Chapter 348 Chapter Untie Misunderstanding

    Fang Hui apparently hurriedly came over. When she ran to Lu Chen’s office, her face was red, her forehead was full of fine sweat, and she was a little shy in her anxiety.

    "Lu Chen, I fired my manager!"

    Lu Chen was shocked and quickly got up and said: "Fang Hui, don't worry, sit down and say slowly."

    Fang Hui also realized that one's own was not right, and nodded and sat down on the sofa.

    Lu Chen gave her a cup of tea.

    Fang Hui was not too polite, took a drink from the cup and felt a lot calmer.

    She was really mad at her cousin.

    After the end of the year, Fang Hui has been shooting a 10-episode indoor short drama. This is the task she had taken last year. Although she said that it is not the same as before, she did not destroy the idea of ​​breaching the letter.

    In this line, the credibility is very important, and no one would like to cooperate with a person who is rebellious.

    However, the investor is still very reasonable. The director's pay is several times higher than the original one, and the treatment in the drama crew is excellent. It is completely in the circle.

    Including those actors, no matter how famous they are, they are called "Fangdao" and "Guide" and they are very enthusiastic. The attitude is absolutely respectful. No one dares to slap big cards in front of her.

    Fang Hui has been a director for many years, and it is the first time he has been treated with such respect.

    She is very clear about the reasons.

    Because her Fang Hui made a phenomenal level of drama series last year, not only broke the record in Domestic, but also created a miracle in the Republic of Korea, and it was a hit in the circle!

    Since the beginning of this year, many film and television companies and investors have come to the door to ask her to direct, and several conditions have opened her heart.

    It is only Fang Hui who is currently living and doing the most. The most important thing is that Lu Chen intends to continue to hand over the new drama to her, so Fang Hui has declined to comment on the invitation of others.

    I didn't expect Chen Feier to call her today, revealing that Lu Chen had a little bit of fun with her manager. Maybe new drama should find another person to cooperate and ask her what is going on?

    Fang Hui was stunned at the time.

    Her manager talks about the new drama contract with Lu Chen studio. Of course, she knows it. After all, the issue of interest is still better from the manager. You don’t need to worry about the film.

    However, because these days have been busy with the work of the end of the indoor drama, Fang Hui did not take this into consideration. Anyway, Lu Chen’s new drama will not be launched immediately, but he never expected to wait for such a result.

    Fang Hui immediately called one's own manager, her cousin Fangjun, to ask.

    Under her persuasion, Fang Jun had to confess the truth. It turned out that he had added a number of clauses in the new contract, in order to obtain the maximum benefit for Fang Hui.

    Lu Chen’s categorical refusal was unexpectedly thought by Fang Jun. He also thought that this was a bargaining plan for Lu Chen. He was prepared to compete with Lu Chen for patience. In short, Lu Chen could not be cheaper.

    In Fang Jun's view, even if he does not continue to cooperate with Lu Chen, Fang Hui can fully cooperate with others. Those investors who come to the door can be willing to pay a big price, and have more sincerity than Lu Chen.

    He is also thinking about Fang Hui!

    After Fang Hui listened, he couldn’t wait to look at him on the spot.

    What is the size of the mouse, see her cousin will know, it is stupid!

    With Lu Chen's personality, he will not be ill-fated to follow one's own. He is looking for Fang Hui to continue to shoot the new drama. The first reason is definitely to be old. After all, the cooperation between the two parties is very pleasant.

    However, this does not mean that Lu Chen will agree to some unreasonable requirements, such as copyright sharing.

    Fang Hui really wants to be mad by Fang Jun. Even if it is bargaining, it is rude to make such a request in the contract, and let her lose her face.

    As for the investors who come to the door, the conditions they set out are very good. In fact, they are also using her current fame to speculate. The scripts provided are basically the imitation of "Blue Life and Death".

    If the scriptwriter is wonderful, it will be awful to tell the truth. Many of the plots of Fang Hui are terrible, and she knows that these investors usually have actors and actors, and they like to get a group of actors who come up with unspoken rules. The last thing I shot was not the right mouth.

    She is a bit famous now, but it is easy to make a name for himself.

    In contrast, Lu Chen really relies too much, Fang Huining is a new drama with low salary to join him, and is not willing to go to others in order to earn more money.

    As long as there are two or three big-selling episodes in the body, her position in the circle is very stable, making money easy.

    It is a pity that Fang Jun could not see this. He was blindfolded by the interests of his eyes, too much greed.

    Fang Hui even knows that Fang Jun is quite close to several investors.

    Originally, she didn't care. After all, everyone was a bit selfish, but now she couldn't tolerate it. So she decisively kicked the party and personally apologized to Lu Chen.

    Missed this opportunity, she will not forgive one's own.

    After listening to Fang Huicheng's explanation, Lu Chen was a little embarrassed. To say that he should let Lu Xi sign a new contract with the other party earlier, it would not be so troublesome.

    However, it is not too late to make up for it. Since the misunderstanding has been solved, everyone can continue to cooperate.

    Fang Hui’s work attitude and ability to master the plot are all appreciated by Lu Chen.

    He said: "I don't have to kick people. I will let Lu Xi talk to him again about the new contract."

    It is a common thing for the manager to make a claim for the customer, and Fang Jun is the cousin of Fang Hui. The conditions proposed are outrageous, and they are also fighting for the interests of Fang Hui.

    Fang Hui shook his head firmly: "It's not just this thing, you let Lu Xi make a contract for me."

    Her meaning is very clear, that is, she will agree to the conditions of Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen will not intentionally hang her, isn't she?

    Lu Chen did not do this, smiled and said: "That won't work, wait until you find a new manager."

    "Right, I have an appointment with Mr. Li to go to Jingying in the afternoon to see, Fang Huijie, let's go together!"

    After hearing these words, the big stone in Fang Hui’s heart finally landed and smiled: “Do you want to choose a new drama? Is your studio ready to sign a few newcomers to come in? ”

    It is very common for Celebrity studio to sign new people. It is too simple to hold a few newcomers with Lu Chen’s talent.

    Lu Chen shook his head and said: "I am going to let the company of Li Jie sign, and have a good seedling to cultivate together."

    Fang Hui immediately understood that her eyes were bright and she patted the palm: "I am better off signing at the side of Li Jie!"

    This is the best way. Li Jie has a good reputation in the circle. Fang Hui’s signing will not suffer in the past, and it has brought the relationship with Lu Chen closer.

    Lu Chen stunned and immediately smiled: "Then you talk to Miss Li, let's go together."

    He left the studio with Fang Hui and drove to the Beijing Film and Television Institute to meet with Li.

    When the two arrived at Beijing Film, Li Jie had already waited at the gate of the college with her assistant.

    Seeing Fang Hui, Li Jie is a little surprised.

    Because she heard the wind, she said that Lu Chen’s new drama is not going to cooperate with Fang Hui, and is looking for another Director.

    The rumors are obviously unreasonable.

    But I met a few words and knew that Fang Hui was interested in signing with One's own Manager Corporation.

    She smiled and said: "That's really good, as long as you lead you, we don't think our Rainbow company is small, and the conditions are good!"

    Rainbow Manager Corporation, which is run by Mr. Li, is well-known in the industry. There are many artists signed by the company, and there are several Directors, but they are all three D-list small directors.

    In Entertainment Circle, the status of directors of film and television dramas has always been the highest. A-list's big directors are basically one's own studios, and they are cooperating with film companies or TV stations. They will never be in a company like Rainbow manager. .

    Fang Hui was originally the director of the second C-list. With the "Blue Life and Death" drama, the drama of the series series of the drama series Director is a promising future.

    She is willing to cooperate with the rainbow manager, which is really a big surprise for Miss Li.

    A director like Fang Hui can be used as a signboard for the company's pillars, and it works well enough for the rainbow manager to take another step.

    Li Jie is of course welcome with both hands!


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