The 367th chapter

    Jeju Island is the largest island of the Republic of Korea and is under the jurisdiction of the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province. It covers an area of ​​nearly 2,000 square kilometers and has a population of more than one million, mainly concentrated in Jeju City.

    This typical volcanic island has a warm and beautiful climate. Its volcanic landscape and lava caves have been designated by the UNESCO as a natural heritage of the world. It is also one of the world's seven new natural wonders.

    Jeju Island not only has a unique island scenery, but also inherits the unique folk culture of the ancient Jura Kingdom. It is known as the “Republic of Korea's Hawaii”, and the island's tourism and aquaculture industry plays an important role in the Republic of Korea. Status.

    In addition, it is also the location of many Republic of Korea movies, drama series, reality show variety program, and is one of the premier destinations for Tourist visitors to Korea.

    Most of the Republic of Korea plots of "Full House" will be filmed in Jeju Island, with a small part in Seoul.

    Compared with the original book in the memory of the dream world, Lu Chen enriched the plot in the script of this new drama. The expansion length increased the role, and the foreign space increased greatly.

    Filming abroad is actually a very troublesome thing, because it involves local laws and regulations, not to say that a camera can find a piece of land to start shooting immediately, and it needs coordination from all sides.

    Fortunately, the drama crew received great assistance from the Republic of Korea SPG, so the filming process was quite smooth. In addition to a few small problems in the first two days of Jeju Island, there were no more twists and turns.

    This new drama is no longer used as a side-by-side broadcast. Once all the shots are completed, it will be broadcast simultaneously in the Domestic and Republic of Korea. Lu Chen’s expected shooting and production period is about two and a half months.

    So you can broadcast in the summer vacation and compete for the Viewership Ratings of the young people.

    For a 25-episode drama series, this production cycle is not very short, but considering the many foreign shooting content, the task is still very tight.


    Fang Hui shouted and stood up from the Director's chair and walked quickly to the front of Lu Chen and Chen Feier.

    She frowned and said: "Feier, your body movements are too stiff, shame is right, but not too nervous, naturally, try to be natural."

    Chen Feier said with a pretty face: "I know Director, I will try again."

    Fang Hui smiled and said: "Don't be nervous, just follow you…As usual, Lu Chen did a good job. ”

    Lu Chen smiled and provoked Chen Feier with a white eye.

    The two are now shooting at the famous scenic spot of Jeju Island, Wang Haitai, and they have taken a very romantic kiss.

    This is also the first kiss between Chen Feier and Lu Chen in the film and television drama.

    The last "Blue Life and Death" until the heroine died, the intimacy between the two is limited to the hand in hand, after the broadcast is called by the audience the most pure emotional drama ever.

    The "Blue" drama is a sad drama, and "Full House" is a warm comedy, so the intimate drama is a little more.

    Although Chen Feier and Lu Chen had already lived together, the relationship between the two was intimate, but for the first time, Chen Feier was still nervous. She has been NG three times in a row.

    The reason for the tension is mainly because there are a lot of tourists in Wanghaitai. The scope of the clearance is very limited. Although many staff members maintain order at the scene, they are still formed onlookers.

    In the eyes of the crowd, so many people stared at the filming scene, Chen Feier is inevitably a bit inseparable.

    She really lacks experience.

    Fang Hui’s requirements for the details are very high. If you don’t feel the position, you will need to come back.

    At this point, Lu Chen is very supportive of Fang Hui.

    He said to Chen Feier: "You close your eyes, open them again, don't look at other people, just look at me…"

    If you say that in the singing, Lu Chen and Chen Feier's strength is not high, then in the performance, Lu Chen who has a memory of silence can be used as Chen Feier's mentor.

    Before the filming of "Blue Life and Death", Chen Feier made a guest appearance in several large movies, purely playing tickets.

    When the "Blue" drama was filmed, the opponent between the two was basically Lu Chen taking her.

    Therefore, Chen Feier was very confident in Lu Chen. She closed her eyes obediently, and after a while, she reopened, leaving only Lu Chen in her eyes.

    "Attention to all units!"

    "Camera preparation!"


    Lu Chen stared at Chen Feier's eyes and instantly became affectionate. He stretched the action action and posted it on Chen Fei's pretty face, and the thumbtips gently stroked the lips.

    Lu Chen plays the male master, a superstar, who is kind and hard but stubborn. When he realizes that one's own love for the woman, it naturally shows a strong side.

    Under his gaze with a slight aggressive look, Chen Feier was a little cringe like a bunny stared by an eagle, shyly afraid to look at him, instinctively want to turn his head and dodge.

    However, Lu Chen did not give her the opportunity to escape, and she bowed her head and kissed her lips.

    In the face of such an attack, Chen Fei’s eyes widened, as if she could not believe the facts that had just happened, but under the encroachment of Lu Chen’s hegemony, she gave up her resistance and closed her eyes, holding her hands tightly in Lu Chen’s Waist, catering to the latter.

    The two kissed together, the background was the blue sea, and a seagull flew through the air, forming a beautiful picture.


    Fang Hui Meng clap his hands and smiled and said: "Good, too!"

    She was really very satisfied with the set of scenes that had just been filmed. Although Chen Feier was not a professional actor, she did not have any special performances, but her progress in performance is very obvious.

    The most important thing is that Chen Feier's savvy in acting is extremely high. After Fang Hui or Lu Chen's dialing, he can easily grasp the flaws of performance and quickly correct the shortcomings of one's own.

    According to the words in the circle, she is the one who should eat this bowl of rice by nature!

    But Fang Hui is most admired, or Lu Chen.

    If Chen Feier is always learning and improving in terms of performance, then Lu Chen’s performance is like the old bones that have been filmed for decades. The subtle look and action performance are impeccable. The role of the interpretation of both the form and the spirit, even the lines are rarely missed.

    It is the easiest to take a picture of Lu Chen, and the number of NG is very small, saving time and effort!

    Such an actor does not like Director.

    Fang Hui is no exception, of course, but what she can't figure out is that Lu Chen is not a student, and the time of debut is incomparable with Chen Feier. Then, where did he learn to perform an excellent acting?

    Fang Hui really can't figure it out. He can only classify Lu Chen as a "volupe".

    Even if it is enchanting, there is no such thing as him. It is only a year's time to debut. It is also a record and a studio, a script and a drama series, and everything is very successful!

    Perhaps some people are born to let others look up.

    Fang Huixin sighed, clap his hands and said: "First rest for ten minutes, next preparation!"

    The drama crew at the scene is like a tight string to relax, but the crew of the crew, the photography team and the recording crew have to keep busy preparing for the change.

    Lu Chen reluctantly let go of Chen Feier, and the two looked at each other and smiled. They all saw sweetness from each other's eyes.

    Even if it was a filming, the two of them just did a fake show, and it felt wonderful and good.

    "Lu Chen, Lu Chen!"

    At this time, there was a shout of screams not far away.

    It turned out that several young female tourists were calling Lu Chen’s name outside the safety circle. If it was not blocked by the on-site staff, I am afraid that they will rush directly.

    Chen Feier grinned and said: "Go and entertain your female fans. I will go makeup first."

    After she finished, she walked, and Lu Chen dumbfounded and shook her head. She had to go to the fans.

    There are many tourists in Jeju Island, many of whom have Lu Chen and Chen Feier's fans. Many tourists have seen two people filming, and they have to take pictures and then ask for signatures and photos.

    If conditions permit, Lu Chen will usually meet the requests of these fans.

    Interestingly, he also has Republic of Korea fans here, basically some young Republic of Korea girls.

    Here Lu Chen just used to deal with the fans. The scene in the drama crew told the assistant of one's own: "You go there and take a few bottles of water in the car, remember to hurry!"

    The little assistant agreed, and quickly ran to the parking lot.


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