Chapter 341, Sincerity

    Since entering the new century, the entertainment industry of Domestic has flourished and the market cake has grown bigger and bigger.

    But the status of the original popular Music is declining.

    In the 1980s and 1990s, a somewhat famous Singer was able to mix and sell tapes and CDs to get a lot of moisture, and then run a party or concert, which is definitely among the high-income people.

    Some Singers even ate a dozen or two years with one or two works.

    However, with the development of the market, more and more people enter the industry, New Generation's idol Celebrity emerges endlessly, the artist's replacement speed is greatly accelerated, and the industry competition tends to become hot.

    The rise of the Internet has led to the decline of the traditional recording industry, forcing Singers to have another life. Under the influence of Japanese and Korean idol culture, the artists of Domestic have also embarked on the road of marketing packaging.

    Singing is not good enough. If you want to be beautiful, you must have special features. You must know the publicity hype. Many Singers are not willing to fall into the bottom. Many Singer change their image and cater to the market.

    As a result, the original Strength was not taken seriously, and the follow-up style in the circle mimicked the plagiarism. The development of the Domestic popular Music was difficult and became the battlefield of the draft program.

    For such a phenomenon, many Musicians are worried and shouting, but their Voice is so insignificant in the overall environment of the industry, just like the stones in the lake, it is silent.

    The rise of Lu Chen in the popular Musical World is undoubtedly like a fresh wind, which makes people feel the breath of spring.

    In the beginning, his influence was still very limited. A draft champion could not prove or change anything. At most, he was amazed by the appearance of a Musician.

    The name "Music Talent" is not a strange thing.

    However, with the release of his debut album "You at the Same Table", people in the industry suddenly discovered that it is still possible to obtain honor, status and interests by relying on a good work with sincerity.

    His success greatly inspired the original Strength of Domestic!

    The simplest example is the price of Lu Chen's songwriting. He now quotes a song of 500,000 yuan, which directly raises the price of the top author and raises the treatment of the original author in disguise.

    The perhaps of others doing such things will be embarrassed, and Lu Chen proves his value and the value of the original by strength.

    Whether it's "In the Spring" or "Lover's Unsatisfied", he is convinced that with a solid work, you can create a true Celebrity.

    Then go to Chen Feier's "Flower Woman" album.

    From the title song "Flower Woman", to "Your Eyes", "Let's See You Over the Sea", "Hello Tomorrow", "Meet" and "The Sea of ​​People", six works, six unique styles Love Song, Lu Chen once again revealed his strength, but also pushed Chen Feier to a new height.

    He seems to have a pair of miraculous hands, can turn the stone into gold, can turn rotten into magic!

    "Flower Woman" is a Love Song album, but the style tends to be diverse, and listeners of all ages can find works that fit one's own and find the best friends.

    This kind of approach is actually very bold, especially for a transformational project is simply an adventure, but enough good works make the adventure a gorgeous show!

    The next day, the third day…Chen Feier’s new album has been on the sales platform of the Fetion and the crowdfunding platform. Although the growth rate has continued to decline, it is a benign slowdown.

    Correspondingly, this album continues to ferment in the circle outside the circle.

    For the insiders in the circle, what they saw through this album is the transformation of Chen Feier, which is the strong creative strength that Lu Chen has, and the impact on the market structure…

    For the majority of fans, they don't care about it. They know that the song is good.

    Nice songs are more than one song, the arranger scores are top, full of all sincerity!

    In just three days, the total sales of the Digital Edition + Entity CD version (including the package) of "Flower Woman" album exceeded 700,000+, creating a new record for Domestic popular Musical World in ten years. The achievement [Diamond Record] has no Any suspense.

    Under such a situation, Chen Feier's one's own can't sit still.

    Before the album was released, she felt that she would be very successful. After all, she put so much effort and hard work, and with Lu Chen’s full support, there is no reason to fail.

    But she did not expect to be so successful, greatly underestimating the support of the fans.

    Therefore, Chen Feier had to give up enjoying the sweet Era with Lu Chen and leave Beijing in advance to tour the publicity activities in major cities across the country.

    The better the market, the more publicity is needed. The better the effect of publicity, the better the chance of the best publicity. If you want to speculate in the past, it will be half the effort.

    Lu Chen can't afford to go down. The first thing he wants to accomplish first is not to shoot the new drama, but to move.

    After more than a month of construction and renovation, Lu Chen Studio, located in the New Age Art Center, was finally able to settle in. So on the second day of Chen Feier’s departure from Beijing, Lu Chen moved with Lu Xi to relocate to his new home.

    The new studio has an area of ​​1,000 square meters, which is divided from the original art studio in the middle of the age, divided into two layers, the location is very superior.

    Lu Chen built a new studio in the new studio, bought a batch of the most advanced equipment, making the total cost of relocating a new home more than 15 million, and took away most of the studio's funds.

    However, the results of this investment are very obvious. In the future, Studio will be able to independently complete the creation, arrangement, accompaniment, recording and post-production of a work, and no need to outsource except for the release.

    Also in other words From the perspective of Music production, Lu Chen Studio has full autonomy, in addition to meeting its own needs, it can also undertake foreign business, the strength exceeds many small Music companies.

    On the day of relocation of the new home, many of the circle's peers sent banners of flower baskets, Beijing TV Station, Haijin TV, Zhedong TV, Fei Shi, SPG, Crown Film, Gande Brothers, Light Rain Media…There are also friends such as Tan Hong, Liao Jia, Lin Zhijie, MSN and so on.

    In the evening, Lu Chen made an appearance and made a banquet at the Regent Hotel in Beijing.

    Unconsciously, he has a considerable network of contacts in the Beijing circle.

    And now Lu Chen officially debuted last year, less than a year's time!


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