removed his footsteps and opened the distance with the high fat man, continued to report the food with the customer service personnel, and then turned and left, without the high fat and virtual snake.

    He is honest and bully, but it is not really weak, not to mention that he is no longer in Hangzhou. Naturally, he does not need to worry about high fat people. He is disgusted in his heart and ignores it.

    Honest people will also get angry!

    Gao Fatzi probably didn't expect Xiao Haichao to look at one's own face, and the false smile suddenly stiffened on his face.

    After a moment, he snorted and turned back to the one's own box.

    In the box, there is a lot of fun, and there are colleagues and bosses in the high fat family, as well as a Director of Zhejiang TV.

    Compared with Zhejiang TV, Hangshi's rice bowl is really too small. It is not easy to pull the advertisement. It is expected to mix the stagnation and coldness from the Zhejiang side, so it is necessary to ask the leader to accompany it. The contact feelings of accompanying drinking did not stop on weekends.

    When I saw the high fat man coming back, it was not very pleasant. His colleague asked: "Old Gao, what happened? Is it today that I didn’t go out with Xiaosan to play the beggar? ”

    This joke makes everyone laugh.

    Gao Fatzi smiled bitterly: "Old Zhang's mouth is under the sorrow. It was not possible to hear it by my family's yellow-faced woman. I just met Xiao Haichao outside, and his wife."

    “Xiao Haichao?”

    His colleague was surprised: "Is also eating here?"

    The fat man said sourly: "The people still book the Melan Hall!"

    Meran Hall?

    Several people look at each other in dismay and know what the Merlin Hall represents. It is a box that ordinary people simply cannot.

    "Xiao Haichao really climbed the high branch…"

    The high-fat colleague snorted and immediately smiled: "Since I met, let's go to the Meilan Hall and let him come over to give a regular Director a glass of wine. It is also a face for him. After all, a colleague."

    His proposal is obviously not good.

    The current Director of today's banquet is the high-level figure of Zhejing. Unless Xiao Haichao is diverted, as long as he is still mixing in this circle, it is a crime to offend the director.

    If you don't want to offend, then obediently come over and let everyone step on it – don't think that if you find another high, you can shake it.

    The regular Director smiled slyly.

    Gao Fatzi suddenly came to the interest and smiled and said: "Then we used to call Xiao Haichao together. Today is really lucky, at least three drinks!"

    So the two left the one's own box and hurried to the Meran Hall.

    The high fat man did not wait for the customer service personnel in front of the door. He pushed forward the door of the box and laughed loudly: "Xiao Xiao, which guest are you here to entertain?" We often want to see you at Director! ”


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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