Chapter 365

    Domestic's entertainment industry has grown tremendously over the past two decades, and the market's cakes have grown to scale, and they have also driven the influence of Celebrity artists in the public.

    Especially with the rise of the Internet, the speed of information dissemination is far more than before. The cyberspace of blogs, forums, post bars, etc. has become the gathering point of information, so that ordinary people can understand what happened in the Entertainment Circle at the first time. Kind of things.

    Many Celebrity entertainers and entertainment Manager Corporation use the Internet to publicity hype, and many people use this important entertainment venue to combat and discredit the opponent.

    Lu Chen’s experience in the Republic of Korea Jeju Island can have such a big impact in such a short time, and there is no doubt that someone is pushing it!

    Today's Entertainment Circle is a mixed bag, and the competition in the industry is fierce. The actor Singer artist can burst red all night, and may quickly disappear.

    There are many artists who lost their self after becoming famous, sucking/drug, out/track, drunk driving, fighting…It has a bad influence in the public.

    The relevant departments of the state also have targeted punishments for Celebrity artists who break the law.

    Then the industry is blocked!

    For an artist, the consequences of the industry blockade are extremely serious. Once such punishment is encountered, it will not be able to make movies and TVs, be unable to open concerts, and will not receive advertisements and announcements. Although the Star Road cannot be said to be completely destroyed. It is really hard to get back to it.

    Especially for New Generation's Celebrity Idol, even if the ban period is only one and a half years, it is a devastating blow to popularity, because there are alternate replacements waiting for the upper level in the circle.

    Because of this, public opinion speculation on competitive opponent on the Internet is very common. It is not a big event. After repeated hype, even malicious smearing, it can often cause heavy disgust in the public.

    Like Lu Chen was taken away by the Republic of Korea police this time, under the unclear situation of the truth, there was a lot of intensive and aggressive remarks on the Internet, and the intention was self-evident.

    First of all, it is definitely impossible for Lu Chen to commit a crime. Once the wave of public opinion is raised, the difficulty and cost of the interest party to cover the public relations will be greatly improved. If the industry is actually blocked in the end, it is estimated that many people I have to smile.

    Lu Chen debuted only one year, and the speed of the rise of Speed ​​is dazzling. Although he pays attention to benefit sharing in many aspects, he has a certain network of resources in the circle, but it also attracts a lot of opponents.

    No Celebrity artist can please everyone, especially if he opens a separate studio like him, and he will face more pressure while enjoying freedom.

    Once he was banned, the new drama being filmed is bound to face the danger of abortion. Even if the actor is temporarily replaced, it will not be able to smooth out the serious negative effects.

    So how can you not be happy with the opponent of the new drama that is also broadcast in the summer file?

    They will never mind pushing in the dark.

    Therefore, even if new news comes out and the direction of public opinion changes, some people still spare no effort to attack Lu Chen, and hate to step him into the pit.

    In the wave of blogs, there is a big V called "everything is three", and it has issued three blog posts in a row, sternly attacking Lu Chen's behavior, and believes that the relevant departments should block Lu Chen.

    “Entertainment Circle is imperative, and there should be more severe punishment for inferior artists!”

    “Society needs positive energy, and Celebrity as a public figure should be the model, not the opposite!”

    “The tolerance and favoritism of the fans is precisely the root cause of Celebrity’s repeated violations!”

    "Beating people is to beat people. No matter whether they are Chinese, Japanese or Republic of Korea, they are all bad behaviors that cannot be forgiven. Especially the incidents have occurred abroad, and the face of our Chinese people is lost!"

    "I recommend…"

    In the blog post, “everything is the same” has become the embodiment of justice and law, and can’t wait to give Lu Chen a big hat, and the righteous words are strict and aggressive.

    The big V has 8 million+ fans on the Inspur blog. His blog post is mainly based on current affairs comments. He is self-proclaimed as a social critic, and often sends some chicken soup and has a lot of fans on the Internet.

    His blog post has received a lot of support and approval from a large number of people, and has been widely forwarded. The forwarders include a large number of blog V numbers, so the momentum formed is not small.

    However, many netizens and Lu Chen’s fans were very disgusted with his hat-sucking remarks, especially after the exposure of Lu Chen’s Japanese, and the number of people who rushed to the “everything is three” comment area for Lu Chen’s counterattack. .

    There are also countless netizens who have supported him in Lu Chen’s blog.

    A large part of these netizens were not originally Lu Chen’s fans, and they are now powdered Lu Chen.

    As a result, there were two groups of landed and inverted land on the Internet. They had heated debates and quarrels in blogs, forums and post bars, and they made a lot of noise.

    When the Domestic public opinion was in vain, Lu Chen was also questioned by the Republic of Korea police in the police station of the Republic of Korea's Wanghaitai tourist area in Jeju Island.

    Due to the large number of people involved in the challenge and the different people from both countries, the Republic of Korea police handled the incident very carefully.

    The lawyers who came to SPG also rushed to the police station to accompany Lu Chen to answer the police questions.

    Lu Chen’s heart is innocent, and he said the whole source of the matter.

    Because of the involvement of a lawyer, time drags on for a long time.

    Interestingly, when Lu Chen told the police officer in charge that he had solved the six bodyguards of the other person, the Republic of Korea police officer looked very good – you really brag!

    He obviously didn't believe it, and asked him repeatedly.

    In fact, Lu Chen was able to dry up six well-trained bodyguards by himself, not because he was wearing a superman in his underwear, but by using tricks, using Speed, Strength and techniques to break through.

    If the front faces such six opponents at the same time, Lu Chen will only be able to escape!

    After the question is over, things are not over yet.

    Under the Host of the Republic of Korea police, the two sides sat down in the police station and conducted face-to-face mediation.

    Japanese also has a translator, and actually invited a lawyer to attend.

    This time, the group time of Wanghaitai occurred. Although the number of people involved was quite large, the consequences were not serious. The most hurt was Jiang Fang. Her forehead was broken, but it was only a skin injury.

    As for other people, there are several cases of being beaten and swollen and rubbed, and at most they are slightly injured. Therefore, under such a situation, the Republic of Korea police has a calm attitude and hopes that the two sides can reach mutual understanding.

    Otherwise things are too big and it is trouble for them.

    However, the settlement conditions proposed by Japanese made it impossible for Lu Chen to agree.

    Japanese does not admit that it is one's own first mover's hand, but Lu Chen's party is maliciously provocative. Jiang Fang's injury is completely an accident. It is her goal of colliding with the bodyguards, so they will be blocked.

    Japanese asked Lu Chen to apologize and be primarily responsible for the incident!

    This reversal of black and white makes Lu Chen angry.

    "I will never agree to such shameless conditions. I will repeat it again. The responsibility is not on our side!"

    He replied without hesitation: "I ask you to apologize and compensate the victim for all the losses!"

    "Otherwise, see you in court!"

    When things get to this point, Lu Chen is not afraid to go to court, and would rather bring a lot of troubles and even losses to one's own, but also resolutely get back to justice, otherwise he can't go inside one's own heart!

    The translation retells Lu Chen’s response.

    Those Japanese listened, and they all screamed in screaming. One of them jumped up and yelled at Lu Chen. It looked as if Lu Chen was killing his father.

    The translator told Lu Chen: "He said that he wants to fight with you!"

    Lu Chen recognized that the other party was one of the male bodyguards who was defeated by one's own. He smiled disdainfully and said: "A duel with me? Can he afford my appearance fee? ”

    Lu Chen's current commercial performance has risen to 500,000-700,000, and the advertisement endorsement is almost 5 million. As for the appearance fee of the duel, there is really no way to say it – how can it be turned ten times?

    The Japanese bodyguard is estimated to be a small leader, but it is still true: "How much do you have to pay?"

    He also looked at Lu Chen with a scornful look.

    Then, instead of Lu Chen’s own answer, the SPG person directly answered for him: “I want Mr. Lu Chen to fight with you and let your company prepare 100 million yen!”

    100 million yen!

    The other person's face suddenly rose red, and he did not believe the SPG representative, thinking it was humiliating.

    SPG people sneered: "Mr. Lu Chen is a famous artist in China. His creation and starring drama series not only created the Viewership Ratings record in China Domestic, but also achieved great success in our Republic of Korea, 100 million. The yen can't be taken out, what qualification do you have to let him take action?"

    People in China don't like Japanese, and Republic of Korea people don't like it either, so there is such an opportunity. SPG representatives don't mind sneering at each other and let them know how ridiculous one's own!

    100 million yen is equivalent to 6.5 million yuan, so it is not too much for Lu Chen to officially appear against the people.

    Japanese did not expect to dream, Lu Chen is actually a Celebrity artist, want to refute, there is nothing to say, arrogant arrogance was immediately suppressed.

    At this time, a Republic of Korea police came to the conference room and brought a laptop.

    He whispered a few words to the police officer in charge of mediation, and turned on the computer to show the other party.

    The Republic of Korea police officer watched for four or five minutes, then he pushed the computer to the Japanese lawyer and played a video for the latter.

    After watching this video, these Japanese are directly smashed!


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