Chapter 363 is self-deprecating

    After filming the kiss on the sea platform, Lu Chen and Chen Feier will also take the last scene on Jeju Island on the white sand beach on the beach. After the filming, they will go to Seoul to take another one and then they will end. Republic of Korea trip.

    Jiang Fang was pushed down and smashed under the pressure. Lu Chen heard her screams at the first time.

    Only when Lu Chen found out that something was wrong, the staff of the drama crew was being beaten by the other side, and several people were already lying on the ground!

    Seeing such a situation, Lu Chen did not hesitate any more, immediately rushed to the past with the fastest Speed, and timely rescued a dangerous crew member.

    The other side of the suit man's flying leg side kick was blocked by Lu Chen with his arm, and his face was not revealing a trace of horror, but he obviously did not intend to give up, and immediately twisted sideways again, and his right leg flew again.

    This time, the suit man did not spare strength. He did not believe that Lu Chen could block the first leg of one's own and could stop it again!

    However, Lu Chen’s counterattack came faster. The suit man just got up, Lu Chen stepped on I'm free, and his arms were lifted by I'm free, and he slammed on the latter with lightning speed.

    This trick "rows the cloud" to the strength of the arms, chest and abdomen and waist, looks plain, but the strength of the two palms is full, only to hear the "squeaky" muffled, the suit male Shooting a few steps away, the four feet fell to the ground and the mouth screamed.

    In fact, Lu Chen is still merciful. If he pushes his hand to fight for a single punch, it is not a problem to interrupt the other rib. It is just that the situation is too big.

    This is the case, Lu Chen did not let the other party better, this suit man can not get up after falling to the ground.

    Lu Chen did not stop here. He continued to advance forward. He suddenly seized the collar of another suit man and suddenly dragged his back and immediately flew it out.


    A suit man found Lu Chen’s movements, and screamed in amazement and anger. He immediately dropped the attacking opponent and swung his arms toward Lu Chen.

    He used the attack moves in the free fight, using his own Strength, weight and Speed ​​to pour the opponent. Once he swooped his arms and twisted his neck, it was fierce and fierce!

    If it is an ordinary person, it is impossible to escape within such a close distance.

    Unfortunately, the opponent he encountered was Lu Chen.

    In the face of the attack from the opponent, Lu Chen turned around without hesitation, grasping the right arm of the suit man with both hands and holding the claws, and taking the whole person to the wrong direction by the other party’s strength, and then sent the boat out. .

    The suit man was dizzy by Lu Chen, completely lost control of the body, squatting involuntarily hit another companion, and the two men collided into a gourd at the same time!

    Between the rabbits and the fallen, Lu Chen solved four men's suits in a row, which solved the crisis faced by the crew crew and reversed the battle between the two sides.

    In front of him, there are only thin young people guarded by two suit men.

    The two bodyguards apparently did not think that Lu Chen was so fierce, and seeing Lu Chen’s victory is approaching, they all showed a panic in their faces.

    However, because of the responsibility, the two bodyguards did not retreat, and they rushed toward Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen had precautions, calmly moved to change position, and the right leg swept out and kicked out the left calf of one of the bodyguards in the middle, letting the latter lose balance instantly, a shit I'm free planted!

    Another bodyguard hurriedly turned around, but Lu Chen slammed into the side at this time, hitting his chest with his shoulders and suddenly slammed him out.

    Perfect KO!

    This time, Lu Chen directly faced the elongated man with sunglasses.

    If he didn't make a mistake, the other party should be the key figure in this group of Japanese, and in all likelihood, he is a Celebrity artist.

    The reason is very simple. In addition to these guarded bodyguards that he has fallen down, there are a number of photographers and assistants, etc., who are sure to come to Wanghaitai to take pictures.

    Those people want to come over and block Lu Chen, but the Drama crew on Lu Chen’s side is not a fool. They have blocked them all. Those who have just suffered a loss have hated the suits that fell to the ground. foot.

    Lu Chen has completely gained the upper hand.

    The slender young man is probably afraid that Lu Chen will take action and swear at him. Seeing Lu Chen continue to approach him, he does not know what to say, and panic back.

    But he didn't expect the back to be the step. As a result, he fell down on the foot of the air. He fluttered with both hands and grabbed the plant branches planted next to him. The last butt was sitting on the edge of the drain along the steps.

    The skinny young man was very embarrassed, and even the sunglasses he wore fell off, revealing a pair of delicate eyes.

    so gay!

    Lu Chen was very disdainful to tear the lips, the other body was very thin and the skin was very white, the chin was pointed, the face was obviously the makeup and the eyeliner, the left ear was earrings, giving people a feeling of " Niang is very "demon".

    Japan's Entertainment Circle is very popular with this so-called New Generation idol.

    It is estimated that I feel the contempt from the close of Lu Chen, or I feel too much humiliation. The face of this elongated young man is flushed and his thin lips are angered.

    "Don't fight, don't fight!"

    At this time, the South Korea translation, which followed the drama crew, ran over and shouted: "I have already called the police, and I have an alarm!"

    The Republic of Korea translation was dispatched by SPG to assist the work of the drama crew.

    Under the situation that has already controlled the situation, Lu Chen does not want to continue to make things big. In fact, he has noticed that there are many tourists in the vicinity watching the pictures, so he waved and said: "Everyone stops, don't fight."

    Lu Chen is not only the hero of "Full House", but also a major investor. He has more authority than Director in the drama crew, and he speaks naturally.

    The most important thing is that just relying on Lu’s take action just now, the rampage hits the opponent’s main force and shows a strong fighting power. The prestige in the drama crew is naturally doubled.

    So when I heard him, everyone stopped entangled with the other person and went back.

    Everyone is reunited, vigilant, ready to start again.

    Those Japanese screamed and rushed over, squeezing the elongated young man sitting on the ground, and the latter slammed their hands and shouted loudly.

    The men in the suits that had just been knocked down by Lu Chen had climbed up. Several people were lifted by the thin young people, and they looked at Lu Chen’s resentment.

    But they did not dare to do it again. Lu Chen’s fighting power left a very deep impression on them.

    Do it again, but also take it for yourself!

    The greatly-winning drama crew of the team cheered, and someone called: "Morning brother forformable might!"

    "Lu Chen, are you okay?"

    More people came down from Wanghaitai, including Chen Feier.

    "I'm fine…"

    Lu Chen shook his head and said: "Look at Little Fang first, do you want to call an ambulance?"

    Jiang Fang has been helped by her colleagues. Her appearance is very miserable. The head is broken and the blood is not covered. There are local bruises on the hands and feet, but the mind is very clear, and Luck does not hurt the brain.

    A female colleague with a drama crew took a take action and helped hold her wound to stop bleeding.

    Chen Feier quickly gave her condolences.

    The drama crew was filled with indignation and cursed the perpetrator again.

    The police of Republic of Korea came very quickly.

    Wanghaitai is a famous tourist attraction in Jeju Island. There are many tourists in peacetime. In order to ensure safety, South Korea has deployed a number of police forces to maintain law and order.

    So after receiving the alarm, the patrolman rushed to the scene soon, and the alarm was very loud.

    The drama crew and the SPG are duty-bound to stand up and negotiate with the police. The other party also has translation intervention.

    After a few minutes of negotiations, the drama crew and a Republic of Korea police found Lu Chen.

    The translation apologized: "Mr. Lu, the police officer Park Zhicheng, because you participated in this battle, so he needs you to go to the police station to make a transcript, I am very sorry!"

    After he finished, he deeply bowed to Lu Chen.

    SPG people took the cell phone and said: "Mr. Lu, I have already notified the company, the company will send a lawyer in the shortest time, please rest assured!"

    SPG has direct interests in Lu Chen's new drama "Full House", so the drama crew got their support in the Republic of Korea.

    Now there is such a thing, SPG certainly will not stand spectator, although here is Jeju Island, but with SPG's strength and network resources, to protect Lu Chen is certainly no problem.

    The most important thing is that the cause of this incident is not the Lu Chen side, but the things that Japanese picks first.

    Lu Chen had long anticipated this. Since he chose to do it, he must accept the consequences.

    Of course he won't regret it, and once again, maybe the take action will be a bit more awkward.

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "Yes."

    In the side of the Chenfiele immediately urgent: "I accompany you to go!" ”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "What are you going to the police station? I just want to do a transcript, and the crew crew needs people. ”

    Chen Feier insisted: "No, I don't trust!"

    Her attitude is so determined that Lu Chen has no way to promise: "Then you are with the translator."

    In addition to Lu Chen, all the other crew crew members who participated in the battle must follow the past. People are in a foreign country. Everyone is worried that their colleagues will suffer, so there are many people who want to go.

    It was also the production of the drama crew and the director Fang Hui to discourage them. Although it is impossible to continue shooting, there is no one in the drama crew. It is not good to go there.

    As for Japanese, participants were also taken to the nearest police station.

    Just when Lu Chen came to the police station to make a transcript, Domestic's online media exploded.


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