Chapter 362 Unexpected Conflict

    Along the long ramp, Jiang Fang hurried to the parking lot below, like a flying deer.

    Jiang Fang graduated from college last year. She was a third-rate college in Beijing. She graduated and wanted to stay in Beijing but could not find any suitable job. Later, she helped to get into a film and television company.

    Jiang Fang is now a Xiaoxiao field assistant in the drama full house drama crew.

    The so-called field service, also known as the drama crew service, is the daily affairs leader in the production process of the drama series. Its main task is to assist the Program Assistant to maintain the on-site environment, cooperate with the on-site personnel control and venue support, and produce the Director. Directly under the direct leadership of the work of clothing, food, housing, travel and so on.

    In other words, the field is equivalent to the Manager in the drama crew. A drama crew usually has multiple positions, and the power is not high but the role is not small. It is an indispensable existence in the drama crew.

    As for the field assistant, it’s just a matter of helping the field.

    However, Jiang Fang is very satisfied with this work, because there are many people who want to mix in the movie drama crew. If she does not have a relative who belongs to the circle, it is estimated that she will go to the plate like many other students. Dishwashing, struggling for life.

    At least she still has a dream, isn't she? And telling others that she is in the "full house" drama crew, others are envious of their eyes are red – can see superstar every day!

    It is because of the profound understanding of the opportunity, so Jiang Fang’s usual efforts, not to look at her thin Xiaoxiao, do not work much worse than the male colleagues in the drama crew, and also have the advantages of girls, plus The mouth is very sweet, and I can even say a few words with Lu Chen and Chen Feier.

    Jiang Fang's dream is not big, she hopes that one's own one day can become a real field, so what income will be much higher, and there is still a chance to go further.

    She ran to the parking lot and took a small box of mineral water from the drama crew, then slammed back onto the ramp leading to Wanghaitai.

    Along the ladder, Jiang Fang speeded up Speed.

    There was a group of people in front of her. It didn't look like a tourist. There were photographers carrying camera bags, assistants with light-filled plates, and six or seven men wearing black suits and white shirts.

    These stereotyped serious suit men, accompanied by a long, tall, tall man wearing large sunglasses, walked up, occupying most of the ramp.

    Jiang Fang did not notice the details. She chased it from behind and saw that someone was blocking the road ahead, and ran up the edge of the drain.

    She ran a little anxious, and she just rushed to the small square below Wanghaitai. She stepped awkwardly and lost her balance to the left. She almost ran into the elongate young man who was just coming up.


    At the same time as a young man in a suit with a young man, he changed his voice and shouted at him. He stepped forward to block Jiang Fang and stretched out his hands and slammed into the latter.


    Jiang Fang had no defense at all. She was thin and young, and the other side's strength was strong. She was suddenly pushed out and dropped heavily in a few steps, and her head hit the stone wall.

    This collision is not particularly serious, at least Jiang Fang did not faint on the spot, but the impact of the skin opened, the red blood suddenly flowed out.

    Under the pain, she couldn't help but scream.

    The man who pushed the suit obviously did not expect such a consequence, and he obviously bowed.

    The thin young man stopped and hesitated.

    Another man in the suit with him said something, then walked toward Jiang Fang, who fell to the ground.

    "What do you want to do!"

    "Jiang Fang was beaten by someone!"

    "Let's go see!"

    The Voice, which was previously screamed by Jiang Fang, was heard by the crew crew who were still on the sea platform. Several colleagues looked down from curiosity and saw the scene of Jiang Fang’s bloody head.

    These drama crews suddenly exploded!

    Most of them are young people who are just bloody, and they get along well with Jiang Fang. Now I see that she is being bullied by people, and I can’t be indifferent!

    So several crew crews immediately rushed down.

    Seeing such a scene, the suit man who just walked toward Jiang Fang immediately retired, and with the companion, he held the elongate young man with a vigilant look on his face.

    Several colleagues quickly ran to the scene of the accident, one person raised Jiang Fang, and the other two were begging in the indignation to beg to each other, and more drama crew members heard the news.

    The atmosphere at the scene immediately became arrogant, and four or five suit men were in front of the thin young man, reaching out to block the drama crew who were arguing that the latter wanted to go backwards.


    "It’s his mother’s Japanese who beat Little Fang!”

    "Alarm, can't let them run!"

    Knowing that the other party is Japanese, the mood of the crew crew is even more angry, and they are categorically prevented from leaving.

    And these suit men are not vegetarian, seeing their own being surrounded, directly hands!



    "Suddenly kill this group of eight lambs!"

    In the blink of an eye, the two sides fell into a scuffle, and nearby tourists retreated to avoid being caught by the fish. Many onlookers raised the cell phone and camera.

    The number of people on both sides is similar, but the suit men have a clear advantage. Their well-trained take action is fast and embarrassing. In less than half a minute, they have overturned several crew crews.

    Drama crew Young people are more than enough, their fighting power is obviously insufficient, and there is no rule in the fight, so they are at a disadvantage.

    However, the so-called chaos punched Teacher Fu, one of the suit men's face was inadvertently punched, and the corner of his eyes was beaten on the spot.

    Under the pain, he couldn't help but violently slammed a roundabout and kicked it out. He kicked the chest and abdomen of a drama crew and kicked the latter out.

    One stroke succeeded, the man in the suit was unsettled, and he kicked the player to the nearest crew of one's own, and lifted his head and went straight to the other's head.

    With the strength of his side kicking, if the foot is kicked, the consequences will undoubtedly be very serious.

    The drama crew found the danger, but it was too late to get rid of it – not enough body awareness.


    At the beginning of this millennium, a figure flashed and suddenly inserted between the two sides, raising his arms could block the side kick of the suit man.

    The crew crew who escaped the screaming screamed: "Lu Chen!"

    He was saved, it is Lu Chen!


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