Chapter 386 chapter advance layout

    "Lu Chen, I really want to thank you this time!"

    Wang Xiao/Ling’s eyes were bright and she said to Lu Chen: “I didn’t expect you to come.”

    When she was at home, she was guarded by bridesmaids in the bedroom. Gao He was gambling outside and was not allowed to enter. Her heart was actually very anxious. I was afraid that Gao He couldn’t help the temper and both sides could not step down. .

    It’s not uncommon to pick up a bride’s troubles, and there’s a divorce on the spot.

    Fortunately, Lu Chen, like the gods and soldiers, easily solved her relatives and sisters, so that she was able to smoothly complete the important step of life, and naturally feel very grateful.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Da, you said that you have seen a foreign language, what is my friendship with the boss!"

    Gao He holds Wang Xiao/Ling's hand and smiles thickly.

    Wang Xiao/Ling grinned and said: "In short, thank you, I heard that your girlfriend Chen Feier is here too?"

    Lu Chen nodded: "Take her to see the bride tomorrow."

    Wang Xiao/Ling Xinxi: "That's great, I am her fan!"

    Lu Chen asked Gao He: "Boss, how are you working now?"

    When Gao He did not graduate, he had already talked about a job in his hometown of Jicheng, but finally chose to stay in Hangzhou for love. Zhou Rui said that he and Xiaoling worked in a game.

    Zhou Rui said a bit vague, Lu Chen thinks that this job is estimated to be general, certainly not comparable to the Fei Teng company where the old one's own is located.

    So he asked for a special concern.

    Gao He is not concealed. He and Xiaoling's company are not big. The game production company that was established only the previous year is mainly engaged in the production of page games and mobile games. At present, there are two small games that are not very popular.

    "Wage is enough to live…"

    Gao He said: "Small companies also have the benefits of small companies. At least I have access to a lot of things. I still focus on learning and training, and I have accumulated enough experience to change jobs or one's own."

    He added: "Now the mobile game is really hot, a small game can have millions of water per month, and of course the competition is very intense."

    Gao He also has an idea. He can't let Wang Xiao/Ling always follow one's own. The price of Hangzhou is so expensive. The current salary can never afford to buy a house. If there is a chance, he still has to start his own business. .

    Although the risk of starting a business is great, there is no risk, and where can there be considerable gains?

    Gao He joked to Lu Chen: "In the future, if I want to be one's own, I will ask you to speak for you. You have to give me a big discount, haha!"

    Nowadays, the smart cell phone has already entered a period of rapid development, and the cell phone game has also flourished, and the market scale has been expanding, reaching a very surprising level.

    Celebrity artist endorsement cell phone game has become a commonplace, Lu Chen has also received several companies' endorsements, but they have been pushed down by him – not low prices, but not enough grades.

    But what he thinks now is another matter.

    Lu Chen is studying computer applications in college. Of course, the intelligent machine and the entertainment trend are very well understood. Knowing the current cell phone game, the creative quality is the most important.

    The creative mobile game, even if it is just a simple 2D image, is still very popular, and the investment is huge and beautifully crafted 3D mobile games.

    In Lu Chen’s dream world, there are also many classic games, including many smash hits, like a treasure waiting to be excavated.

    If you are not on the current path, he will, like Gao He, work in a game company to gain experience and original capital, and then one's own to start a business again, with these ideas in the dream world. Wealth, I believe, can also do a real career.

    Lu Chen thought about it and said: "Boss, you will come out this year, I will invest in you for a mobile game."

    Gao He stunned: "The third child, I am joking."

    He does not doubt Lu Chen's financial resources, but he still has no confidence in one's own ability. After all, the time to enter this line is not long. It is no problem to do one's own alone. If you open a company to operate the project independently, then it is completely The other thing is over.

    Lu Chen perhaps does not care about investment failure, but where can he live?

    Lu Chen shook his head and said: "I am not kidding. I really have such a plan. You also know that I can't run a game production company. If you let me do it, I can be assured."

    Lu Chen thought about it. It is not as cheap as Gaohe. It is also an early IP layout for one's own big IP plan. It is very important to know that the interest involved in game copyright is very huge.

    At present, in order to gain a foothold, Lu Chen has a wide network of people to share benefits, but the core interests of the big IP plan, he must always be firmly in the hands of one's own.

    For example, he is currently updating the "Gang Jiang Jiang Hu" published by Inspur Liteer. If the book can be sold in the future and finally form a high-quality IP, then the adaptation of the film and television drama is inevitable, and the game is indispensable.

    Instead of selling the copyright in one lump sum, why not make full use of copyright to seek greater benefits?

    Lu Chen one's own has no energy to do such a thing, but he can invest, can acquire related companies, finally create an entertainment/empire.

    This is the ultimate ambition of Lu Chen to the perfect superstar road!

    Gao He still wants to say something, and the result was stepped on by Wang Xiao/Ling in the dark.

    The bride used the hate of iron and steel to look at the groom – you are stupid, such a good opportunity to cherish in front of you, I really think that in the future by one's own will be able to do business?

    By relying on brothers and friends, it is not a shame to rely on personal connections. As long as one's own is hard-working and worthy of investment and support from Lu Chen, then it is a matter of conscience!

    Gao Hejun: "Then I think about it."

    His head is a mess, and it is a joy and a fear, a typical technique of a home.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You don't think about it today. Your task today is to be the most competent groom!"

    Gao He nodded stunned.

    Time flies fast, and it turns to sunset at dusk.

    Gaohe and Wang Xiao/Ling wedding banquets are on the second floor of the hotel. Two newcomers, accompanied by the best man and bridesmaids, greet the guests at the door of the hotel.

    Lu Chen did not follow the past because of his special status. He sat in the position of the main wedding seat and still became the focus of the audience!

    And the most sensation on the face, I am afraid that Wang Xiao / Ling's Parent's house people.

    Gaohe’s Taishan Taishui originally had a resolute opposition to the relationship between the two. I didn’t want the daughter who was like a flower to follow a foreigner who had no money and no power. I couldn’t see it in the last year, unless I was in Hangzhou. City to buy a house.

    The helpless Wang Xiao/Ling's determination is too big, and the marriage certificate is directly drawn. Wang Xiao/Ling parents can only recognize it if they are reluctant. Otherwise, not only will their daughters disappear, but they will also be jokes by relatives and friends.

    Of course, I hope that the two will happily handle the wedding, which is definitely not possible.

    However, they never imagined that Lu Chen, the superstar, actually came to Gao He as the best man, and personally came to pick up the bride at home, so that the Old Wang family instantly became the object of the next-door discussion – it was too Face.

    Wang Xiao/Ling parents Previously, I heard Wang Xiao/Ling said that my classmates and friends have a very great character. I really don’t know that Lu Chen’s relationship with Gao He is so good. Why did the two of them start to be a good Evildoer?

    Lu Chen casually carries a handful, Gao He, I am afraid I can mix it up with the wind and water?

    No wonder the two cities, the hotel general manager personally visited the scene, Bi Gong respectfully asked Lu Chen to take a group message, and then Lu Chen said a few words, this spending is not a small wedding banquet to give a death, at least let them save Tens of thousands of dollars.

    In fact, in the final analysis, Wang Xiao/Ling parents also don't want baby daughters to suffer from people. Since Gao He has such a good friend, it will undoubtedly make people feel at ease.

    They are also very fortunate that they did not make the grades of the wedding ban very low, and also invited the wedding ceremonies to the Host ceremony, otherwise they would be shameful in front of friends and family.

    As time went on, the guests who came to the wedding reception were almost at the same time, the bridegroom and the bride returned to the hall, and the wedding ceremony officially began.

    "Ziyan Xixiang Huangdao Day, when the beautiful scenery is beautiful, the red plums spit into the joints, and Zhilan Yong carries the knot!"

    "Today is June 18th, 2016. In this happy, energetic and good-natured day, we met and met together to celebrate the wedding celebrations of two newcomers, Mr. Gao He and Miss Wang Xiao/Ling."

    "The wedding music will be ringing, and the soul of the lover will be hit here with the most brilliant sparks. A new couple will have to walk into the sacred temple with both hands!"

    In the passionate recital of the wedding ceremonies, the wedding march sounded, and the whole hall was filled with joy and joy.

    The dressed newcomer is on the go on stage, wearing a white wedding dress, Wang Xiao/Ling smiles with extra joy, she has never been as beautiful as it is now, and Gao He is also confident and full of spirit.

    This pair of new people firmly attracted the attention of some people in the place, even if Lu Chen had to retreat as a supporting role.

    "A hundred years of repairing the same boat, the millennium repaired a total of sleep. Life is a flower, love is the honey of flowers. When love and love are ripe, when both men and women form a husband and wife through legal means, the most touching scene in each person's life will begin. ”

    "Here, we have two two hearts of Congratulations, such as Junxiu, and a hundred years of age!" We sincerely hope that the two newcomers, Silo, will be together for a hundred years, and they will be together for a long time. Let us congratulate the two of them on their happiness with warm applause! ”

    The applause exploded in the banquet hall, and all the friends and family sent the most sincere blessings.

    Wang Xiao/ Ling was so excited that her eyes filled with crystal tears.

    This situation has brought a wonderful feeling to Lu Chen’s heart.

    Happiness is actually so simple.


I am not careful when copying. This chapter has been revised and I apologize to everyone. (To be continued~^~)

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