Chapter 343 Special Gifts

    In fact, when I came over, Lu Chen had already guessed what the gift the Li family gave to one's own.

    He has experienced the other party's gift routines before, but also the familiar taste.

    The document is the approval and approval document of Chenfei Charity Foundation, which is the legal person and practising certificate of the Foundation.

    I got these three things. The Chenfei Charity Foundation, which was formed by Lu Chen and Chen Feier, has a legitimate identity from now on, can raise funds for public donations, and carry out charity business in Domestic!

    This gift is not easy to come by.

    Domestic's charity industry has experienced a period of chaos and disorder. The official and private charity institutions are numerous, and there are many generations of people who have encountered troubles. The result is a lot of scandals. It should be a very positive charity career. Thick layers of dust have caused quite bad social impact.

    Some so-called charity institutions, only 10% of the funds raised are used in charity operations. A large number of donations are not known to be transferred or swallowed. After the exposure, the public's trust is seriously degraded.

    Under such a situation, the relevant state departments began to reorganize the charity institutions, severely attacked a group of speculators selling sheep meat, and carried out strict control at the source.

    So now it is very difficult to register a charity foundation. Lu Chen did not consider the difficulty when he decided to set up the foundation.

    However, he rightly asked Li to come forward to help, and it was only approved now.

    There is also a very important reason for this. Lu Chen, as a representative of the legal person of the Foundation, has a very good image in the public as a Celebrity artist. Otherwise, Li’s appearance is also in vain.

    However, Lu Chen has to bear the heavy feelings of the Li family.

    After solving the dilemma at home, Lu Chen thought about doing something for the society and others. He did charity not to be famous, but to make one's own clear.

    Because he can get today's achievements, status and fame and fortune, it is basically a memory from dreams. This precious and incomparable wealth is so easy to make Lu Chen feel unreal.

    He does not want to use this memory of wealth to satisfy his own lusts, to lie on his life for a lifetime, but to use part of it to help those who need help, so that he can be worthy of God's love!

    "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen expressed sincere gratitude to Li Mushi and Su Shi.

    Su Shi smiled and said: "You are welcome, in fact, I personally have a ruthless request."

    Lu Chen said quickly: "You said."

    Su Shi said: "Do you need someone in your foundation? I want to be a member, and I have something to do. ”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "It is great that you can join. You can pick the seat of the director or the secretary-general."

    Su Shi said: "I will be a council member. I personally donate two million."

    Lu Chen had wanted to refuse, but after thinking about it, he nodded: "Good!"

    He can see that Su Shi really wants to do a charity career, not for the foundation's position.

    Even if she does not donate a point to ask for a director, can Lu Chen not agree?

    It’s just that Lu Chen still has no peace of mind: “Hey, Murong’s big brother is fine there?”

    Su Shi smiled and said: "He is one's own in the United States. I am bored at home alone, just doing good deeds."

    Lu Chenxiao: "Don't you have an album? I still owe you an album! ”

    Su Shi is a Taipei native of Baodao. She used to be a smash hit on the island. She won the championship of the island's performing arts award at the age of 19, and became a rising Celebrity with its natural voice and temperament. .

    At the age of 21, Su Shi launched her debut album "Little Xue Chu Qing", and at the same time pushed her singing career to the peak, and was regarded as the future of the song world.

    However, what everyone is not surprised is that when the debut was only two years, when the star was in full swing, Su Shi suddenly rushed away from the popular Musical World and disappeared from the public's sight.

    Few people know that Su Shi was married to Li Murong and lived in Beijing.

    If she does not retreat, her achievements will never be worse than Chen Fei.

    When Lu Chen visited Li in the early days, he met Li Murong and had promised to help Su Shi to make an album. At that time, Su Shi was very heart-warming, but then he did not.

    Lu Chen still remembers this.

    Su Shi certainly did not forget, smiled and said: "I really want to think, I am afraid that your brother is not comfortable, and then I have been out of the music for so many years, my mind is weak, but…"

    She pulled Chen Qian over and said, "If you want to be human, give it to my sister!"

    Chen Qian has been hiding behind the three people and did not speak. She was pulled out by her sister to face Lu Chen, and she was reluctant to say: "Lu Chen, hello."

    Lu Chen smiled and nodded: "Hello."

    There was a time without seeing, the rebellious girl obviously matured a lot, at least understood politeness.

    He doesn't mind giving people the same feeling: "What do you like, singing or filming?"

    Chen Qian’s eyes lit up and said: “I heard that you have to start a new drama recently. Can you give me a role?”

    Lu Chen answered without hesitation: "No problem."

    His new drama is hot and hot. I don't know how many people are turning around and asking for a role. Several important supporting roles have already been booked, but Chen Qian is still no problem.

    Chen Qian Xinxi: "Thank you."

    She is not a professional performer, and she wants to shoot purely for fun.

    Of course, the role that Lu Chen gave her will not be an important role.

    Lu Chen's gaze swept away, just to see Chen Feier pulling the sister Li to speak in the distance, so he reached out and said hello.

    Chen Feier and Li Jie came over.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Fei Er, Li Jie, I will introduce you to you, this is…"


    Chen Feier is simply a surprise: "How come you are here?"

    Su Shi smiled and said: "Feier sister, I haven't seen you for a long time."

    This is the turn of the next morning, Lu Chen was surprised: "I have already known you two of you?"

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "When I went to the performance of Baodao, I sang with my sister…"

    The two have really had a friendship, and it is a special surprise to reunite for a long time.

    Lu Chen introduced Su Shi to Su Shi.

    Ms. Li promised to serve as the chairman of the charity foundation to help the two manage the cause.

    She is also famous for Su Shi.

    The hot and full of surprises and dinners have just begun.


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