Chapter 366 reveals the truth

    As a famous tourist attraction in Jeju Island, there are many tourists in Wanghaitai, so when the conflict occurred, many onlookers used the cell phone or camera to shoot the scene at that time.

    When Lu Chen and others went to the police station for investigation, the Republic of Korea police also obtained evidence on the spot according to the procedure.

    One of the Republic of Korea visitors provided a long video.

    At that time, the female tourist was in the small square below Wanghaitai. She first saw this group of Japanese screaming up and down the stairs, feeling that the elongated young man wearing sunglasses was like a Celebrity big man, so he used Cell phone sneak shot in camera mode.

    The result was just a complete recording of the incident!

    In this video of more than ten minutes, Jiang Fang was brought down by people, and the crew of the crew crew went to the bodyguards to discuss the conflict, and then took the take action to reverse the occupation control scene until the police finally took away the party members. There is no missing point in all the processes.

    The most rare thing is that this female tourist is estimated to be very experienced in shooting videos, and the cell phone is a high-end goods, the picture is not only stable and clear, but also has the feeling of film and television blockbuster.

    But this is not important. What is important is that this video is a powerful testimony to Lu Chen’s testimony and also gives Japan a loud slap in the face – who is lying at a glance!

    In fact, there are still a lot of videos and photos taken by the tourists on the spot, but this video is the most powerful. It is called the ironclad proof. Now the Republic of Korea police revealed it after investigation and evidence collection. Even the Japanese lawyers are dumb. Words.

    Not only Japanese, but also people in Lu Chen have watched it.

    The crew crew at the scene suddenly boiled.

    "Hah, what are they talking about here?"

    "Stupid? Really think that you can just say anything? The evidence is here! ”

    "Loss money! Apologize! ”

    "Too much, you can't light them!"

    In the face of the crowded China people, Japanese has nothing to say, the most arrogant guy just closed his mouth and put up a dead dog – it is him who pushed Jiang Fang!

    Only the lawyer took the call and made several consecutive calls. I don't know who to communicate with for a long time.

    Finally, he resubmitted the conditions for reconciliation.

    In the face of irrefutable evidence, Japanese chose to compromise. They apologized to Lu Chen and paid Jiang Fang along with other injured crew members, totaling 12 million won, equivalent to 70,000 yuan in compensation.

    Finally, under the Host of the Republic of Korea police, the two parties signed a mediation agreement.

    When Lu Chen and others came out and reunited with Chen Feier and others waiting in the waiting room of the police station, the sky was already dark.

    "You okay?"

    Chen Feier, who had been waiting outside for several hours, asked with concern: "They are not embarrassing you?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Nothing, Japanese compensated for the apology."

    "That's good…"

    Chen Feier suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and said: "I am worried about death. Domestic has called a lot of calls. Lu Xi has also played several times. Everyone cares about you. Now the Internet is full of enthusiasm!"

    "Let's make a statement together!"

    Lu Chen’s heart moved and said: “Don’t worry…”

    He pulled the SPG people and asked, "Mr. Cui, can you copy a video from the police station?"

    SPG is stationed in the "Full House" drama crew representative surname Cui, he is a manager of SPG, is also an authentic Jeju Islander, responsible for the local crew of the drama crew.

    This Cui representative is over forty years old. Not only is he old-fashioned, but he can also speak Chinese. He understands when he listens to Lu Chen and replies without hesitation: "I try…"

    If it is a criminal case, it is a lawsuit to ask the police for evidence. However, as a civil dispute that has been successfully conciled, it is much simpler to copy a video.

    As a representative of SPG, if he can't even do this, he can only go home to pickle.

    Cui representatives took the lawyer and the police station for a few minutes and got the video.

    The evidence came to the hand, Lu Chen immediately called the sister in Domestic, and the video saved in one's own cell phone was passed over.

    Lu Chen did not expect that this thing will appear on Domestic's online media so quickly, but he is very clear that some people will take the opportunity to make waves.

    After debuting for a year, Lu Chen experienced several disturbances and deeply understood the complexity in the Entertainment Circle.

    There is absolutely no one or two people who are looking forward to his accident and waiting for the people to fall into the stone. Therefore, it is very necessary to clarify the truth of the matter and maintain its reputation.

    However, Lu Chen decided not to make a statement for the time being because he had a better choice.

    Although the storm of this unexpected conflict has subsided, the time of the drama crew afternoon is also wasted. The original film that can be filmed today can only be taken until tomorrow.

    Everyone returned to the hotel in Jeju City. Lu Chen and Chen Feier specially arranged a sumptuous banquet to greet the drama crew. Although the boys suffered in the conflict, their courage is worth encouraging and rewarding.

    There is also Jiang Fang, in addition to the necessary comfort, the drama crew will also take money to calculate the work injury.

    At 7 o'clock in the evening, the "Lu Chen Republic of Korea arrested" incident in the Inspur blog continued to ferment. When Lu Chen and Chen Feier studio remained silent, the well-known blogger "Stray Cat" posted an article on his blog. Blog post.

    "Lu Chen in the Republic of Korea "Brawl" event truth! 》

    In this blog post, "Stray Cat" released a video called Cyworld, which was transferred from the largest community site of Republic of Korea, revealing the truth of the incident.

    Lu Chen has not been maliciously wounded, is it involved in the fight, what is the cause of the incident, and all the videos in the 7-minute video have been answered!

    There are also one or two million fans in the Inspur blog. The content of the blog post covers the current biggest hotspot, plus the behind-the-scenes Strength support, so this blog post and video are quickly forwarded and delivered.

    At 8:30 in the evening, Lu Chen Studio, Chen Feier Studio, Crown Film, and SPG Chinese official blog also published an official statement, giving detailed explanations to the public about the consequences of the incident and the mediation results of the Republic of Korea police.

    Because of the video evidence of the previous evidence, the reliability of these statements is unquestionable, and the trend of online public opinion immediately fell back to Lu Chen.

    Previously slammed Lu Chen's "everything is all three" quietly misfiring, facing the ridicule of countless netizens, he deleted the previous blog post to close the comment area, retracted his head and put up the turtle.

    As for those who follow the trend, shouting…It disappeared in an instant!


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