The 384th chapter has its own chances

    Normal Director sat in the Merlin Hall for four or five minutes, and after a few drinks, he went back.

    The main purpose of his coming is to eliminate misunderstandings. By the way, I will meet the two hot Celebrity in the Entertainment Circle and talk about the filming process of "Full House".

    This drama series Zhedong Satellite TV has obtained the first broadcast right. With the coming of summer vacation, large-scale publicity activities are about to start. Zhedong Satellite TV has placed great hopes on Viewership Ratings, and even the plan for attracting investment is made in advance.

    Often Director knows this very deeply, so it is very respectful to Lu Chen and Chen Feier. It is not just the status of the two in the circle. What is more important is the cooperation between Zhejiang and the two studios, which involves huge benefits.

    Often Director's front foot just left, and the cell phone of Lu Chen in the back foot rang.

    It’s Gao He who called Lu Chen’s call: “The third child, have you been to Hangzhou?”

    Although Lu Chen is now a famous idol artist in the country, in the eyes of Gao He, he is still the third child in the 405 bedroom of Jianghai University.

    Lu Chen also hopes so.

    He smiled and said: "It is already here, eating at the Egret, what about you?"


    Gao He is a bitter bitter water to vomit: "I have a group of friends with my fourth child at Xiaoling's house, and I am blocked from outside the door. The bridesmaids are ready to play and die!"


    Lu Chen laughed happily: "The bride must of course go through three passes. Would you like me to come over and help?"

    Gao He praised: "It is of course the best you can come to help, then you are going to eat, I let the old four drive to pick you up."

    With the friendship between the two people, it is a matter of politeness.

    Lu Chen certainly has no objection: "Let the old four call me, I will come out to find him."

    Gao He: "Good!"

    Hanging up the phone, Tian Tian, ​​sitting next to him, curiously asked: "Your friend is getting married today?"

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "Yes, so I'll give it to you today." ”

    Tian Tian grinned and said: "You hide the feier sister like this, don't bring her to drink wine?"

    This little trick of discord is of course difficult to Lu Chen, he laughed: "Next time I get married and take her!" ”

    In fact, Chen Feier’s identity is too special. With her suspicion of having a drink in the past, can’t the brother’s wedding feast be turned into a one’s own girlfriend’s home?

    Lu Chen said well with Chen Feier, and tomorrow, please ask the bride and groom to have a meal together, so that they have the best of both worlds.

    Tian Tian is speechless.

    Chen Feier held her smile and said: "I am too lazy to care about him, we have two worlds!"

    Tian Tian sighed: "Looking at you both right, I want to fall in love."

    Chen Feier said: "Can I introduce you to my boyfriend?"

    Tian Tian snorted: "I am free, I am now focusing on my career. Men are all floating clouds, and I will talk about them later."

    The two talked and laughed, and the atmosphere was harmonious.

    After almost half an hour, the call of the fourth child came over.

    Lu Chen shook the cell phone with Chen Feier and said, "I will go first. You should eat it slowly with everyone."

    Chen Feier nodded: "Be careful."

    Lu Chen said: "Know, dear."


Tian Tian shrunk his shoulders: "The meat is dead!"

    Lu Chen smiled and greeted Xiao Haichao and left the box.

    Outside the Egret Restaurant, Lu Chen quickly found the fourth car.

    "You are developed in the fourth year!"

    Sitting in the car, Lu Chen was surprised to look at the brand new interior: "The big bang is on."

    The old perimeter is a native of Hangzhou. The thin Xiao Xiao's appearance is not good. He directly gave Lu Chen a contemptuous look: "Superstar, you should not bury me. This Mercedes is borrowed as a wedding car, I will break the driver. !"

    Lu Chen laughed and gave him a punch: "Do not talk nonsense, drive!"

    Zhou Rui: "Convex!"

    On the way to the bride's home, Lu Chen chatted with Zhou Rui and knew the current situation of a group of brothers and friends.

    After Gao He graduated, he stayed in Hangzhou without returning to his hometown, and even gave up the original job. He is currently working with Xiaoling in a local game company. Although he can't afford to buy a house, he is very happy. So early marriage is well thought out, not a result of impulsiveness.

    Zhou Rui said: "The big family is very opposed, mainly because there is no room, so simply accept the certificate directly."

    It’s just an objection. At the beginning, Wang Xiao/Ling’s parents didn’t agree with the two. They almost broke off with Wang Xiao/Ling. I want to agree with the two. First, Gao He’s to buy a suite in Hangzhou. .

    The problem is that the current housing prices in Hangzhou are not affordable for young people.

    Finally, the determination of Wang Xiao/Ling and the sincerity of Gao He played a role, and the story in the middle was enough to write a novel.

    Lu Chen nodded, Gao He and Wang Xiao / Ling can finally come together really is not easy, 99% of the off-site romance in the university is inconclusive, and both of them have enough courage to stick to the end.

    After graduating from the old Kwan Hongzhi, he went to Shanghai and Shanghai. He used to work with Senior Brother. But it didn't take long for him to resign and go to the deep sea. He worked in an Internet company. Because he was too busy, he didn't come to Gaohe.

    As for Zhou Rui one's own, I work in the game department of Feiteng.

    Feiteng is the Internet company of Domestic ranked top three, the famous Yibao and Yifubao are under its umbrella. The other game department is very powerful, self-made and acting too many hot online games.

    The key is that Feiteng is a local company in Hangzhou, and the treatment has always been one of the best in the industry. Therefore, in addition to Lu Chen, Zhou Rui is the best mixed.

    Everyone has their own experience. In general, everyone is very good. Unfortunately, this time they have not all reunited.

    Zhou Rui Eight Trigrams: "The third child, are you really planning to get married with Chen Feier?"

    The envy of his face, Chen Feier is the real goddess, who can think of a brother who sleeps with one's own in a house can actually fall in love with the goddess, is a big winner in life!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I don't think about getting married now. Do you have a girlfriend now?"

    Zhou Rui had a hard face: "It was pulled by the old lady several times. It is not that I don't look at people, that is, people don't look at me. In short, it's not right. I don't have any idea. Let's go." ”

    To say that, in the same bedroom four brothers, Zhou Rui is the least female popularity, the university only four years he did not talk about love, the most difficult time is the other three pairs in pairs, he is still alone.

    Zhou Rui is very open, and he can enjoy himself with the game.

    All the way, the two came to the District where Wang Xiao/Ling lived.


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