The 380th chapter fans and book fans

    Entertainment Circle is a grotesque Vanity Fair, where people can never escape the fame and fortune.

    There are only a lot of people in the circle. Some people try to brush up the sense of existence in order to chase fame and fortune, and all kinds of hype publicity create momentum, try their best to attract the attention, but often the effect is embarrassing, or it can not last long.

    There are also some people who do not speculate and do things, but always stand firmly in the public eye.

    On June 12th, the original sound list announced the new list for the second week of June.

    Chen Feier’s new album titled "Flower Woman", which has occupied the top position for six consecutive weeks, has finally been picked up and retired to the third position, replaced by two new songs.

    "You have a lifetime", ranked second in the original sound list.

    "Childhood", topped the list!

    Both songs are works by Lu Chen, so that some people laughed that the original sound list became a couple in the fight list.

    And let the people in the industry very speechless, "Life has you" is Lu Chen's 520 Love Song for Chen Feier, "Childhood" is his new song on the "New Star Show", without any publicity promotion, relying on The recommendation and support of fans fans has easily stood at the top of the original Music list.

    How is this sensational?

    Many people really feel very unconvinced, especially the Singers who are on the list.

    In their view, losing to Chen Feier's "Flower Woman", which has sold more than 2 million albums, is convincing, but what is the ticket to Lu Chen?

    A lot of Singer worked hard to make the first work, do a single to make an album, ask Grandpa to tell Grandma the publicity promotion, brush the notice everywhere, and the results can not be done on the original sound list.

    Lu Chen’s work on the original sound list is almost like playing!

    How can I be convinced?

    Does Domestic have no original popular Music author, can you fight against Lu Chen?

    In fact, it is fair to say that it is because of Lu Chen that since the last year, the original Strong of World's popular Musical World has become active again. It is his success that has made many Celebrity artists and entertainment Manager Corporation focus on the value of original works. , thereby improving the treatment of the original author.

    Now Lu Chen's song, the external offer is 500,000-700,000, and there is no price, no far more than the price of the previous top author, has changed the status of original works.

    With him as the benchmark, the original author of the Domestic has a lot of income, which is definitely a good thing for the popular Musical World – money is not a panacea, no money is impossible!

    The famous Music commentator Wang Bo wrote in his blog: The original folk style brought by Lu Chen is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of Domestic's original Music in the past two years. The campus folk songs he opened are undoubtedly a blow into the music world. Clear stream, let us see the hope and future of the popular Musical World.

    Going back to this "fairy tale" just ascend the summit, I think this is one of Lu Chen's best works. When I hear this song, I can't help but feel a bit sour. I miss the passing years and miss the ignorant childhood. period.

    We are growing up, we have to compromise with growth, the memories of the times will cover up the past, but childhood will always be indispensable in the heart, this song is calling back our memories.

    This song is a mature man's ideal illusion for childhood, it is approachable, it is cute and sad, it is the kind of sadness that makes you smile after childhood.

    The author dares to assert that the song "Childhood" is extremely covert, and there is almost no limit to the times. It will be circulated in every heart with childhood, and among those who have childlike intentions, it is destined to become a true classic…

    Wang Bo is not an ordinary person. Apart from the identity of the sound critics, he is also a council member of the Chinese Music Association, and the original sound list was created by the Chinese Music Association.

    Just because the original sound list is changing the rules of the list, the industry is rumored that the rule changing has a suspicion against Lu Chen, Wang Bo's blog is quite intriguing.

    After being published in the Inspur blog, this commentary was quickly reposted and commented on thousands.

    Lu Chen’s coffee in the popular Musical World has quietly risen a step.

    Because Wang Bo is likely to be an official attitude, even if Lu Chen has not joined the Chinese Music Association.

    Considering that this year's [Asia Chinese Gold Melody] was merged with the [Chinese original Music list] and upgraded to the [Global Chinese Original Gold List], it is even more interesting.

    Lu Chen will undoubtedly be a strong contender for the best lyrics, best composition, best male Singer and other important awards in the Chinese language list.

    His second work on the drama series is also ready to meet the audience during the summer vacation.

    This talented Celebrity will perform in the second half of this year and it is really exciting!

    And when everyone focused on Lu Chen's song and drama series, he wrote the singer Jiang Hu, which he wrote in the vest, on the Internet.

    After Inspur’s reading of more than 120,000 words, Wang Pu has become a hardcore fan of this book.

    He finished his work every day. The first thing to go to the Internet cafe is to log in to the wave book, read the latest chapter of "Jiang Hu", and share the reading experience with the book friends who like this book.

    As a hardcore fan, Wang Pu would like to know the author of "Smile Jiang Jiang", "Recalling the Ancients". He passed the book review and text message in the station, hoping to add the other party's flight and talk about the plot.

    However, Wang Pu’s message has never been answered. The author is too low-key. In addition to the main body of the story, the content of the chapter is never recommended. The book review area is not managed at all, and the update is obviously Timing, the time of the two chapters updated every day is exactly the same.

    Under such a situation, Wang Pu simply found one of the people's Jiang Hu flying group, and pulled all the friends in the Old Bai group who liked this book.

    Through his efforts, the data of "Smile Jiang Hu" has risen a lot. The number of clicks has exceeded 10,000, and the collection has reached 500+. The useful comments have overwhelmed the advertisement.

    Still fluttering the street.

    Wang Pu is very convinced. He stubbornly believes that this book should be seen by more readers. It should not be buried in many new works, so he launched a group of friends to "advertise the Jiang Hu".

    Brushing advertisement is very simple, that is, writing a few advertisement words and book reviews in advance, and then going to the popular red book comment area, novel forum, and post bar in the book station by different IDs to brush the posts.

    This kind of behavior, known as brush psoriasis, was originally Wangpu hated.

    But for "Jiang Hu", he is willing to pull down his face because he is a real book fan!

—————(To be continued~^~)

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