Chapter 342 I love you

    "Do you think I can wear this dress?"

    In the suite of the Regent Hotel, Chen Feier stood in front of the floor mirror and swayed the waist and raised the skirt.

    She is more than one meter tall. Although she can't reach the standard of supermodel, she is well-proportioned. The size of the big one is really fine. It can be said that one point is too fat, and one point is too thin. It is a perfect standard.

    So no matter what clothes are worn on her, I can always wear a "fan", let alone Chanel's long skirt.

    Chen Feier is a loyal fan of Chanel, and she is also one of the international brands of the Chinese endorsement Celebrity.

    Lu Chen stood by, and his face was helpless: "Good-looking, you are suitable for everything!"

    He really can't understand women's addiction to clothing. Because Chen Feier is Celebrity, she needs to have a lot of clothes to wear and understand. Her sister Lu Xi came to Beijing for more than half a year and she was drunk.

    Tonight, Lu Chen set up a housewarming dinner at the Regent Hotel. Chen Feier rushed back to Beijing from Haijin in the evening, and the clothes she wanted to wear were sent to the hotel in the afternoon. An extra room for changing clothes.

    Because there are only seven sets of long skirts in the clothes that have been sent over, I have already tried four sets!

    Lu Chen really served the aunt Grandma: "Let's go on, everyone is here."

    "What are you panic!"

    Chen Feier gave him a blank look: "I wear a pretty point, it is not for you!"

    Lu Chen hugged her from behind and smiled. "You are already very beautiful. How can you give others a good life when you are beautiful?" Just look at this set, I think it is very suitable. ”

    Chen Feier was stunned and said: "I am counting you, I am not too hard to run back from Haijin."

    Lu Chen took a kiss on her neck.

    In the impressions of others, especially the fans, Chen Fei’s beautiful songs are always so bright and beautiful, as if they are fairies that do not eat human fireworks, and are the superstars that everyone envied.

    Lu Chen used to have a similar feeling, but since the two fell in love, he realized that behind Chen Fei's dazzling, hidden is her hard work and hard work.

    Just like Lu Chen exercising martial arts every morning, Chen Feier has always insisted on bodybuilding to do yoga, so she can keep her body so perfect, and she is willing to spend time and money on skin care, so I don’t apply powder to the old color. moving.

    And she has never been sloppy about her work, and her daily schedules such as announcements, business performances, endorsements, media interviews, etc. are all full.

    Despite the busy work, Chen Feier did not neglect the relationship with Lu Chen. For example, she went to the Haijin publicity new album this morning and rushed back to participate in Lu Chen’s housewarming feast at night.

    As a female lord!

    To be honest, without a strong heart and a spirit of persistence, ordinary people can hardly endure such a high-intensity life, but Chen Feier is willing to work hard to push one's own career to a higher level.

    She is actually lacking anything, and the source of speeding up her struggle comes from faith.

    It is also this kind of obsession with faith that makes her have a different Charm, which deeply attracts Lu Chen.

    The heart feels, Lu Chen whispers in her ear: "I love you."

    A simple "I love you", Chen Feier's pretty face is full of intoxicating blush, she turned to lean into the morning of the morning, picking up the tiptoe and sending a kiss.

    A kiss is intoxicated and the fire burns silently.

    The ringing of the cell phone ringing in the room awakened the two.

    The entangled lips were separated, and Chen Feier vomited her tongue and said: "It must be reminded…"

    Lu Chen smiled and let her go and connected to the cell phone.

    It was Lu Xi who called the call. He asked him that the dinner had begun. Why didn’t the protagonist still see the figure and dried the guests in the entire ballroom?

    Lu Chen did not dare to refute, but only the promise of Nono, Chen Feier took the opportunity to reorganize the appearance and smear the lipstick.

    She opened her eyes and smiled at Lu Chen’s arm: "Let's go on."

    Take the elevator directly to the banquet hall, the two just walked to the door, suddenly pulled out a guy wearing a short vest from the safety passage stairs next to it, holding a SLR camera in front of the two people "咔嚓" and "咔嚓" A few photos.

    Both of them were shocked, and Lu Chen instinctively guarded Chen Feier behind him.

    Found that the other party is paparazzi entertainment, Lu Chen is very speechless, do not know how long this magical guy has been here, not actually found by the hotel security staff.

    During the daytime move and the evening housewarming banquet, Lu Chen studio did not invite any media reporters, because now Lu Chen does not need or disdain to borrow such small news to hype publicity.

    But there are still reporters who are not invited.

    "what is your job?"

    However, there is a security guard at the entrance of the banquet hall. When I saw such a scene, I was so angry that I immediately rushed to give the other party a few colors to see.

    Lu Chen quickly stopped the security guard and said, "Nothing, forget it."

    If the security guards will play paparazzi, maybe the entertainment version will have his negative news tomorrow, and then the evening is a housewarming feast. There is no need to make small things big.

    He nodded at the paparazzi and then entered the banquet hall with Chen Feier.

    The guests are all here.

    Due to the large number of invited guests, and most of them are in the circle of industry, so the evening party banquet has adopted a Western-style buffet, free and convenient communication.

    When Lu Chen and Chen Feier appeared, everyone's eyes were all focused on the two.

    To put it bluntly, this is the first time that the two men have appeared in public as a couple after they announced their relationship.

    Chen Feier’s pretty face is red, and she still happily holds Lu Chen and greets the guests.

    After some chilling, Lu Chen and Chen Feier were temporarily separated. He took a glass of red wine and then walked to the stage of the banquet hall to let the hotel's waiter send the microphone.

    The guests gathered spontaneously.

    After getting the microphone, Lu Chen said: "Thank you for your leadership, friends and colleagues to attend this dinner. Thank you for your support of Lu Chen studio. I will not say anything else, everyone will eat well!"

    He raised his glass: "Thank you!"

    There was a soft laugh in the crowd, and everyone raised the glass together: "Cheers!"

    Originally it was not a very important feast, purely human relations, so the atmosphere at the banquet was very relaxed. After Lu Chen finished speaking, he set off the stage, and the band arranged by the hotel began to play the light Music.

    "Lu Chen!"

    Several men and women came over, and it was Li Mubai, Li Mushi, Chen Qian and Su Shi!

    It is Su Shi who greets Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen was a surprise: "Hey, how come you?"

    Lu Chen sent invitations to Li Mubai and Li Mushi. The latter sent a large flower baskets to Lu Chen's studio on behalf of Mu Chen. He originally thought that only Li Mubai would come at night.

    Today's Mu Chen crowdfunding is not the same as before, relying on Li's powerful network of resources and a new financing model, the scale of the website continues to expand, and many new projects are launched online every day, which is already profitable in advance.

    The valuation of Crowdfunding Network has been ten times higher than before, and both overseas companies and international editions have been put into operation. Li Mushi is ambitiously preparing to seek GEM listing next year, and the rapid development has made the industry look.

    Li Mushi monopolized the company's power, and with the opening of the Branch Office in United States, so often flew back and forth across the Pacific Ocean, which can be seen here this evening, really surprised Lu Chen.

    “Congratulations your studio moved to a new home…”Su Shi said with a smile: "Business is booming!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you, Grand Brother Murong?"

    Li Mubai replied first: "My older brother is in United States, and there are Wall Street ventures who want to invest in crowdfunding."

    At the beginning, Li Murong’s representative Li Jia bought the crowdfunding net from Lu Chen. The first thing was to give a hand to Li Mushi, who had just returned from overseas, and to find something for Li Mubai, lest he should do nothing all day.

    However, both Li Murong and Li Mushi underestimated the potential of this new financing method, especially after obtaining the creative copyright protection of Domestic and European United States, the capital market keenly sniffed the interest.

    After successfully completing a number of crowdfunding projects, the number of funds that sought to invest in Mu Chen crowdfunding suddenly increased, resulting in the valuation of crowdfunding network being continuously raised, and as a result, Li Murong could not stay out of the game.

    The Li family boss is now in the United States to help manage the crowdfunding network overseas Branch Office.

    Li's investment is undoubtedly a big profit, and as the promoter of crowdfunding network, Lu Chen, who sold most of the shares, did not feel that one's own had suffered a big loss.

    Although the idea of ​​crowdfunding network was proposed by him, without the support and management of Li’s family, it is impossible to have the present success.

    The biggest possibility is that he could not even approve the copyright protection certificate, and the idea was imitated and surpassed. As a result, he finally saved the money and did not get back, but also delayed the main business.

    Now the valuation of Crowdfunding is as high as possible, because Lu Chen still retains 10% of the original shares. Once it is successfully listed, he will soon become a billionaire – what else is not satisfied?

    Self-conduct To understand the foot, the most taboo is the lack of greed. If he is still dissatisfied with it, what benefits can he get in addition to being separated from the Li family?

    That would be too stupid!

    During the speech, Li Mushi handed a beautifully wrapped briefcase: "This is our gift to you."


    Lu Chen couldn’t help but squatted and instinctively picked it up: "Thank you."

    Li Mubai squinted at him and blinked: "Open it and see."

    Lu Chen knew that this was definitely a very special gift, and he was not polite. He opened the seal on the spot.

    As a result, he found that a document and two certificates were hidden in the briefcase.


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