Chapter 385 Humanoid Nuclear Bomb

    Wang Xiao/Ling’s home is in the old town of southeast Hangzhou.

    The District here is basically built in 890 and 1990. Most of them belong to the staff quarters of local state-owned enterprises. Nowadays, the environmental conditions are relatively backward, and the voices of the people demanding demolition are getting higher and higher. It is expected to be completed within a few years. City transformation.

    But even if the demolition was changed to a new house, Gao He and Wang Xiao/Ling couldn’t get any light, because Wang Xiao/Ling had two twin brothers!

    It is because of the poor living conditions that the family will oppose the relationship between the two – can not rent a house for the rest of their lives? What should I do if I have a baby in the future?

    The old District road is narrow, Zhou Rui's car parked on the road outside, there are already three wedding cars waiting there, suffering in the sun in the hot sun, the ground is still scattered with colorful spray debris.

    Zhou Rui is very helpless: "Wang Xiao/Ling's relatives and sisters are not good at all. Our brothers and groomsmen have sent out thousands of big red envelopes. Even the first door has not passed, and now I don't know how. kind."

    The Wang family was not very satisfied with this family member. Wang Xiao/Ling is also a native of Hangzhou. Gao He, the foreign boy who wants to take her away, is inevitable.

    Even Wang Xiao/Ling one's own can't stop the bridesmaid's sisters from being difficult at this time, because according to customs, this is to give the bridegroom a horse, let her marry and have authority at home.

    It is too easy to get, and it is not always cherished.

    Zhou Rui is also a native of Hangzhou. Of course, he knows the doorway. In order to complete the task, he can only give Lu Chen a magic weapon: "The third child, this time I will see you!"

    Lu Chen is very dissatisfied with this custom, but today is a big day, can not say that the brothers have to withdraw, we went to the street to grab another bride to go back, then nodded and said: "I will try it."


    Zhou Rui picked up a big bag from the back seat to Lu Chen.

    Lu Chenqi said: "What is this?"

    Zhou Rui smiled: "Groomsmen!" Deliberately rent it for you, and quickly change it. ”

    Lu morning served, and put the clothes in the car.

    When Lu Chen changed his clothes, the two got out of the car and, under the leadership of Zhou Rui, came to the fifth floor of an old building.

    A lot of people were crowded in the hallway aisle. Most of them should be watching the lively neighbors. There were four or five suits and men in front of the door. The groom Gao Gao, who is a tall man, was eye-catching.

    He is a helpless color.

    Neighbors are pointing and there is no shortage of gloating.

    "It’s been two hours. I haven’t picked up the people yet. Is the Old Wang family so reluctant to be a daughter?”

    "People have received the certificate, and the marriage is still to be settled, but the gas is also drawn!"

    "That is, if the red envelope is not enough, the daughter will go out, but it will not work."

    "Look at me…"

    "Let's let, let's, please let me!"

    Zhou Rui shouted: "Boss, the third child is here!"

    "The youngest!"

    Gao He is like a suffering victim who has encountered a big savior: "just wait for you!"

    Seeing him so excited, everyone's eyes could not help but turn to Lu Chen's body.

    "what? This guy is very handsome, handsomer than the groom! ”

    "Yeah, it looks familiar, as if I have seen it."

    "Go and ask, is there any object, huh, huh."

    "Lu Chen, he is Lu Chen!"

    "Who is Lu Chen?"

    "It is the one who plays Yin Junxi, he is superstar!"

    "Superstar, really fake?"

    Lu Chen did not wear sunglasses after changing to the best man's clothes. He now has a high rate of appearance in the media, so he was quickly recognized and suddenly caused an uproar.

    No one expected that the new son-in-law of Old Wang’s family had a superstar friend who came to be the best man.

    Everyone consciously gave up the road, and some people took the action machine to take pictures.

    "Thank you…"

    Lu Chen thanked the person who gave way to one's own, and then gave Gao He a solid hug.

    "Boss, Congratulations you!"

    Gao He is excited: "The third child!"

    Regardless of the identity of Lu Chen, the friendship between the two has not changed.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Is it still blocked?" I talked to the people inside, see if I can give you some face. ”

    After three passes, the door is the first pass, the living room is the second, and the bride's bedroom is the third. Usually, the head and the tail are the worst. It takes a long time to meet the hardships.

    Lu Chen went to the door and asked through the anti-theft fence: "Sisters, can you open the door?"

    Keeping in the door are Wang Xiao/Ling's relatives and sisters. They just heard the movement outside. They didn't quite understand what happened, until Lu Chen's go on stage appeared.


    Someone immediately screamed: "Really Lu Chen, Yin Junxi!"

    Inside, suddenly blasted the nest, and one of the girls immediately unscrewed the door lock: "Come in!"

    Lu Chen turned to Gao He to make a gesture of victory.

    Gao He returned to him with a thumbs up.

    The handsome guy is already infinitely powerful. The superstar handsome guy is a humanoid nuclear bomb. It is a strange thing for the little sisters to survive. It is no longer necessary to smash the red envelope to open the original unbreakable door.

    As soon as the door opened, the groomsmen embraced the groom and sneaked in.

    The girls inside are so excited that their faces are red, some of them are bright and bold, and some are shy and dodging. They want to be close but not dare, so that some of the best men who have just suffered have secretly despised. .

    The first pass was broken, and the second pass was very easy. Gao He went to Wang Xiao/Ling's elders who came to join the party and presented the red envelope that had already been prepared.

    As for the tail that was originally a big test, it didn't exist directly, because the bridesmaids in the bedroom all ran out to look at Lu Chen, took a photo and asked for a signature, and left the bride without any loyalty.

    Superstar is the best man, and for them the perhaps is the only one that can be seen in this life.

    Lu Chen smiled happily to meet the requirements of the bridesmaids, and Gao He took the opportunity to run to the bedroom to hold the bride out.

    "Take the bride!"

    I only heard the sound of "嘭", and countless color bars were hit on the ceiling and fell down.

    Gao He took the bride and strode out of the house, and hugged all the way to the main wedding car.

    Then the bride and groom, together with the best man bridesmaids, took the wedding car to the hotel.

    Since Gaohe and Wang Xiao/Ling are currently renting a house, the wedding night is arranged in the hotel where the wedding is held, and the hotel room is treated as a temporary new house.

    After the two married in Hangzhou, they had to go to Gaohe’s home in Jicheng.

    After a lot of excitement, I finally had no trouble, settled in the hotel in twos and threes, and then waited for the start of the evening wedding.

    Lu Chen was able to talk to the groom and the bride alone.

————–(To be continued~^~)

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