The 364th chapter of the paradox

    Wanghaitai is one of the must-see destinations for visitors to Jeju Island, so there are a large number of tourists.

    Therefore, Lu Chen and the Republic of Korea police went to the police station to make a transcript. Not only was it seen by many tourists, but it was also photographed. Among them, there are several tourists of Domestic.

    A visitor sent the photos they took to one's own blog.

    The tourist of the Inspur blog ID "Annie Love" met Lu Chen. When she took the photo, she happened to be in the parking lot below Wanghaitai. It was the picture of Lu Chen sitting on the police car.

    "Annie Love" is not a fan of Lu Chen, so there will be no awareness of the secrecy of idols. Instead, there is a sense of excitement to seize the big news. It is simply too eager to send a blog post with cell phone.

    Although she did not know the ins and outs of the matter, it did not prevent her from giving a very eye-catching title to one's own blog post – there is a picture of the truth, Lu Chen was taken away by the Republic of Korea police in Wanghaitai, Jeju Island!

    "Annie Love" has not many fans, only a few hundred. However, Lu Chen has always been a hot Celebrity character in the wave blog, plus recently filmed the new drama "Full House", so search for his latest news in the blog. There are not a few netizens.

    This blog post was quickly found and then forwarded.

    If there was no Internet in 20 or 30 years ago, a Celebrity artist was taken away by the police. It is impossible for ordinary people to know at the first time, and television broadcasts as the main media may not be reported.

    However, in such a network era, the transmission of news is too fast and convenient. Unless it is officially controlled by public opinion, it can be seen on the Internet in the shortest time, even if it is separated by thousands of miles.

    In one short ten, ten to one hundred, in just half an hour, this blog post of "Annie Love" was forwarded thousands of times, and the Speed ​​spread in the blog was extremely fast.

    Many people just didn't believe this news. Why did the good-end Lu Chen be taken away by the Republic of Korea police?

    Is it wrong, or misunderstood?

    Some people also sneered at it – hype, 100% hype!

    Did Lu Chen not film in Republic of Korea? It is definitely an intentionally looking for a Toro stills topic. Such speculation is very common in the film and television circles. People who are a little IQ will not be fooled.

    Lu Chen's fans are also questioning the constant, first of all not to believe, and then agree with publicity's guess.

    However, the development of the matter was very fast, and news broke out on the blog. It was true that Lu Chen was taken away by the Republic of Korea police. It was not filming, and the reason for taking it away was to fight with others challenge!

    This time it was no longer an ordinary blogger like "Annie Love", but a well-known small V with more than 1 million fans and a few photos.

    These photos are not very clear, but I can see Lu Chen in the melee crowd, obviously not the scene of the filming, the authenticity is very high.

    The public opinion is a big deal!

    Lu Chen was arrested in the Republic of Korea for the challenge of the challenge. This is the rhythm of throwing people abroad!

    Today's Entertainment Circle has always been a scandal. Celebrity artists have sucking/toxic, sly/squatting, derailed, drunk driving, and the overall image is not good in the eyes of the public.

    As the newly emerging New Generation Celebrity, Lu Chen has always been very good since he debuted. Many fans praised him as “positive energy” in the Entertainment Circle, and he was also recognized by the official media.

    Who ever thought that he had made a scandal abroad!

    A lot of online media have reprinted this new blog post and have a different title.

    "The suspected fighting incident, the new star Lu Chen was arrested by the police in the Republic of Korea! 》

    "Lu Chen was taken away by the Republic of Korea police. Why did the Celebrity scandal emerge in an endless stream? 》

    "The latest news, Lu Chen was arrested in the Republic of Korea Jeju Island, involving the challenge of the challenge! 》

    "What happened to Lu Chen? 》


    There are also a lot of so-called insiders who have jumped out of the box, or expressed shock, or condemned, and some feel sorry, there is no shortage of speculations, and even the "entertainment" of the face-smacking last time is followed. Jumping out, yin and yang grotesquely expressed the meaning of gloating.

    Entertainment Circle is a big circle. It is said that there are birds in the forest. It is very common to have red top white. It is normal for the downfall. The key is that Lu Chen has been too aggressive in recent times, and he has offended many people invisibly.

    There is nothing wrong with Lu Chen’s accident. When something happens, someone jumps out and swears.

    In a time blog, there is a group of magical dances. Many ordinary netizens who do not know the truth expressed disgust and resentment in the comments. They think that Lu Chen’s own is not shameful, but also lost face to the country.

    Some people even shouted the slogan "Lu Chen rolled out of the Entertainment Circle"!

    All of these things suddenly caused an uproar among the fans. Many fans expressed their disappointment with Lu Chen, but most of the fans did not believe in the truth, waiting for the follow-up news.

    There are still a few fans who, regardless of their grounds, defended Lu Chen and thought that there must be something wrong.

    Countless fans have rushed to Lu Chen and Lu Chen studio, and even Chen Feier’s blog to ask for the truth, and there have been media calls directly to interview, want to get solid news.

    However, the two studios did not understand the truth of the matter first, nor did they ignore the media's questions. It is impossible to announce the news immediately.

    This inevitably exacerbated speculation on the Internet, and all sorts of bizarre rumors were flying.

    It also involved Chen Feier, and some people said that Lu Chen was angry for Chen Feier’s rushing crown.

    In a short time, “Lu Chen’s Republic of Korea was arrested” quickly became a hot search on the blog, and it became a hot search on the home page, which caused even greater influence.

    In short Lu Chen in Jeju Police Bureau in this period of time, domestic of the public opinion is uproar, even people call in Republic of the Korea Consulate inquiry!

    However, there were more than one or two Tourist visitors at Wanghaitai in Jeju Island. The people who witnessed the incident were not one or two. Some people wrote on the blog that Lu Chen was playing Japanese, and it was Japanese’s first choice. It also posted a live video of one's own.

    In the video, the few suit men who were overturned by Lu Chen, it’s called Japanese!

    Lu Chen is playing Japanese!

    The latest news came out, the public opinion on the Internet suddenly changed strangely, and the wind direction was reversed in an instant, as if it were a huge tornado, and swept into many other things.

    Countless netizens, these netizens include but are not limited to Lu Chen's fans shouting loudly – playing well!

    Doing a beautiful job!

    Even if the truth of the matter has not come out completely, they must unconditionally support Lu Chen!


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