The 367th chapter of the martial arts

    The paradox on the Internet seems to be like a storm in the summer, full of unpredictable uncertainty. The moment is a storm, the next moment may be rainy, and the reversal is often unpredictable.

    In the afternoon, Lu Chen’s “ arrested” incident at the Republic of Korea broke out in the blog. At night, netizens fell to support Lu Chen, and his popularity was once again elevated.

    It is also a blessing in disguise.

    The change of the situation is also indispensable to the help of friends and partners of Lu Chen. Otherwise, it is not so easy to clarify the truth. After all, the strength against him is very powerful.

    This is due to Lu Chen’s consistent interest-sharing strategy, because he always believes that under the very weak situation of his own, holding high-quality resources to eat alone is the way to go.

    Like the new drama "Full House" currently being filmed, Lu Chen has drawn to the predators of Beijing Satellite TV, Zhedong Satellite TV, Crown Film, Fei Shi Records, SPG, etc., while ensuring their core interests. Share some of the cake to consolidate the roots of one's own in the Entertainment Circle.

    Lu Chen’s accident, of course, these partners will not stand spectator, because they are involved in their interests, so when Lu Chen issued a formal statement, on the Internet, he responded quickly and quickly reversed the passive situation.

    The undercurrent that wants to drive him into the abyss is naturally helpless.

    On the way to the peak, Lu Chen is no longer a person, so no one dares to take a nap!

    Of course his biggest supporter is still thousands of fans.

    When the incident was first exposed, most of the fans believed that Lu Chen supported Lu Chen, who was not confused by the rumors on the Internet and insisted on waiting for the truth.

    A small number of fans have been shaken, and there have been many doubts about the issue. There are very few people who turn from powder to black, expressing their dissatisfaction and resentment against Lu Chen in blogs, forums and post bars.

    After the truth appeared, these fans realized the mistake of one's own, some silent, and some apologized to Lu Chen.

    As for the fans who always support Lu Chen, it seems that they have won a huge victory. They laughed at the guys who attacked Lu Chen, including the big V and the small V in the wave of blogs.

    The thrill of the one-sided victory was not sustainable, and the opponents of face-smacking had put up dead dogs, so the dissatisfied fans quickly shifted their focus.

    The new focus is on Lu Chen's Kungfu.

    The video was taken by the Republic of Korea tourists. The video that has been circulated on the China-South Korea network was very good. It was when Lu Chen rushed into the melee crowd, and the process of turning six Japanese bodyguards was complete and clear. .

    In fact, the time of Lu Chen's take action is very short. From the time he intervened to the battle to solve the battle, the whole process lasted less than a minute. Not only did he defeat multiple opponents in succession, but also tactical actions such as moving clouds and flowing water. The dazzling degree of people is really amazing!

    Fans familiar with Lu Chen know that Lu Chen has practiced martial arts. When he participated in the performance in Hangzhou last year, he took action to save Tian Tian, ​​who was attacked by wild powder.

    The video at the time was also photographed, causing a lot of sensation on the network.

    But that time's situation was very different from this one. The Lupon's opponent was only one person, and it was just an ordinary person. The strength comparison was not strong.

    This time, Lu Chen faced six well-trained bodyguards. These bodyguards were pressing on the number of their drama crews. Lu Chen used his own power to turn the tide, which undoubtedly highlighted his strength.

    "My morning formidable might!"

    "You said, what is Kungfu used by Lu Chen? free sparring? Sanda? ”

    "I don't know what Kungfu is, anyway, it's right!"

    "To tell the truth, when I first watched the video, I thought it was a martial arts film."

    "The martial arts film is not as good as Lu Chen, this is really Kungfu!"

    "I think I want to learn martial arts…"

    Not only Lu Chen's fans, but also many Celebrity artists in the circle also followed the fun, forwarding the video and admiring Lu Chen's extraordinary skills, and even said that he would like to worship Lu Chen as a teacher.

    Of course, this is just a joke, or a hot one.

    One of the famous Senior actor Tang Qiang, after watching the video, specifically quoted the poems in Li Bai's "Knights" in the blog, admiring Lu Chen's ancient chivalrous style, barely helping the weak and bravely!

    "Tang Teacher, I know…"

    Republic of Korea In the business suite of the Hilton Hotel in Jeju City, Chen Feier, who looked at the cell phone blog in Lu Chen’s arms, said: “He once starred in the movie “Three Heroes and Five Meanings”, TAI ji Fist played very well and certainly appreciated you!"

    The words of the song queen are full of pride, because her sweetheart is so brave.

    To be honest, when Chen Feier first saw the video, she felt shocked.

    She knew that Lu Chen had been practicing martial arts all the time, but she did not expect that Lu Chenqiang had reached such a level, and that an enemy six could easily win.

    Said, Chen Feier couldn't help the love in her heart, and came over and took a kiss on Lu Chen's face.

    She smiled and said: "I think if you go to shoot a martial arts film, it will definitely sell!"

    "action movie?"

    Chen Feier is actually just making fun of it, but Lu Chen has a thoughtful look: "Can consider…"

    Chen Feier was surprised: "You will not be serious?"

    The martial arts film is a type of film and television drama derived from the martial arts novels. It was popular in Xiangjiang and the mainland in the 1980s and 1990s, but it quickly declined with the impact of foreign action films.

    Nowadays, martial arts films have basically disappeared. At present, Domestic is more popular with the mythological Xinxia film, which is adapted from popular online novels. There are many movies and drama series.

    In the hearts of young people, martial arts novels and martial arts films belong to the antiques of the last century. Even if Lu Chen has a strong market appeal, it is estimated that it is impossible to bring high box office to the "retro" martial arts film.

    Lu Chen said seriously: "If I am serious?"

    The martial arts film has been down for a long time, but this does not mean that the subject is dead.

    In Lu Chen’s impression, the martial arts films he has seen, no matter the storyline or the action design, are far from being comparable to the same type of works in the dream world. The martial arts films and martial arts dramas in the dream world have created countless brilliances. The derived Kungfu film even has world-class influence!

    This is a huge gold mine!

    If you take out the classic martial arts works in the dream world, will you get the love of the young people now?

    Lu Chen could not be determined 100%, but through this unexpected incident, he saw the right opportunity.

    Of course, the times are changing. Many things must conform to the development of the times to reproduce the light they should have. Lu Chen’s idea is that if he wants to shoot martial arts films, he will first create a popular “martial arts IP”.

    "Do you want to write a martial arts novel?"

    When Chen Feier understood Lu Chen’s thoughts, it was a bit messy in the wind.

    She knows that Lu Chen is very talented, not only can write songs, but also write novels and scripts. "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House" are from Lu Chen.

    But from urban romance novels to martial arts novels…This style has become too big, right?

    Lu Chen is really not whimsical?

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Why don't you try it?"

    He suddenly had a very good idea, that is, during the filming of "Full House", he wrote a martial arts novel and created a pseudonym as a newcomer on the Internet for serialization to test the market reaction.

    If the market's response is good, then based on this martial arts novel, shoot the drama series or even the movie!

    As his strength continues to grow, Lu Chen's ambition is no longer satisfied with the shooting of the drama series, his eyes are on the higher-end movie market – that is where the highest force is.

    With his current fame and status in the circle, he wants to make a movie as a protagonist. As long as it is not a super-large production, the problem is definitely not very big, and he can definitely find a partner.

    However, the regular film type, the market competition has been extremely fierce, Lu Chen is more confident, can not say that one's own into it will be able to succeed, not to mention he still wants to be controlled by one's own.

    In today's movie market, to kill a world, there must be a magic weapon to win, Lu Chen's magic weapon is the memory of the dream world, martial arts film or Kungfu film.

    To achieve ambition is not a one-step thing. Whether his ideas can be achieved or not requires market verification, and a popular IP also needs time to brew.

    Lu Chen originally planned to implement one's own plan within a year or two. However, the opportunity that appeared at the moment made him feel that he was also a good choice in advance.

    "Do you mean not to use the name of one's own, write a network martial arts novel with a new person's pen name?"

    Chen Feier was shocked by Lu Chen’s thoughts: "Can this work?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Yes, if it can form IP, then the studio will buy the copyright, and when it is filming or drama series, I am the leading actor, you are still the heroine."

    Chen Feier was amused by him: "Is this not the left hand but the right hand? What do you think, isn't it better to write with one's own name? And we have always been the star of both of us, you are not afraid of the audience tired? ”

    Lu Chen touched his chin and thought, "This is a problem. Then, who do you want to be a female lord?"

    "Nobody can change it!"

    Chen Feier’s concern was suddenly cited, and the days will be jealous: “You…Hey. ”

    Only after her words have not been said, they were blocked by Lu Chen’s mouth.

    Liangzhu is just right, how can I waste valuable time in such a discussion?

    Lu Chen pressed Chen Feier under his body, suddenly a room spring!


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