Chapter 346 advertising effect

    Monday, April 25, sunny.

    At 7:45 in the morning, Meng Jiancheng stood in front of the subway platform, waiting to go to work with the surrounding office workers, and began a busy week.

    Beijing is very big, but there are more people. Every morning and evening, there are a lot of people commuting by subway. The cars are often crowded with canned sardines. This is one of the characteristics of Beijing.

    Meng Jiancheng has long been accustomed to such a life. Seven years ago, he graduated from college and chose to stay in Beijing. Luck found a job in a foreign company, and his salary and treatment were not bad.

    Three years ago, he took out the hard work and hard work, plus the support of parents, the loan bought a two-bedroom apartment near the five-ring subway station, and finally got rooted in Beijing.

    In the near future, Meng Jiancheng or, more accurately, his parents' desire is to let him have a daughter-in-law to start a family business and have a child to continue his descendants.

    Meng Jiancheng also thought, but the girls in Beijing are mostly realistic. He is a small house with a loan, obviously not enough to find the other half that can make one's own happy.

    In this regard, Meng Jiancheng is still very open-minded, he believes that as long as the fate is reached, the ideal partner will naturally appear.

    The fate is not enough, and the reluctance to pursue will not have a good result.

    Therefore, when I usually rest, Meng Jiancheng often rides three or five friends to go out for a picnic in the wild.

    In fact, he always has a dream, that is, to spend two years or even longer time to step through the mountains and rivers of the motherland, to appreciate the magnificent scenery of the north and south of the sea, and not to be in this world.

    It is only the reality that suppresses the dream, but also suppresses the heart of Meng Jiancheng's Disterature and Art.

    Standing in a crowd, his eyes unexpectedly landed on the LCD screen suspended from the side column.

    This 19-inch multimedia LCD screen is very common in subway stations. In addition to the subway safety knowledge and life knowledge, the content of the broadcast is basically an advertisement, which is an important channel for the subway company to generate revenue.

    There is still 2 minutes away from the next subway, Meng Jiancheng is too lazy to lick cell phone, boring to see the advertisement.

    In the multimedia screen, just after the advertisement of a shampoo, Meng Jiancheng sneered at the black hair that can be blinked in the model of the advertisement. All of his mother’s routines are taken, and it’s like a model, like those advertisements. The designers are all graduated from the same school, without a bit of creative sincerity.

    Then the screen suddenly darkened and the Voice in the speaker was still.

    In the next moment, new pictures appeared quietly, blue sky, white clouds, empty green prairie, a long road leading to the sky from light to clear, Music accompaniment followed, and accompanied by the surrounding voices into the ears of Meng Jiancheng in.

    "Those who wander around ,on the road ,Are you leaving now?
Viavia. Fragile, proud, that was me…"

    Along with the appearance of the song, a white station wagon appeared in the advertisement synchronously. The scene in the air closely followed the vehicle, and the background switched from grassland to snow mountain, Gobi, desert, coast…

    "I've crossed untold mountains and oceans , As well as through huge crowds , "Once , "But soon , "Once , Only to find the only answer is on the ordinary road ! ”

    There are lyrics at the bottom of the screen, and Meng Jiancheng can be sure that one's own is the first time to see this obvious car advertisement, and it is the first time I heard this song.

    In this bustling subway station.

    He suddenly felt one's own somewhere in his heart, some deep emotions were touched!

    He stared at the screen, and a heart seemed to follow the wagon to the end of the earth, came to the desert grassland, unrestrained pursuit of the wind, and the freedom of dreams.

    However, there is something in the heart that broke out and sprouted!

    The advertisement is very long, the aerial scenery is very beautiful, the soundtrack and the songs and the theme are perfectly integrated. It is not the kind of rude and arrogant salesman. It attracts the eye with strong stimuli, but it is like the spring rain, the silent influence. People's senses.

    Meng Jiancheng stared at the screen with ecstasy. This is not the most creative advertisement he has ever seen, but it is definitely the most beautiful!

    It is not only Meng Jiancheng who is staring at this advertisement. Many people waiting for the arrival of the subway are also watching and listening. They are also feeling the picture and the Charm brought by Music.

    At the end of the day, the wagon that crossed the mountains and waters returned to the bustling city, the car stopped and the door opened, and a young man got out and stood in front of the car.

    His body is tall and straight, his smile is glamorous, and he complements the brand new wagon!

    Lu Chen!

    Meng Jiancheng recognized the characters in the advertisement at a glance.

    He is also a fan of popular Music. He knows that the newly-developed Music talent in the music world has not only heard Lu Chen’s song, but also bought Lu Chen’s genuine CD.

    Meng Jiancheng likes Lu Chen’s folk songs very much. He listened to the album "You at the same table" and listened to it many times. It’s no wonder that listening to this advertisement is very familiar. It really is a unique style.

    The picture turned black again, and the “The Ordinary Road” appeared on the four handwriting lines. The following appeared the logo of the Chinese car's Logo and “R100” and the words “April 23 on the market”.

    This advertisement is really good!

    Meng Jiancheng's career has a lot to do with the advertising industry, so his ability to appreciate the advertisement works is still better than that of the average person. In his opinion, this advertisement is top-notch in terms of creative ideas, shooting pictures and soundtracks.

    A good advertisement does not need to yell at the audience. The kind of advertisement that wants to induce the brains of others and instill the intention of the advertisement into the brain will only be offensive.

    A good advertisement should be quiet and silent.

    Meng Jiancheng could not help but smash the cell phone.

    However, when he wanted to check the China R100 through the cell phone, he found that there were a lot less people around him – the original one's own missed the subway that just arrived.

    Meng Jiancheng was dumbfounded, but he didn't care too much, because the next subway took 10 minutes.

    He was too late to get to work.

    Enter the keyword and the browser's link advertisement will pop up immediately.

    The R100 is just the launch of a new model wagon from China Motors. It is currently sold in the 4S shop of China Motors. It makes Meng Jiancheng feel that this new car with good appearance and configuration is the best. The price is only 120,000.

    His salary is more than this one year, and R100 pays instalments, and interest is very low!

    Meng Jiancheng has always had the idea of ​​buying a car. On the one hand, he has the need to commute to work. On the other hand, he likes to travel far. It is too convenient to have a car.

    It’s more convenient to have a girlfriend to go out to play later, and you can go back home when you go home for the New Year. The wagon’s compartment is big enough, and it’s okay to put down the bicycle in the back row…

    Meng Jiancheng did not want to admit that he was deeply touched by this advertisement and provoked the turmoil!

    He opened a new link page, filled in one's own profile and cell phone number to book a test drive.

    At the same time, the Chinatown R100's publicity advertisement “The Ordinary Road” also appeared in the media of major cities across the country, high-speed rail stations, subway stations, bus stations, television screens and print newspapers and magazines.

    The idea of ​​this advertisement piece was provided by Lu Chen, and the theme song of the advertisement was also created by him. The signing in February was only broadcast until now, because the filming process took more than a month.

    Zhonghua Auto invested heavily in this advertisement. Many shooting teams went to live shootings across the country. Most of the scenes used high-end drone aerial photography, and the various materials were shot for hundreds of hours.

    The final completed advertisement piece was edited into different versions of time. The multimedia bus station played a 2 minute 30 second version on the multimedia screen, and the TV version only took 30 seconds and 15 seconds.

    China Motors intends to use this advertisement to open the market for the middle class of the city, aiming at the young people who are pursuing a sentimental style.

    The same advertisement also appeared on major portals, and the theme song "The Ordinary Road" soon spread in the middle of Lu Chen's fans.

    Many fans don't have any idea of ​​buying a car, but they all like this advertisement and this song.

    Since most of my energy was spent on shooting the drama series, Lu Chen didn't have a new song at the time. Recently, he only helped Chen Feier to make a new album. One's own did not come up with any work.

    "The Ordinary Road" is undoubtedly a surprise for Lu Chen to fans, although it is an advertisement, but the strong folk style, slow and lyrical rhythm and Lu Chen's excellent interpretation, let this song have A different kind of Charm is undoubtedly a true sincerity.

    On the same day, Lu Chen released the lossless audio version of The Ordinary Road on one's own blog, which provided free downloads to fans, and the number of downloads in 2 hours exceeded 100,000!

    At the same time, Chen Feier's new album "Flower Woman" continued to make great progress on Fetion Music and crowdfunding online. The total sales volume of the album successfully exceeded 1 million, creating the fastest sales of the Most Popular Music album in the past decade. Record!

    Chen Feier is obviously not satisfied with this. She is not in a hurry to hold a celebration meeting, but continues to tour publicity in major cities across the country, trying to push the sales of the album to the point where people can look up.

    In fact, her current achievements are enough to make people look up, even those who are prejudiced, have to admit that with this "Flower Woman" album, Chen Feier's transformation is very successful.

    In the future, her name "Sweet Songs" can be changed to "Love Song Days"!

    As the most important hero of Chen Feier's new album, Lu Chen's name has a deeper and broader influence in the popular Musical World.


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