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    Lu Chen called Li Jie and wanted to sign several potential newcomers through Mr. Li's Manager Corporation.

    The contractual differences between Fang Hui, Zhang Liwei and Hu Yang made him realize that if you want to make a big impact in the film and television industry, you really need a group of reliable teams, a team that can come and come.

    If Zhang Liwei and others are signed in Lu Chen studio, then all the problems can be solved, there is no need to talk about any contract, because there is already a contract.

    But for the current Lu Chen studio, it’s not good to spread the stalls at once. The rice has to be eaten bit by bit. The road has to go step by step. The pace is too fast to pull the eggs. It’s not beautiful. .

    Fortunately, the entertainment industry is now developed and there are many ways to solve the problem. Lu Chen’s idea is to sign a contract with Manager’s Manager Corporation, and share the contract rights. The latter is responsible for the daily manager affairs, and the studio needs to deploy the staff at any time. .

    There are a lot of precedents in the circle, which is very suitable for the current situation of studio.

    Mr. Li has worked in the entertainment manager for many years, and her network resources are not lacking. The experience is extremely rich. Her cooperation with Rainbow Manager Corporation is definitely a strong alliance.

    The most important thing is that the relationship between the two parties is very good. Li Jie also served as the chairman of the morning charity foundation.

    In fact, if you really want to dig people, with the current reputation of Lu Chen, coupled with the success of the "Blue" drama, it is very simple to dig some people from other entertainment Manager Corporation, and some new artists are willing to climb a high branch.

    In fact, many people in this time ran around and recommended themselves, but Lu Chen was not very satisfied with these artists. Secondly, he did not intend to dig other people's corners. He even wanted to find one's own to find the right person.

    After learning about Lu Chen’s thoughts, Mrs. Li definitely raised her hands and agreed: “There is no problem at all. How can we cooperate? We are all good friends.”

    She is always a bold atmosphere, and it is okay to recognize friends even if they eat a little.

    How could Lu Chen make her suffer: "I believe in Li Jie."

    Don't look at the appearance of Li Jie, but in fact, her mind is very delicate, and asked with concern: "Xiaolu, you suddenly called me this phone, is there a problem?"

    Lu Chen did not marry her, simply said that Fang Hui signed the contract.

    After listening to Li, she said: "In fact, she has a request that is normal. It is not surprising that the manager has an idea, but I can be sure that she gave up your new drama and will regret it in the future!"

    "As for the drama series Director, I know dozens of them, I am sure I can find you a satisfactory one, and there are new people…"

    "There are a few seedlings in the Chinese Opera and Jingying. It’s better to accompany me to see you?"

    Lu Chen couldn’t help but move.

    The Chinese Opera refers to the China Academy of Drama, Beijing Film is the Beijing Film and Television Academy, and the Chinese Media is also the China Media Academy. It is the three major film and television talents in the capital region. Over the years, a large number of well-known Directors and actors have emerged. There is no shortage of world-renowned International Celebrity.

    Especially in the Chinese opera, every time you open an alumni association or a school celebration, the number of Celebrity big names that come to the show is comparable to that of the film festival, and it has a great influence in Asia.

    Many film and television drama companies also like to find new talents in the Chinese opera and Jingying. The students in the college are all selected from the top, and there are System professional training. The most important thing is that the pay is very low.

    It’s really more reliable to pick someone from the Chinese opera and Jingying than to dig someone else’s corner, and don’t have to tear it.

    He promised it.

    Li Jie has connections in the three major colleges. She went to the Chinese opera to pick people more than once, and she had a time with Lu Chen.

    despair! despair!

    Lu Chen just put the phone down and the door of the room was gently ringed.

    He said: "Please come in."

    The door was pushed open, and a girl with a gift bag stood in front of the door and greeted her crisply: "Lu Chenge!"

    Lu Chen surprise: "How did you come when you were young, come in and come."

    The cute girl in a floral white dress is Mu Xiaochu, a member of the popular women's group MSN.

    Mu Xiaochu came over and put the gift bag on the table and said: "We played in the field a few days ago and failed to catch up with Lu Chenge's move to your house. This gift is my little Xiaoxiao."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "What are you doing?" Didn't you send flower baskets? ”

    Mu Xiaochu wrinkled his nose and said: "That is arranged by the company. This is my one's own, not the same!"

    Lu Chenxiao: "Thank you."

    Mu Xiaochu took the initiative: "I will open it for you. I bought it in the deep sea. The store owner said it was imported from the Netherlands…"

    She unpacked the package, which contained a glass bottle.

    The glass bottles placed on the brackets are crystal clear and not a little bit sturdy. The craft boats inside the bottles are very delicate, the details are vivid and require a very high skill to make them.

    The value is not to be said first, the glass bottle ship also has the meaning of blessings and smooth sailing. Mu Xiaochu’s choice of this gift is obviously a matter of thought.

    Lu Chen praised: "It's beautiful!"

    Mu Xiaochu smiled and bent: "You like it."

    Lu Chen asked about her current situation. She said that the two had not seen each other for a while – everyone was busy.

    After the establishment of MSN, Mu Xiaochu officially dropped out of school. She originally studied at the Beijing Foreign Languages ​​Institute, but she could not take care of her studies and careers, and finally chose her career.

    MSN's debut album "Lover's Unsatisfied" was hot, which drove the popularity of the three beautiful girls to a steep rise. The usual announcements, commercial performances and endorsement activities were too busy, and the work schedule was scheduled for the second half of this year!

    At present, there are more than 20 women's group combinations in Domestic. Although MSN can't compare with several old women's groups, the momentum of catching up is obvious. Fei Shi records intends to cultivate MSN into one of the masters.

    In this way, Mu Xiaochu’s work and life pressure is great. She just returned to Beijing yesterday. Today, it’s hard to take the time to send gifts, or because of the close distance.

    Her mother is so distressed that she lost a few pounds…

    Mu Xiaochu said much, Lu Chen listened a lot, feeling like a one's own sister is pulling home with him, saying those happy and unhappy things, as well as the words of the heart, very relaxed and very warm.

    I talked for almost an hour until the people in the studio signed Lu Chen’s signature, and Mu Xiaochu woke up.

    "Oh, it’s more than 10 o'clock, I have to go back, Lu Chen, you are busy, goodbye!"

    She fled like a frightened bunny.

    Lu Chen smiled and shook his head, and moved the glass boat bottle placed on the table to the display shelf of the bookcase.


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